DIY: Gold Étagère

Posted on: July 28, 2012
DIY: Gold Étagère

There are so many gorgeous products online which makes it really easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, it’s often hard for me to afford what I see {darn!} so I have to get a little creative when furnishing and decorating my home. This week, I decided to tackle this beautiful gold étagère!

My Inspiration:

Gold shelf 1 DIY: Gold Étagère

My DIY Gold Etagere:

large shelf DIY: Gold Étagère

What you need:

Ikea Vittsjo Shelving Unit ($40.00)

3 Cans Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint in “Pure Gold” ($21.00 for three at Home Depot)

1 Piece of Glass (purchased and cut at your local glass shop for around $10.00) The Ikea Vittsjo comes with three glass shelves, you just need to buy one more

1 Piece of Mirror (purchased and cut at your local glass shop for around $10.00)

*Tip:  Bring one of your wood-like shelf inserts to the glass shop and tell them to cut your glass and mirror to that exact size

Ikea Vittsjo DIY: Gold Étagère

What you need to do:

Step One:  Assemble Vittsjo according to Ikea’s instructions (do not insert glass and wood-like shelf inserts)

Step Two:  Spray paint the entire shelving unit and let dry completely

Step Three:  Install glass shelf inserts into the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and top shelves

Step Four:  Install your mirror insert into bottom shelf

cake dish1 DIY: Gold Étagère

Before After Vittsjo DIY: Gold Étagère

XO, Louisa

{Source: Inspiration Photo}

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  1. You wrote one piece of glass, but you mean 4 right? Looks beautiful!

    • Hi Amanda, the Ikea Vittsjo actually comes with 3 glass shelves & 2 faux-wood shelves. I didn’t like the faux-wood shelves to I had my local glass shop make me one more glass shelf and one mirrored shelf for the bottom. So you only need 1 more piece of glass. Hope this helps!

  2. I think I like your version better!!!! Thanks for all the budget friendly things! :)

  3. Oh how funny, I just did this exact same thing to two of these! I sprayed the top wood and bottom gold, I like your idea of using mirrors, might have to change them out to that now. Kate from Centsational Girl did a post on the varying ways to do both styles. She did hers in white and inserted rustic wood top and bottoms. I love these shelves!

    • I love both of your ideas, spraying yours gold and Kate using the rustic wood. I will have to check it out! Seriously, there are so many different ways you can customize these shelves!!!!!

  4. Another one I love!

  5. Thank you, Thank you for this post! While not very creative myself I must rely on people like you!! I am preparing a booth space for a holiday market and will be using 2 of these…and didn’t break the bank.

    • Yay! So glad you are going to make some shelves! Should be perfect for your holiday market!

  6. Very cute. Thanks!

  7. Love this! I went to IKEA website to order but it was going to be $349 just to ship. Did you order or get the shelf in a store? I don’t live near a store and this seems crazy for shipping. Just curious how you got yours. Thanks!

    • Hi Courtney! Yes, Ikea’s shipping charges are ridiculous! I purchased mine at the store!

  8. I’m moving into a new apartment this Saturday and I am bringing with me some of my parents old furniture, so it is great to see how much furniture can be transformed with just a simple paint job. I like furniture with alot of color and personality!

  9. Hi there – Did you have any issues with the spray paint trigger? All the reviews on Amazon for that particular type were pretty bad…Thanks!

  10. fantastic shelves! i’m looking for gold pieces too and have found some bleh black ones but i’m afraid my spray painting skills may be lacking? i’d be worried about drips? this is great though!!

  11. I just did this today! I’m setting up a “boutique” in my backyard for the jewelry I make and these shelves in gold are perfect. I got one of the double units, two of the singles and two of the laptop desks… I too used the rust-oleum spray paint but I used the metallic gold can with the shiny gold top… I primed first and I have to say the gold is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!

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