DIY: Campaign Chest

Posted on: July 15, 2012
DIY: Campaign Chest

The other day I told you all about my love for campaign furniture. So when I came across the picture below, I fell head over heels! I knew that I had to have an accent piece like this for my office but I had no clue where to find it. You all know what to do when you’re in that predicament, right? You DIY it!

My Inspiration:

campaign DIY: Campaign Chest

My DIY Campaign Chest:

DIY Fuschia Campaign Chest 500 DIY: Campaign Chest

What you need:

Ikea Rast 3 Drawer Chest ($34.99)

1 Quart High Gloss Paint (I used Behr in Sugar Plum which was $13)

3 Campaign Style Drawer Pulls, Product ID 6228 ($33 including shipping). Thank you Molly from Almost Makes Perfect for this resource! She used them on her rast campaign hack and they were almost a perfect match to the inspiration photo above!

3 Packages of 2″ Brass Flat Corners, four to a pack ($7.50)

2″ Angled Paint Brush

2 oz. tube of Elmer’s Wood Filler Max (found in the paint section of Home Depot)

Sanding Sponge


Campaign Chest Shopping List1 DIY: Campaign Chest

What you need to do:

Step One:  Assemble Rast chest according to Ikea’s instructions (do not install drawer pull knobs, you won’t be using them)

Step Two:  Fill in the pre-drilled holes (on the drawers) with wood filler. Once filler dries, sand it down so it’s nice and smooth

Step Three:  Paint the entire chest (I had to use 3 coats) and let it dry completely

Step Four:  Install corner brackets using drill (one on each corner of each drawer)

Step Five:  Install drawer pulls using drill (you will have to drill new holes with your 1/4″ bit)

chest 600 DIY: Campaign Chest

Ikea Rast Hack Campaign DIY: Campaign Chest

XO, Louisa

{Source:  Inspiration Photo}

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  1. AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!! Great job!

    • Haha! Love this comment! Thanks!

    • I cant find the Campaign Style Drawer Pulls, Product ID 6228 ($33 including shipping). Looks like they do not carry them anymore. Any idea where to get them???

  2. Holy smokes that’s amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks!!! I really appreciate it!

  3. I would NEVER be able to tell the difference, and I have quite the discerning DIY eye ;)
    Great job!

    • Awww thanks!!! I really appreciate it!

  4. WOW! Love this & thx for all the sources.

    • Thanks!!! I tried to make it as easy as possible to recreate!

  5. I heart that picture too! Of course i have it pinned! I might have to use your hack even though I have 2 of those night stands already painted white with gold pulls. Or, I repaint it!! YOu did an awesome job! Love your blog too.

  6. I found your DIY through pinterest and I looooove it! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks so much for all the sources-so helpful! :)

    • So glad you like it! Don’t forget to share your finished product with us!!! Can’t wait to see how it turns out :)

  7. Gorgeous makeover! I love the paint color your chose too :)

    • Thanks! It’s an accent piece for sure!

  8. where can I find campaign hardware? does Lowes or Home Depot carry them? Thanks!

    • You can get the L shaped brackets at Home Depot or Lowes. You can’t get the drawer pulls there. There is a link in the post to where you can purchase the drawer pulls.

  9. Love it! It looks so high-end!

    • Thank you!!! I love it and have all of my office supplies in it :)

  10. I popped over from Apartment Therapy — ditto the amazeballs comment above :) — love it!

  11. This is GORGEOUS! It looks just like the inspiration, you did a great job. I already hacked some Draper chests using these dressers, but you have me wanting to do another hack!

  12. So gorgeous! I like your’s better!!

  13. I am DYING over this!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think this could be such an affordable DIY!! Thank you for sharing!
    xox alison

    • Thank you Alison!!! It was easy too!

  14. Wow that came out so beautiful! This might be the first DIY project off pinterest that I actually try :)

    • Hi Jenny! If you do try it, make sure you send us a picture of your finished product so we can feature it on our site or Facebook page! :)

  15. I. LOVE. THIS!!!!!!!! I came across it after pinning the customizable chevron monogram printable! (Already printed it! ;-) Thanks!) I am in the process of decorating my little girl’s room, and this would be a perfect addition!!! What type of process did you use to paint the chest? Did you have to prime first? Did you use a roller or brush to paint it? I can’t wait to get started on this!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Your blog is awesome!!!

