Chevron Customized Printable Monogram

Posted on: July 21, 2012
Chevron Customized Printable Monogram

We are back with another customizable printable monogram. This time it’s in one of our favorite patterns…chevron! We have received amazing feedback for our customized printable monogram. We are going to continue to bring you more customizable printables. So, please subscribe, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates. We now have a frequently asked questions page to help trouble shoot any problems you may be having with the printables. To download the monogram, simply click on the color you want below. You will be taken to a site called Scribd where you can download the monogram. Please be sure to follow the directions in the PDF file carefully.

chevron customized printable monogram Chevron Customized Printable Monogram



XO, Jenny and Louisa

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  1. No matter what I do I can only get one letter of the monogram to show up! Otherwise it’s working fine!

    • Check out our frequently asked questions page. It could be a number of issues. One of the common problems that people are having is that they don’t have the most recent version of Adobe Reader. Once they upgrade to the newest version, the issues are fixed.

      • I downloaded the most recent Adobe reader from your link, but I’m unable to get the whole monogram also. Perhaps there is a bug in the chevron program? I was able to print the script monogram. This is a really darling idea!

        • What is going to happen with the chevron monogram is that the first letter will show up to the right of the circle when you type it in. The second letter will appear cut off once you type it in, then when you type in the third letter all letters will show up centered in the circle. You also need to type the letters in as stated in the instructions. I hope this helps!

          • I typed all letters in using the numbers and symbols specified the instructions and they each only show up on the right side of the space, replacing the letter typed before it. Only one letter shows once finished. I even went so far as to click print, hoping it would show up in the preview, but only the last letter showed, so I cancelled. I am on a Mac, btw.

          • Make sure you are only using the number or symbol (depends what letter you are trying to get to show up) for the LAST (right side) letter. Just type the actual letters you want for the left (lowercase) and center (uppercase). For example, if I want my monogram to read “LDN”, I would type “lD$”. Once all three are typed, it will move itself to the center of the document. Hope this helps!

          • I’m having the same trouble. Using the correct characters for the letters.. but still only one letter ends up showing up on the right hand side. Any suggestions?

            Thanks!!! Love these!

    • I am having the same issue girls. Only the first initial in the monogram appears after I have entered every letter. I have the most updated version of Adobe Reader. Could it be because of the browser I am using? Would love this this to work…it is absolutely precious!

      • I don’t think it’s the browser you are using, but I could be wrong. The file should open in Adobe which is a program independent from your internet browser. Make sure you are putting in your first letter lowercase, middle uppercase and the last letter should be the character that corresponds to the letter. To get my monogram I would enter in jB0 instead of jBj. After you put in the character for the last letter, it should center in the circle.

        • I had the same issue as everyone else with the letters not appearing in the middle. What worked for me was this: I wanted to have CWJ so I typed cW0 (first letter lowercase, middle letter uppercase, and used the symbol from the key for the right letter).

      • Read what Louise said above!! It works if you type in your first two initials regularly, then use the code for the final initial!

    • You only use the “code” for the very last letter. I was having issues until I actually read the instructions! ;-)

    • I really thank you for this. It was hard at first but have to read the instructions well. Once I used regular letters first and the last one was a character it popped up for me.

    • I can get all of the monograms to work, except for the chevron monogram. The download option never appears….so frustrating!!

      • Hi Becky! So when you choose your color does the Scribd website open up? Does it not show the orange “download” button on the right-hand side of the page?

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    I cant wait for it to be Monday so i can print some of these at work!

    • Glad you like it!!

  3. And i just realised I have a little citracel left!!!! I’m
    Printing this and transferring it to a tank top! I love monograms ( especially now that my name is just MINE again!)

  4. Hi, When you go to edit the PDF with your initials shoudl the font appear like it should? im working on a Mac so idk if this is why I am having trouble. The font is not right. I downloaded to correct adobe. Any suggestions?

    • I figured it out! i was opening it with preview not with adobe! #MacProbs

      • Glad you got it to work for you!!!

