Dress Your Tech: Printable iPhone Charger Wraps and Home Button Stickers

Posted on: August 26, 2012
Dress Your Tech: Printable iPhone Charger Wraps and Home Button Stickers

Louisa and I are all about turning ordinary and plain items into something new and pretty! This includes our technology accessories. I created a bunch of iPhone charger wraps and monogram home button stickers for you to download and print.

dress your tech Dress Your Tech: Printable iPhone Charger Wraps and Home Button Stickers

You will need purchase full sheet label paper to print these on. Make sure you purchase the label paper based on the type of printer that you own.

If you have an inkjet printer, you can purchase the inkjet label paper – here.

If you have a laser printer, you can purchase the laser label paper – here.

I’ve made the wraps in many colors and designs. If you want to change up your design, all you have to do is peel off your old one and put on a new one. For the home button stickers, I painted mine with a coat of clear nail polish and let it dry before I cut it out and put it one my phone. This has made it super durable. This isn’t necessary, but I think it makes the sticker last longer.

printable Dress Your Tech: Printable iPhone Charger Wraps and Home Button Stickers

ps – Be sure to check out our printable frequently asked questions page to help you troubleshoot any issues you have with downloading, editing and printing the printable.

pps – When you go to print, make sure that page scaling is set to NONE. Otherwise, it will scale down the image so that they won’t fit properly.

XO, Jenny

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  1. Cute ideas!!!

    • Thank you :)

      • Jenny, I absolutely love this idea and worked on it all afternoon. I have no problem with the script monogram going where it is supposed to but the block it impossible. I’ve tried everything. Doing it like you said the last letter covers the first. I so frustrated because I just love your ideas. any help would be wonderful. thank you, Mary Ann

        • Hi Mary Ann, Did you watch the video on our frequently asked questions page? The video shows you how to enter the monograms onto our printables. The video is for our other printables, but the monograms will be entered in the same way on the phone printables.

  2. These are fabulous!!!!!!!!!! I plan to use these for a number of things!Thanks so muck! <3, Beni

    • You’re welcome! Glad you love them :)

      • how do you print the iPhone charger wrap? it is so cute:)

        • Hi Sarah! As you are reading this post you will see that there is a light blue banner that says “Printable” and “Download PDF” in white letters. Click that and it will bring you to a site called Scribd. On the right-hand side of the Scribd page, click the orange “download or print” button and it will open up the printable document in Adobe Reader. Fill in your letters and click the printer icon to print it! Hope this helps!

          • I have a Mac and have opened the printable downloads (iphone charger wraps and home bottoms) in Adobe Reader. The initials appear but are too big – both the block and script. They print this way as well. Any suggestions.

          • Did you open the file in Preview first and then in Adobe Reader? If you do it this way then the font will be in block and not script. What I would suggest doing is to delete the file you downloaded, download it again and open it Adobe Reader first. I suspect this is the issue because this has happened to other Mac users. Once they do it this way, it works fine.

  3. Love this thank you so much! I followed the directions for the block monogram to the letter & all 3 letters still aren’t appearing. My first initial is the only one showing to the right of the monogram. I didn’t use spaces or anything. Do they not all three appear?

  4. why can i not print them

    • Hi Emma, I’m going to need more information from you. Have you filled in your monogram in the document? Did you hit the little printer icon? Let us know so we can better help you!

      • can i print it in black and white

        • Hi Angie, you probably can. Try going under your printer settings and select it to print in black & white.

  5. I’m having trouble printing the phone decor! Any suggestions?

    • Hi Kalicia, please give us more information so we can better help you. Have you entered your monogram in the “wrap”? Did you hit the little printer icon to print the document?

      • Yes! and it says that there is no document to print? Very confused! I have printed your other decor and loved it! would love to print the phone chargers too!

        • Hi Kalicia, What you need to do is after click on print, click on advanced and then click print as image. Someone else was having this problem and they told us this is how they fixed the issue. Hope this helps!

  6. These are so cute!!! I can’t seem to make all of my letters show up….just the first letter. How do I fix this?

    • Hi Brittany, make sure you are deleting all of the existing letters of the sample monogram that we put in there. Then, type in your initials. For example, if you want your monogram to read “LDN” (my initials) then type “lD$”. The left-hand letter is lowercase, middle letter is uppercase, and right-hand letter is the symbol that corresponds to the letter you want. You can find the symbol in our instructions. All three letters will NOT show up in the middle of “wrap” until you enter them all. That’s when they will all pop into place. Hope this helps!

