DIY: Sequin Heart Clips

Posted on: September 03, 2012
DIY: Sequin Heart Clips


diy sequin heart clips DIY: Sequin Heart Clips

Materials Needed:

Heart Template

Sequin Trim

Alligator Clips or Bar Pins


Hot Glue Gun


diy sequin heart clips 1 DIY: Sequin Heart Clips

Steps: 1) Cut a heart from the template you downloaded and printed. Use it as a template to cut out a heart from the felt. 2) With the hot glue gun, glue the sequin trim around the outside of the heart. 3) Continue to glue the sequins around the inside of the heart. Once you are done filling the inside of the heart, cut the strand of sequins. 4) Glue and alligator clip or a bar pin to the back of the heart.

Have fun wearing your new clip! Wear it on your clothes or in your hair!

XO, Jenny

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