  5. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi, ladies! I am loving this printable. Just made one for my nephew’s nursery! Any chance of a version where the font is interchangable? Maybe a smaller script font? I want to make one for my niece, too–her initials are PEW (pWe monogram-style) but this font makes the lowercase P look like a lowercase E and I don’t think it will fly with my sister-in-law :(

    • Thanks for reading! Right now these are only available in this font. If you would like something custom, we can take your order and send you a custom file for you to print for $5. I hope you understand! We will keep the possibility of different font options for future printables.

  7. Sorry, her middle initial is L–PLW or pWl monogram-style (I was thinking of her soon-to-be little sister’s middle name, which begins with E)

  8. Hi there! I printed the first design that you created just fine. It worked on the first try. ADORABLE!! I just tried to do the Cheveron design and no luck. When I go to delete the letters that you have there, it seems to leave a partial letter. Then when I type the new letters, they will not all appear, even after typing in the third letter. I also wanted to ask if you about a custom. I was interested in a smaller circle design to go along with this. I was thinking maybe a 3.5 inch cirlce that I could print on sticky paper to use in the center of a spiral notebook. I am willing to pay, just wondering if you could do anything like this.

  9. OK. I love this! Chevron is so in right now! I must be making this too hard. One thing, I’m not understanding the letters with the numbers next to them. Do I type the letters I want? I’m having the same problem another person had. When I type the letters, I end up missing one of the letters. I have the correct Adobe. I am using a Mac, so I’m wondering if this could be the problem. I would like to print the monogram on photo paper and frame it. I’ll keep trying! Thanks so much!

    • The letters with the numbers or symbols next to them are what is used to get the third letter. You would enter the number or symbol for that letter instead of a letter. For example, my monogram is jBj to get the monogram I would type jB0. So it’s first letter lowercase, middle letter uppercase and last letter the symbol or number that corresponds to the letter you want. I hope this helps!

  10. This is absolutely adorable!!! I really want to make some and put them on the front of my binders for school!! I was just wondering if there was anyway that i could make it multiple colors instead of just one:) Please let me know!!:)


  11. I printed one for each of my 3 kids. I love them! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    • Awesome! Keep checking back because we’ll be rolling out LOTS of free printables!

  12. I would like to thank Louisa that posted on July 22, 2012 at 8:09 pm! Your comment clearly explained the process. The directions do not state that the only letter you use the corresponding symbol for a letter is on the THIRD letter! If you are using the symbols for all three letters, then that is why your final product just has one letter, instead of your complete monogram. Thank you so much, Lousia! I finally got my monogram to work and its beautiful! Thank you so much for making this available and FREE :)

    • Glad my comment helped you! Yes, you only use the symbol for the LAST letter (the one on the right)!

  13. I just printed these out and I’m already obsessed! I did one for me and then one for both of my nieces!!! SO cute!

    • Awesome! So glad you love them!

  14. When I type in my initials lM* , all I get is that showing up, it doesn’t work in the circle. I know that I have the correct version of adobe. Any reason why this is happening?



    • Hi Leighanne,

      I just opened up the document on my computer. Deleted the sample letters and then typed a lowercase l, a capital M, and a * symbol. It popped over to the center for me and all the letters were correct. I’m sorry, I can’t figure out what’s going on when you try it. I would try it a few more times, hopefully it will work!

  15. this is adorable. it took me a minute to figure it out but it’s great! i will definitely be using this. thanks for sharing.

  16. Im pretty sure I have tried EVERYTHING after reading all these comments and STILL cant make it work. I am trying to make it read ARM (I know, my monogram spells arm. haha) I have type it 1R#, ARM, 1*M and I cant make it work. When I realized I am supposed to be doing it like 1R# I tried it and the R and M actually show up but the A still wont.


    • Hi Amanda! Don’t type a 1 anywhere!

      If you want it to read “ARM” you need to type “aR#”. As in lowercase a, capital R, #

      I just tried it and it worked perfectly!! Hope it works for you too!