    • I just thought of one more thing Brittany, if you are trying to get the block monogram, you use the symbol for the right hand letter. If you are trying to get the script (cursive) monogram, you just type in all three letters (don’t use the symbol at all for those). Hope that clears things up!

  7. Thank you for sharing these! They are so cute.

    • You’re welcome Frankie! Thanks for the feedback!

  8. Ok I downloaded this file but when I type in my initials and use the special character as the third it never changes and makes the complete monogram all I see is cC! and it still doesn’t fit into the circle. Is there anyway you can help me please

    • Hi Callie, are you trying to make your monogram say “cCk”? I went into the document, made sure the whole sample monogram was deleted (triple click it and hit delete) and then typed in “cC!”. It worked great and popped your monogram into the center. Did you follow all of the steps? Hope this helps!

    • Hi Callie, I just realized something. You are probably trying to get your initials into one of the monograms that has the script font (cursive), right? For those, you don’t have to use the symbol ! at all. For the script font you just type in all three letters as you want them to appear such as “cCk”. For the block lettered monogram, you actually have to use the symbol for the third letter. Hope that clears things up! Let me know if you are still having problems!

  9. Never mind I kept messing with it til it worked! Thanks again for this great printable!

    • Glad you got it to work! Enjoy!

  10. These are so cute, and I appreciate the work you put in to them! Do you have any idea why when I go to print, it says “The Document could not be printed. There are no pages to print”?

    • Hi Gina! I haven’t seen that error message before. It may be a problem with your printer. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

    • Have you tried to switch your printer to Advanced and print the document as an image? That worked for me! :-)

  11. I figured out how to change the initials but when I print it is just blank! The first page prints but not the second and most important! Lol HELP!

    • Hi Whitney! I’m not quite sure why that is happening when you print the document. It may be a problem with your printer. Have you tried having it just print page 2? Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

    • ^ me too!!! :(

    • Whitney, I had the same problem. The only way I could get it to print was to do the monogram edit, take a Screencap, paste it into another program, and print that way. It’s nice (ish?) to know it’s not just me getting this error!

      • Hi Gina, What you need to do is after click on print, click on advanced and then click print as image. Someone else was having this problem and they told us this is how they fixed the issue. Hope this helps!

  12. Just wondering , do you print these on label sheets and just cut to size? Also can I print different monograms or do I have to print all the same monogram at once?

    • Hi Natalie, You just need to print them on full sheet label paper. There is a link to the type of paper in the post. After you’ve printed them cut them out and wrap them on your charger. I’m not sure I understand your question about printing different monograms. All of the monogram wraps and button stickers print on one sheet.

  13. Having the same problem as Whitney!! The second page wont print!!

  14. I’m trying to print out the wrap but when I use the block letters and type in my initials it seems that the lettering is to big for the center. I type in aV# and it shows up too big in all of the circles.

    • Anna, Are you using a Mac? I’ve only heard of people having this issue when they were using a Mac. To fix this issue you need to download Adobe Reader and open it through there. The default PDF viewer on a Mac is called Preview and it will not work correctly in Preview.

  15. I figured it out! The first page was printing but the second one with the label on it was not…. When you click the printer, click “Advanced” and click “Print as image” YAY! LOVE!!

    • Yay! So glad you were able to figure it out. We will remember this in case others have this issue :)

  16. Thanks for these darling printables. Is there any way to make say two or 3 of 1 set of initials and then 2 or 3 of another. I want these for my daughters. thansk for all of your hard work – you do darling work! I sprayed mine with a lite coat of polyurethane.

    • Hi Eileen, The only way you could do that is if you were entering separate monograms for each type of wrap. For example all the script are connected to each other and all the block ones are connected, so you could do one monogram for the script ones and a different monogram for the block font ones. Does this make sense? The home buttons are the same way. The block are connected so when you change one all will change and you could do a different monogram for the script home buttons.

  17. Can you help me? i cant figure out how to make one

    • Hi Hannah, Did you check out our frequently asked questions page? There is video on there that shows how to type the monograms in. The video is for our other printable monograms, but you can enter the monograms into the phone printables the same way.

  18. how did you cut the circle so perfect? only issue i am having.