    • Hi Cassandra! Thank you, I love it too!

      I used a regular 2″ paint brush. I didn’t prime it at all. Just took my paint and did 3 coats! It was super easy! Please share your finished product when you make one so we can feature it on our blog or facebook page! If you need anymore help, let me know!

      • Thanks for the info! I was wondering about the brush strokes showing. I have only used spray paint in the past when I have painted furniture. I wasn’t sure if you could do that with a piece like this though. And, it would probably take lots of cans!!! I will definitely share when I get it done. I am planning on working on this in the next few weeks!

        • Buy a good brush, that will reduce brush strokes. I used less than 1 quart of paint. Still have some left over for other projects. It didn’t take much paint at all! $13 worth.

  16. LOVE the color. It’s so cute. If I didn’t already have two sets of Rasts, I would do this one as well. I think 3 sets would be overdoing it, though :)

    • Hehe, you’re probably right but the campaign chest is such a fun piece!!! Have you hacked your other rasts?

  17. Oh I love this! I think this would be an awesome way to add color as nightstands to our master bedroom. My husband just looked at your post, observed that we own the 3 of the items you’ve stacked on top to style it, and said, “you should invite her over”. Ha. I love the pink but I think we’ll probably go aqua.

    • Awesome! I guess we have similar taste :) They would look great as nightstands, especially in aqua!!

  18. Question, where did you get your lucite chair? Was that a steal or splurge? I’ve been wanting one for ages, but not one that will break my small bank!

    • The lucite chair was actually a steal and purchased for only $135! You can purchase it here.

  19. Might have to try this one – simple and very, very cute!

  20. absolutely love this! I think i’m going to do this for my nightstands :) maybe in a different color though because the pink might not go over well with the hubs LOL

    • My husband doesn’t like pink either! Had to put it in my office! :)

  21. Louisa,

    You have ruined my life! You have introduced me to the beautiful Campaign desk and I of course can not find one!!! Just kidding! You made it better with this post at least I can make a piece on my own. I have been searching endlessly to find the X-leg desk but no luck :(

    Love your blog!

  22. You rock! Thanks!!

  23. Can I check something? Don’t those type of handles have to fit flush to the drawer front? Did you have to route out a rectangle in the wood to recess the handles? I’m just a little confused!!

    • Nope, they actually don’t sit flush against the drawer front. They stick out a tiny tiny bit. You make large enough holes in the front of the drawer so that the hardware fits right into it (it’s hard to explain if you don’t know what the back of the hardware looks like.) You absolutely do not have to route out a rectangle in the wood to recess the handles. Hope that helps!

  24. i grew up the daughter of an interior designer in furniture shops, which kind of made me a furniture snob. I have to say, i’m rarely impressed… but you did an excellent job!! It’s fabulous!

  25. It looks great! I will have to borrow this idea!

  26. This is adorable, I’m going to have to try it! It looks so much like the one that Little Green Notebook did awhile back.

  27. This is an amazing transformation. It really looks like a campaign dresser!

  28. Hey i love this I have some what a diff shape i dont know if those handles will look good on mine, can i send you a pic on your gmail you posted and you tell me what you think (:

  29. this is amazeballs! love it!

  30. AHHHH I LOVE This! I want to make one for my baby on the way! Put a little changing pad over top and VOILA, amazeballs baby room! LOVE!

    Can you tell me how much you stuff cost, roughly?

    • Hi Stephanie! So glad to hear you love the campaign chest! The project cost me $88 and I already owned some of the supplies, like the drill and sanding sponge. I listed all of the supply prices in the post so check that out if you want to see all of the costs broken down. As far as using it for a changing table, it will definitely be too short. You can totally buy any plain (taller) chest and use these instructions to turn it into a campaign chest! Feel free to share a picture if you do make one, we would love to see it!!!