  17. and when I hit ENTER after typing it in 1R# it just shows the A :(

  18. I am a mac user also and had trouble with the solid monogram and the chevron. I kept right-clicking to open it with adobe but found that the only way it worked was to tell my computer to use adobe reader as the default for PDFs. Now it works beautifully. Thanks!

    • Yay! Yes, I hate how Macs open PDFs in preview. I have my default for PDFs set to open in Adobe.

  19. I am on my iPad and have downloaded the most recent adobe reader yet when I pull up the website there is nothing that tells me to download the PDF what do I need to do?

    • There is a blue download button in both of the sidebars. You can click either one and it will download.

  20. Everytime I print this out, the zig zags of the chevron look off…

  21. IN sweden we have a saying that goes “skam den som ger sig” Shame on the person who gives up…and i am so happy that i tried and tried and tried. This is now the 5th time i have tried to get this chevron print to work….and good golly when i got it its marvelouse!

    My friend newborn matrix will get a lime green print for his nursery. i cant wait to make pillows for myself. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. i love your site!

    Hint for those out there. read the instructions carefully and once it opens ( i had to down load adobe acrobat x on 3 computers before one took it, you have to hit sign (to be able to change the pdf) then lowercase letter, upper case and THE LAST letter use the ledger provided in the instructions.

    SO MAP turns in to mA^

    • I’m so glad you were able to get it! I’m actually going to make a video because some people aren’t understanding the directions. I’m happy you like it!

  22. Read the directions people!!

    Absolutely LOVE this tutorial! Using these for all my school binders (:

  23. So, I have a Mac, I downloaded Adobe Reader, and followed your instructions to a T, and entered in bS2 to get bSb, but the letters are huge, the second letter is cut off and it never centers inside the circle after I put the symbol in for the 3rd letter. I am not using spaces, I have read your FAQ’s and nothing there helped….I really want this to work, please help.

    • I Becca, I don’t have a Mac but I just tried it on my PC. I typed in “bS2″ and it popped into the center reading “BSB”. I’m not sure why it’s not working for you as the code for the b is a 2. I will have to ask Jenny if she could test it on her Mac and try to troubleshoot for you.

  24. My last letter is “n” and I just can not get it to work! Every time I type in the correct “code” for “n” the “n” shows up twice once in the middle and once on the end! I have tried typing in other letters and it works perfectly!

    • Hi Ashley!

      Okay, I just tested it out for you. I didn’t know what your last initial was so I just used a P. So I typed in a lowercase “a”, a capital “P”, and then typed in the dollar sign, which is the symbol that correlates with the n “$”. So type in aP$. It worked perfectly. You have to type in two letters and one symbol. Typically, your middle initial will be on the right hand side of a 3-letter monogram so you will type the $ last. Hope this helps!

  25. Hi, I was wondering if these will work with any other program. I have a silhouette cameo and would love to work with these in that software and cut it in vinyl. Thanks for sharing these!

    • Hi Amy, I’m not so sure about the silhouette. I have an eCraft and I just import the font into their editing software then send it to the machine to cut. I’m not sure if the silhouette cameo has a similar type of software that works with the machine. The software that I use is specifically designed for the eCraft cutter.

      • What steps do you take to import the font, I have tried to copy and paste and do a save as and is opens up as blank or just regular text. Thanks!

        • It sounds like you are using a Mac. Am I correct? For Macs, the default PDF viewer is preview. You need to download Adobe Reader and open the file in Adobe Reader instead of Preview. This will fix your issue.

          • I am using windows 7, I can download it into adobe but I would like to save or import it into my silhouette software to be able to cut it out using vinyl

          • Hi Amy, I don’t think you can save and import this monogram. I’ll try to find out more about this for you.

  26. Thank you sooo much for these fabulous printables. I just had a hay-day customizing my binders for school. They are so cute!

    • You’re welcome! I love that all the girls in school are putting them on their binders! Makes me wish I had something cute like that when I was in school :) I used to make collages from pictures in magazines for the front of my binders.

  27. how do you do the initials for samantha g davis. it wont work and idk how to use the code thing.