    • I just cut it out with scissors :)

  19. OMGOSH… This post is awesome!! Many thanks for sharing. Trying this weekend! :)

  20. I tried getting th ePDF to come through my macbook pro, but it will only come through with “Preview” and it wont let me use Adobe Flash Player!!


    • When you go to download the PDF save it down to your computer. Then open Adobe Reader and go to file open and open the file that way. Hope this helps :)

  21. I love these but I cannot print the actual wraps… the directions page prints but not the second page. I love you stuff I printed the full monograms in almost every colorwith no problem at all. Is ther something I am doing wrong?

    • Hi Carolyn, Someone else was having this problem and they told us to fix it they clicked on print, then clicked on advanced and then clicked print as image. Hope this helps!

  22. Jenny,
    thanks that worked! I ahve already made a set for myself, my sister and my neice!
    Love it!

    • Yay! So glad it worked!

  23. Thanks so much for sharing the printables with us all. Your instructions and additional tips in the comment section were helpful and I now have mine printed! Really appreciate you taking the time to make the template so easy for us all to use. Much appreciated!

  24. Hi Ladies – First, I want to ask a question – I can not figure out when I choose or tell the program which color of the iPhone Charger wraps and Home Buttons I want to print. Currently I am printing out all the colors with my block initials and the script ones are the sample initials. Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong or when to make this selection? I am on a PC if that helps.

    Then secondly I have looked all over your adorable site to find the actual cell phone wrap that goes with the chevron iphone chargers and home button. Have you published that and I just am overlooking it? It sure looks like the phone in the iphone picture has a matching wrap/skin/cover. Will look forward to hearing your responses! Love Love Love your site! Thank you for sharing!! Anne

    • Hi Anne, you won’t be able to choose a specific color for this printable. You will print out a page full of all the colors/designs on label paper and then just cut out the one you want to use. As far as the block/script initials go, click on the sample script initials, delete them, and then type in your own. Hit enter after you do that or click somewhere else on the page and they will all fill in. Same thing with the little home button circles. You can get them all to have your initials on them as they are all editable.

      The iPhone cases are not available as a printable. They are actually made of a hard plastic material. We gave two away for free during a recent giveaway and are planning to sell them in our online shop which will be opening soon. Thanks for visiting our site and keep checking back for more free printables! :)

  25. I love this idea, I am so excited about it! What did you use to glue the printables to your charger and home button?

    • Hi Abbi! We printed our monograms on full sheet label paper (8.5″ x 11″) so it sticks right on the charger! You just cut out the design you want to use and stick it on. Hope that helps!

  26. I created the monogram but when i went to print it out it was way to big! Help?!

    • Hi Madison, Can you be a little more specific? Are you saying that the monograms are not fitting inside the circles? Are you using a Mac or a PC?

  27. sorry for the dumb question, but for some reason my monogram has a block of white around it. I can get the initials fine, but the block is bothering me. it’s only in the circle monogram, not the script.


    • Hi Stephanie, I’m not sure what block of white you are talking about. Are you talking about the white that goes around the outside of the circle?

      • yes. there is a block of white around the circle, as if it’s creating a jpg or something. I tried both mine and my daughter’s initials and it did it on both. I also tried the Chevron monogram and it did the same thing in that one. I have tried various colors as well to no avail.

        • There are supposed to be be blocks of white around the circles. It’s designed that way so that it stands apart from the background. If you look at our examples there is a line of white around each circle.

  28. Hi Jenny, I am trying to download and print these from a mac. When I click the orange download and print button, the only option it gives me is to download them as a .pdf in preview. How do I download them with adobe? Thanks!

    • Hi Lauren, First make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. There are two ways you can open the file: 1) When you go to download the pdf file save it down to your computer instead of opening it with Preview, then go open Adobe Reader, then go to file open and open the file from where you saved it on your computer 2) when you go to download the pdf file change the program you want to open it with from Preview to Adobe Reader. The second option is easiest, but both will work :)

  29. This took me a little while of playing around with, but sooo happy I stuck with it, they look AMAZING =) reading through these comments it what really helped me. My main problem was that it would say printing and then nothing would happen and I would spaz out… if this is happening to you… take a deep breath and walk away for a minute.. a watched computer never prints? apparently that was the case with mine =).. thanks again

  30. Hello! So I am just trying to print the coral script home button. How do I print just that with out all the other things on the page?! Thanks!!

    • Hi Emma, the entire document must be printed. We do not offer them individually at this time.