  31. Hi all!

    I purchased all of the pieces to duplicate this hack and alas, no space in my new NYC apt. Anyone want to take the fixings for two of these babies off of my hands? Respond to this post and we can email! I have two rast dresser, 6 campaign pulls, 24 brass corners, AND 8 4″ legs from Home Depot because I wanted 4 more inches of height for bedside tales. Anyway! I WISH I could make these but I just don’t have room aggghhh. Okay! Thanks!!

  32. Came across this from Pinterest! Great job, it looks amazing!

    • Thank you!!!

  33. How would you do this with a laminated ikea product?

    • Hi Tess, The Rast Chest that was used in this DIY is wood. However, if you were to use one of Ikea’s laminate products what you could do is lightly sand the laminate to rough it a little, prime it and then paint it. With laminate using a good primer is key for getting the paint to adhere. Hope this helps!

  34. Great job! It looks just like your inspiration piece! I have an Ikea Rast 3 drawer in my guest room ( that I’m looking to doll up. So far I’ve DIY a headboard and painted the ikea bed ( but I got interrupted so I haven’t finished up my guest room redo. I’ll keep this in mind as this is a pretty simple and very clean look! Well done!

    • Thank you! Your DIY headboard looks great! If you DIY your Rast chests let us know :) We would love to see them.

  35. You did a terrific job on this! I truly love, love the color and the details!!! Have to try this someday. thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks!!! It definitely makes a statement in my office! :)

  36. Hi! Love this!! I am creating a pink room for my daughter. From the picture, the paint looks very raspberry, but on Home Depot’s website, Sugar Plum looks a lot more purple. What is the actual color closest to? Thanks!!

    • Hi Meghan, if you go to Home Depot and look at the paint swatch, it is EXACTLY that color. It’s deeper than the picture portrays it to be. Hope that helps!!!

  37. hi, I dont understand why your finished product looks so pink, because when I finished painting my Rast (I only did two coats) it came out as a Barney purple. Did you use a filter when shooting your hack? Thanks!

    • Hi Madeleine! I consider my campaign chest to be a fuchsia color (between purple and pink). If you got the swatch from Home Depot for the color that I used, my campaign chest is an EXACT match. It does look a little lighter in the picture, but not much. Did you compare the paint they mixed for you to the swatch? It should match exactly.

  38. I love it!!

  39. Louisa this is the best Ikea Hack I’ve ever seen!

    I just blogged about your amazing DIY ( & you’ve inspired me to convert one myself. Well done – your blog is lovely.


    • Thanks Courtney!!! I’ll check our your blog! :)

  40. You’ve done a fantastic job there! Looks great though personally I would have to go with a different colour! ;)

  41. I just ordered from Ansaldi to make 2 bedside tables… The pulls do not sit flush on the drawer – did I order the wrong ones? The shape is exact. Thanks for the help!!

    • Hi Rebekah, the pulls do not sit flush one the drawers. They look like they do when viewed from the front but they actually don’t. You most likely ordered the correct pulls.

  42. This is an amazing transformation! I love your typewriter print too! Where did you find it?

  43. I am SOOOO doing this! Where is your ghost chair from?

  44. I am in the process of following your inspiration and doing my own rast makeover. I just have one quick question, did you paint the insides of the drawers, or put liners in?

    You did a great job, thanks for the inspiration!

  45. We finally finished! Thanks for putting this up on the web. We used your plans and made these:


    • Amazing job Jason! We love your video, it’s a great resource for anyone looking to tackle this project!

      • Thanks for the great design!

  46. That’s a really lovely dresser. Looks really adorable. Good job, keep it up.

    • Thanks Alex!

  47. Best Ikea hack i’ve seen. kudos! Stunning look. love it with the chair!

    When I do projects like this I usually use flat paint then about 3 coats of poly.

  48. I want to make this but I went on the website to order the pulls and they are no longer on there? Is the style number different now? The only ones that looked the closest to yours is #6197 – is this the correct one to purchase?


    • The product number I purchased are no longer available but #6197 is exactly the same! Yep, that’s the one to get!

  49. I just completed mine today! Thanks so much for the inspiration and easy-to-follow instructions! I made two of them to use as night stands and painted them in a high gloss white. They are so adorable!