    • Samantha, To get your monogram type in sD7

  28. I would love to do the chevron for my binders but ive had a terrible time getting scribd to work it always comes up that the site is having trouble and “under maintance”?? am i the only one getting this?
    thanks :)

    • Scribd was down for maintenance for a little while today, but it’s back up now. Please try again. Thanks!

  29. I would love to have this in more muted colors! My house is done in neutral tones and these colors don’t match :(

  30. Hi! I love the chevron monogram! I was curious when I type in the first letter being a lowercase d it looks like an uppercase backwards D. Any suggestions so it doesn’t look so weird? Thanks…

    • Hi Jill! I know what you’re talking about and I’m sorry! That’s just they way this font shows a lowercase d. There is not really much you can do to make the d look better! We’ll use some different fonts in future free printables so hopefully you can find one that looks good for you!

  31. Mine is not working! Any advice? the adobe thing did not show up!

    • Hi Grace, I’m not sure what you mean by Adobe did not show up. Can you be more specific? Are you using a Mac or a PC?

  32. Thank you!! This is so adorable!!

  33. I have a stupid question. How do I change the size of this to make it much smaller? THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! I love it.

    • Hi Debbie, You can’t change the font size. It’s a set size. Glad you love it :)

      • Sorry. I didn’t mean the font size. I meant the overall size to use it for smaller things (ie. cards). Thanks. Do I just take a snapshot or is there a better way?

        • Oh ok :) I understand what you want to do now. It will only print 8.5″x11.” So, yes a screenshot would be the best way to use this for something else if you need to resize it.

  34. Ok I Love…Love…Love this printable…But I am trying to do a monogram with the first initial of D andi t comes out backwards…kinda like a mirrored D…How can i fix this..Any help is gladly appreciated!!

    • Hi, The D is going to be backwards if it’s your first initial. The font is just made that way because otherwise it wouldn’t make a circle. Sorry! I didn’t design the font.

  35. LOVE these printables. I found that if the letter looked backward or weird, I just swap the first initial with the middle initial and they looked better.

  36. I love this! I printed it as a photo at costco though! It looks way more professional and it saved my ink! Thank you for sharing this printable!

  37. I had a very difficult time getting this to work. I could not use the ABC / symbol key, I had to use the actual letters on the key board. Nevertheless, I need to save this and print it at Staples, however, there is no save option.

    Can you help? Adobe reader is just that, read and that’s it. I’m surprised this question was not asked already.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Chrissy, I just responded to your comment on scribd. We have a frequently asked questions page that shows you exactly how the letters should be entered in. You only use the character for the last letter here is the link to the page if you want to look at the video – Also, there is no way to save the monogram once you have typed it in. That is just how Adobe Reader works. What you can do is edit the monogram and then print to PDF, save it and email it to yourself for printing at Staples.

  38. I love your monograms. I would love one in yellow but it only has the block lettering. Is there a way to get the yellow with the script. I see it is not a choice. Can I change the block lettering some how to script? Thanks.

    • Hi Crystal, We only offer this one in block lettering.

  39. I have tried several times to make a Chevron monogram! I type in the 3rd letter and it overlaps the first letter! I have used regular letters on the keyboard and I have used your posted code, and neither works for me! I am using with Adobe too!
    Please help!!

    • Hi Jamie, You need to use the first letter in lowercase, the middle in uppercase and they last letter only with the symbol. For example, I would enter in aG1 if I wanted AGA as the monogram. Does that make sense?

  40. I was able to successfully download the monogram, and selected the cursor to highlight the letters. The problem is, the cursor won’t highlight the initials to change them to my own! Please help! thanks.

    • Are you on a Mac or a PC? Are you opening the file in Adobe Reader? Make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader installed in open the file in that.

  41. My Monogram looks absolutely Fabulous! i LOVE it !!!!!

  42. I downloaded it, then went and double clicked on the old letters and backspaced. Then did the correct letter and then when I go to print just the last letter appears!