  31. I love this! Could you make this for mac too? Thank You so much! :)

    • Hi Taryn, all of our printables are created on a Mac and they all work on Macs! Just download Adobe Reader for free and open the printables in that program and you should be good to go! Our printables will not work right in Mac’s Preview.

      • I downloaded adobe but the document is still opening in preview on my mac? how can I change this setting?

        • Download the file again, instead of opening the file, choose the option to save the file. Then go open Adobe Reader, go to file then down to open in Reader and find where you saved the file and open it.

  32. I have a question~
    When you take off the sticker off of the home button and charger does it leave a sticky residue or does it come off clean? I’ll definitely use the label sheet paper you recommended becuase I’m assuming you have that too? I really want to do this because it is SUPER CUTE but I’m scared it will leave sticky stuff behind. If it does, what would/do you use to clean it off?
    Thank-You very much,
    <3 Nia
    P.S. I'll be decorating my Ipod Touch 4th Generation but it probably works for it too, right?

    • Hi Nia, I didn’t have any residue come off from the sticker paper. I’ve taken mine on and off over a dozen times. I like to change up my stickers with different designs :) If it does leave residue behind I would use peanut butter to get it off. Peanut butter is actually a great home remedy to get sticky stuff off! You don’t have to use a lot of peanut butter. Just put a little on a paper towel and scrub it a little on the surface. Then use a very damp towel to wipe off the peanut butter. Yes, it will also work for the iPod Touch :)

      • Thank you! I will print some off immediately!

  33. Is there a way to print only one or two of the monograms instead of the whole page with 14 of them?

    • Hi Chelsie! At this time, there is no way to print just one or two of the monograms, you will have to print the whole page. Hope that helps!

  34. I can’t figure out why type of labels to use. It will not open up for me. Can you tell which labels to use for a laser printer?
    Thank you

  35. hi again… i am trying to print these out and i bought the avery full sheet labels but when i print off the pdf, it doesn’t print anything. Help!

    • Hi Ellie, after you click print, go to advanced settings and check print as image. Only some people have had this issue, so we didn’t include this in our directions.

  36. Hi! I love this idea! I tried to edit it to make it my initials (aLy) and when i put the character / in place of the y it didnt do anything! It didnt fit into the circle or anything! I watched the video tutorial and did everything it said but im still having problems!

    • Hi Annika, You are using the wrong character for a y you would need to use the \ character and not the / character.

  37. Is there a way that I can print these-each with different initials? I love these, they are so cute but I really don’t want to use up all of my ink to print them out.

    • Hi Frances! You can use two different monograms on the document. The patterns with the block monogram (chevron, anchors) all have to be the same initials and the quatrefoil pattern all need to be the same initials. You have to print out the entire page. There is no way to print just one or two wraps. Hope that helps!

  38. Hi! I have printed these once successfully but now that I am changing the monograms to make for my daughter I’m having issues. On the phone buttons with the block monogram I can only see the first letter of the monogram. I am deleting the old monogram and typing in the new one but only see that one letter and there are black plus signs underneath the buttons as well. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Susan, for the block monogram you are typing the first (left) letter in lowercase, the second (center) letter in uppercase, and the third symbol(right) that corresponds to the letter you want, right? The full 3-letter monogram does not pop into the center of the phone button under after the symbol is entered. Be completely sure that you have deleted the entire original sample monogram before starting (I triple click it to select the whole thing and then hit my backspace key). Hope this helps!

  39. Is it the same for the iPhone 5??

    • Hi Kate, These wraps fit all iPhone model chargers.

  40. Hi I was wondering how do you do the iphone home buttons?

    • Hi Katelyn, to get the home buttons just open the document (light blue “download .PDF” banner above), personalize and print on full sheet label paper. Then, cut out the button stickers and place them on your phone. If you have any issues, check out our FAQ page. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you. I was able to find the PDF with the home buttons but I can not get the block ones to work. I used the symbols but once I enter all three they do not center?

        • Hi Katelyn! Make sure you are only using the symbol for the last (right side) letter. The left and middle letters should just be entered as regular letters. For example, for “LDN” you’d enter “lD$”. They will automatically center once they are entered correctly. Hope that helps.

  41. Pefect! That was exactly what I was doing wrong. Thanks so much! Love it.

  42. When I try to put my monogram in the box the last letters show up but they are way to big. I typed the left letter in lower case the middle letter in uppercase and the last letter as the symbol. Is there any way to fix this?