  50. I just received my pulls from Ansaldi & sons (item # 6197) and i discovered that when you just drill screw holes to affix the pulls to the drawers, the borders of the pulls do not rest flush on the drawer fronts. Did you cut an indentation into the wooden drawer fronts so that the pulls would be set down into the surface or did you leave the pulls sort of set out from the drawer fronts?

    • Hi Carly! These pulls do not sit flush with the drawers. They are designed to look that way from the front but they are actually set out from the drawer fronts.

  51. Thanks for this hack! We copied it and just finished our own Rast campaign chest in high gloss Cerulean blue. We used the Ansaldi drawer pulls, but flush mounted them to the dresser by cutting into the wood with a router. Very helpful tips and a GREAT idea, thank you!!!

  52. All of the drawer pulls that I see “campaign style” are recessed mounted. How did you get around that?

    • Hi Alecia! Ansaldi & Sons sold out of the pulls that I purchased for this project. I recommend calling them to see if they can order your the product number that I listed in the post. The pulls that I used were not recessed. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

  53. What a great hack! Excited to try two of these side by side for my tv to sit on. Question about the lucite chair – do you find it scratches easily? Would love to have a pair but am hesitant if they will scratch after normal wear. Thanks!

    • Hi Kate! Actually, the chair does not scratch easily. Mine has held up great! It has one little scratch on it and that is from my cat jumping from the chair to my desk. One of his back claws got it!

  54. I am planning on doing two of these chests but do you know of another source for the pulls or another pull?

    • Hi Julia! Thanks for reading. Have you tried calling Ansaldi & Sons to see when they will be getting the campaign pulls back in? I know that they’ve been a popular item. That is the only source that I know of off the top of my head.

  55. I love this, you’ve inspired me to make a change to a dresser I have had for 18 years and so needs a facelift.
    Thank you for sharing.

  56. Lovely transformation! I dig the combination of the color and the hardware—contrasting but complementary. Great job!

    • Thanks Angela!

  57. I love this!! I want to make two for my apartment but the pulls seem to be out of stock :( . Any idea where else to look?!

    • Hi Clare! I’m sorry, I don’t know anywhere else you can get the pulls. You might want to call Ansaldi & Sons and ask if they can reorder the pulls. Thanks for reading!

  58. I love the dresser but the price of the pulls are now $25 EACH (for polished brass and $20 for antique brass) plus $7.75 shipping…Yikes! I need to find another source for these pulls!

    • Hi Shari,

      Yes the pulls have always been that price. They are heavy brass pulls. I had a difficult time finding a less expensive pull that achieved the look I was going for. Good luck!

  59. Holy moly!! You are amazing!! I’ve had this ikea dresser for about an year now. I’ve been researching makeovers for it and couldn’t find anything until I came across your amazing DIY!! Thanks again for sharing this and serving as inspiration. Working on mine as I’m typing ;)

    • That’s awesome Andreea! Send us a picture when you’re done, we’d love to see it!

  60. I need this in my life! I think I’m going to try it! Did you set the handles into the wood? I went on the website and noticed it said they are not for surface mounting?? Thanks for the awesome DIY!

    • Hi Kelly, The site no longer sells the hardware that Louisa used on her campaign chest. We haven’t been able to find any hardware that is the same as what she used. The best thing you can do is call the company to see if they will be getting anymore in.

  61. this is amazing!! awesome job! i love it!

  62. Thank you for the inspiration! I posted my version on my blog today :)

  63. Where did you get the L shape hardware? Can you PLEASE provide a link?? I cannot seem to find it anywhere :/

  64. I have three of these exact pulls for sale and five of a very similar antique style. If anyone wants to buy them reply to my craigslist posting and I can ship them to you at cost

    Also for those of you without a router, like me, I used a chisel and recessed them by hand. It was pretty fast actually because the Pine is such a soft wood.

  65. love the project, i would love to feature it , if that would be ok please let me know,

  66. i love your project and would love to feature it, if that would be ok please let me know,

  67. i actually already bought these and was planning on throwing them out but now i’m not! thanks

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