DIY: Glitter Push Pins

Posted on: April 19, 2012
DIY: Glitter Push Pins

diy glitter push pins 1 DIY: Glitter Push Pins

As you’ve read, Louisa and I are both working on styling our home offices. I want all of the items in my office to be things that I absolutely LOVE. The best way to be inspired is to have things around you that inspire you! I’m being very selective as to the items that I choose. I want everything to reflect my personal style and personality down to the push pins that I put in my memo board.

What you need to make these push pins:

diy glitter push pins 2 DIY: Glitter Push Pins


Dip the head of the push pin in the mod podge.

diy glitter push pins 3 DIY: Glitter Push PinsThen immediately dip it in the glitter.

diy glitter push pins 4 DIY: Glitter Push PinsPut the push pins into a piece of foam board or something similar so that they stand upright while they dry.

diy glitter push pins 5 DIY: Glitter Push PinsOnce dry, dip the push pins in clear polish. This will set the glitter so that the it does not come off. I put the clear polish on paper and dipped the push pins in it so that I would not get glitter on my polish brush.

diy glitter push pins 7 DIY: Glitter Push Pins

XO, Jenny

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  1. Super cute and easy! Thank you!!

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