  43. Oops ok sorry I didn’t understand the whole lower case then upper case and then use the decoding for only the last letter! Three times is a charm, sorry but thanks I love it!!

  44. Turned out perfectly! Thanks!

  45. Love this! It turned out perfectly as well.

    I just followed the instructions for Mac users. YET also had to do a bit more deleting. Not sure why but it blanked out part of the first and second initial on my first print. Even though I suspected it would not print any leftover initials from reading all the other comments, I was wrong, and had to go back for one more try. instead of highlighting and deleting, I pressed delete 6 times and then typed in my initials. It worked great! I love how this turned out, I am running off to Target now for a simple frame and it should be on my son’s wall when he gets home from school…

    Thank you!

    • You’re welcome!

  46. Oh, thank you. I LOVE this!

  47. Is there a way to reverse the cheveron momogram design. I want to make iron-on pillow cases for my daughter’s cheerleading squad as gifts to take to cheer camp. I need them reversed to print on the iron-on sheets so that when I iron them on they will be a positive

  48. How do I reverse the chevron monogram design. I am making pillowcases as gifts for my daughter’s cheer squad to take to camp and I need them reverses to print on transfer paper to iron-on.

    • Hi Kheysia, I don’t think you can reverse the image in Adobe Reader. If I figure it out I’ll let you know. Thanks for reading!

  49. Hi ladies, this monogram is wonderful! But I do have one problem. I know a lot of people have been saying that only the first monogrammed letter will show up but for me it is the opposite! I type in all three and then the first one seems to disappear and the last two will stay. I really like this monogram and would love to use I just cant seem to make it work!

    • Hi Cassie, Make sure you are highlighting the monogram and then completely delete it. I would hit your backspace key a few times to make sure the prior monogram is completely gone. Then try typing in your letters. Sometimes the prior letters linger causing the issue you are having.

  50. I am super bummed because I am trying to print my married monogram, DSC, (myself, our last name, my husband, per monogram etiquette) to frame in our master bedroom, and the letter D shows up backwards. I have made the little stickers for my iPhone charger and the first letter D shows up just fine. I hope there’s a fix to the font in the future!

    • Hi Daphne, The D is always going to show up backwards when it is the first letter. Otherwise it won’t make a circle. We didn’t design the font so there is no way for us to fix this. Sorry!

  51. This is so great! I was able to save mine by taking a screen shot and then cropping it to only show the pdf. Thank you so much!

    Screen Shot on Mac:

    Screen shot on Windows:
    Prnt Scrn
    Paste onto Paint

  52. Hey! Everything works till I paste the image into my email. The image shows when I paste, but it sends the image as letters instead of the picture. Does anyone know why its doing this?

  53. I open the chevron printable monogram in adobe reader and i get it to work but every time i print it, it prints the size of the whole page instead of the size to fit my iphone charger. Not sure what i’m doing wrong??

    • Aubrey, You are in the wrong document. If you are putting them on your iPhone charger then you will need to download the one made for the iPhone chargers –

  54. hey! I’m having a bit of difficulty putting in my initials. I understand that you use the symbol for the last letter, so i type in es5, and i end up getting what looks like a “6 e” I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong, but i love this design so i really want it to work! let me know if I’m doing something wrong!
    thanks so much!

    • Hi Erin, I’m not sure what you mean that is looks like a “6 e” are you saying the e looks like number 6? The e’s at the beginning and the end are designed differently so that they make a circle so the first e is not going to look the exact same as the last e in your monogram.

  55. is the first D supposed to be backwards? I do not like the way it looks backwards

    • Hi Danielle! Unfortunately with this font, the D shows up backwards. We do not have control over this as it is the way the actual font works. Sorry!

  56. You used to have a multicolored chevron monogram printable, any chance that one will come back up?

    • Hi Slerra, we didn’t take down any of our printables so I’m not sure which one you are referring to. Check out our printables page ( and maybe you can find the one you are looking for. Thanks for reading!

  57. I tried to print a chevron customized printable and when i went to print the letters in the middle where way to big!! Please help!!!

    • Does it appear correctly on your screen before you print it?

