Dress Your Tech: Chevron Phone Wallpaper

Posted on: September 04, 2012
Dress Your Tech: Chevron Phone Wallpaper

chevron phone wallpaper Dress Your Tech: Chevron Phone Wallpaper

Why not add some fun chevron wallpaper to your phone?


Pink: iPhone, iPod Touch (320×480) | iPhone 4 (640×960)

Aqua: iPhone, iPod Touch (320×480) | iPhone 4 (640×960)

Lime: iPhone, iPod Touch (320×480) | iPhone 4 (640×960)

XO, Jenny


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(14) Comments

  1. LOVE THIS! Will you be posting this in purple soon?

    • Stay tuned for more colors soon :)

      • Can’t wait for other colors!!

  2. Can you make some for android phones? Because I love your designs! <3

    • Hi Jade, I was told by someone that has an android that it worked for their phone. I’m not sure which size they downloaded. Maybe you can download both and see which one works :)

  3. Soooo cute! It would look fabulous with a monogram on top of it :)

    • Thanks! We are working on that :) We are going to offer ones in the future that you can customize with your monogram

  4. THANK YOU! My hubby just got me an iPhone and I am having so much fun setting it up…This wallpaper is SO cute! Thank you SO much for sharing!

  5. How do you download them?

    • From your phone you can just click the light blue links above (next to the color choices). Save the image to your camera roll and then set it as your background.

  6. Will you be adding more colors for fall/winter on all of your printable? I love these your designs! Thank you for creating these for us to print free.

    • Hi Michele! Great idea! We’ll consider offering darker fall/winter colors on our printables in the future.

  7. i love the chevron! how do you get your initials on it before you save it to your phone?

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