  58. For some reason, the option to open with Adobe Acrobat isn’t popping up on my computer, and then I can’t enter my monogram, can you help?

    • Once you select a color from our webpage, a website called Scribd. will open up. On the right side of the webpage, click the orange button that says “download or print.” A box will pop up, click the blue “download PDF” button. Now another (gray) box will pop up. Where it says “Open with” click the drop-down and select Adobe Reader. Click okay. It will then open in Adobe Reader. Also, make sure you have Adobe Reader downloaded on your computer. It’s free. Thanks for reading!

  59. Hi there, is there an option for a 2 letter block monogram?

    • No, it will not center properly if you only put in 2 letters or use a space in place of a letter. Thanks for reading Laura!

  60. im using a mac and im entering the letter as specified in the directions but when i finish entering them they stay in the upper half of the circle in “lL*” format instead of switching to the monogram font…. help please! :)

    • Hi Logan, are you opening the document in Adobe Reader? Make sure it’s not opening in Mac’s Preview program. Try closing the whole thing, reopen it in Reader, delete the sample monogram that’s already in there, and then type in a lowercase l, capital L, and then the * symbol (I’m assuming your middle initial is R.) All three letters should then pop into the center of the circle. Hope this helps!

  61. Hi. I tried a couple of times and still could not type in my initials $5@ (nEl). please help!

    • Hi Nel, you should only be using the symbol for the last (right-hand) letter. For your initials, type nE@ and it will work just fine. Lowercase n, capital E, @ symbol. Hope that helps!

  62. Scribd won’t let me make an account, I’ve tried several times.

    • Hi Tori, Scribd should let you sign up for an account for free. However, if you are having issues you can sign in with your Facebook account and it will let you download it.

  63. All you have to do is type in the first two letters normally but the first in lowercase and the second in uppercase. THEN use the special “code” or symbol that the publisher gave you for the last letter…. so if i wanted to put my initals “hnt” i would type: h N )
    —Hope this helps—

  64. Hi, I can only seem to download the grey and black chevron customised printable monograms. The others take me to where the page gives an error and nothing can be downloaded? Please can you assist with this issue, as I would like to get all the colours.


    • Hi Sarah, I just tried all of the other colors and the Scribd website opens up and I see the big orange “Download or Print” button on the right-hand side of the screen. I’m not sure why you are getting the error message from that website but I would try it again today. Maybe there was something wrong with the Scribd website earlier this morning. Thanks for reading!

  65. That website that the link takes you to wont even let me log in! I’ve tried making two accounts but it just won’t stay logged in. So I can’t even download the PDF :(

    • Hi Kristen, Try my new website – It doesn’t make you sign in to anything to download the monograms.

  66. I was really excited about this, but it is not working for me. I am opening it in Reader, typing the first initial lowercase (s) the second uppercase (O) and the third as a symbol (1) and the only one that turns out correctly is the last initial, A. The S looks like a weird symbol and the O looks like an 8. :(

    • This is how the letters are going to look. They are made to look this way so that they make a circle. If you don’t like the way they look, I created some chevron printables using the script font over on my new printable monogram site – Thanks!

  67. i cant figure out how to do the monogram……. :(

    • Hi Mackenzie, What issue are you having?

  68. My “D” is flipped, like a reflection of it.

  69. Please Help!!! It downloaded fine. But when I get the printable version, I don’t see the actual white letters. Mine are black and I followed the instructions using m-J-) ( for letter T) and they do not change and still stay the color black.. What are I doing wrong?

  70. The black chevron wont open in Scribd and i cannot get it to work

  71. Thanks for posting these FREE printable monograms. I printed the scroll monogram for my daughters room but am having trouble with the chevron monogram for my son. I can download and change the initials, and can see all three, but the font isn’t the circle font. Any suggestions? Thanks so much

    • Hi Kara, Check out our monograms on here – They are easier to get to work and the circle fonts will go into the center.

  72. Just read the frequently asked questions page ad realized the download was opening in preview, not adobe. Should have checked there first : )

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