    • Kate, are you on a Mac or PC? If you are on a Mac, make sure you download Adobe Reader and open the document in that program. If you are on a PC, I’m not quite sure what the issue is. Click in the sample monogram box, triple click and hit delete on your keyboard to delete the entire sample monogram. Type in your monogram. Here’s an example for the block monogram: if you want your monogram to be “LDN” you would type “lD$” and then hit the enter key on your keyboard. For the script monogram you type all three letters, no symbols. For example “LDN” would be “lDn”. Hope this helps!

  43. Hi, sorry I have been commenting a lot, I really love this idea. When I bought the labels, it is one label on the whole sheet of paper. Do I have to print it and then cut out each Charger Wrap and Home Button Sticker?

    • Hi Kate, Yes you have to print and cut them out. They don’t make labels already cut out for these specific sizes.

  44. This is so cute! But I am confused on how you get them on the charger? What did you use to get it to stick to the charger, thank you

    • Hi Gabbi, you print them on full sheet label paper and then peel off the back and stick the wrap on your charger. The link to the label paper is in the post above. You can also buy it at Walmart! Thanks for reading!

  45. When I delet and print my initials on the phone charger labels, they aren’t centered in the circle. They are all shifted up. How do I correct this? Thank You!

    • Hi Shannon, thanks for reading!

      If you have a Mac, make sure you download Adobe Reader (it’s free) and open the document in that program. If you open the document in Mac’s Preview program, this printable will not work.

      If you have a PC, it will automatically open in Reader.

      Once you open your document in Adobe Reader, delete the sample monogram by triple-clicking it and hitting the backspace or delete key on your keyboard.

      Now, be sure you are entering the letters in this order: lowercase first initial (left-hand letter), uppercase last initial (middle letter), then the symbol (right-hand letter.)

      For example, if I want my monogram to read “LDN” I would type in “lD$”. Once you type in the symbol, all three letters will pop into the middle of the circle. You only type ONE symbol (for the right-hand letter.)

      Hope this helps!

  46. Hi can you do other designs other than the monogram? I want to do a logo.
    thanks! :)

    • Hi Jenna, we are not taking any custom orders at this time. If we do in the future, we’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks for reading!!!

  47. This is not working on my MacBook, and I do not own another computer besides an apple computer, can you explain how to do this on my mac for me?

    • Hi Lilli, thanks for reading!

      If you have a Mac, make sure you download Adobe Reader (it’s free) and open the document in that program. If you open the document in Mac’s Preview program, this printable will not work.

      Once you open your document in Adobe Reader, delete the sample monogram by triple-clicking it and hitting the backspace or delete key on your keyboard.

      Now, be sure you are entering the letters in this order: lowercase first initial (left-hand letter), uppercase last initial (middle letter), then the symbol (right-hand letter.)

      For example, if I want my monogram to read “LDN” I would type in “lD$”. Once you type in the symbol, all three letters will pop into the middle of the circle. You only type ONE symbol (for the right-hand letter.) Hit enter and it will replace all of the sample monograms with your monogram.

      Hope this helps!

  48. Hey– love the idea it’s so cute! What if I don’t have a middle name though? I can’t make one? :(

    • Hi Steph, You can do it with just your first initial on the script font wraps. Just use the space bar to put some spaces in to center it.

  49. These are adorable! I entered my initials and got the monogram to work for for some reason it isn’t printing…a problem on my end, but I’m so frustrated!
    Very cute patterns :) Thank you for posting these!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      After you hit print, go to advanced settings and check “print as image”. This will allow you to print it. For some reason this issue happens for some people and not others. It may be your printer settings. If you print them this way they will print.

  50. Thanks for this! I am forever fighting my boys for the charging cord. Now, I will know which one is mine!

    • You’re welcome Clare! Thanks for reading!

  51. So I entered my initials in the dress your tech labels, and when I try to print it, a message pops up saying that it cannot be printed because no pages were chosen to print. I chose page 2 with all the labels on it and it still doesn’t print. How can I fix it?

    • After you press print, go to advanced settings and check print as image. That will fix your issue!

  52. these are so cool! some people sell them online but they are expensive. these are fun to make by yourself :)

    • Thanks Lilly!

  53. I’m having trouble printing the lables. In print preview it shows that they are going to print of right, but the printer spits out a blank document

    • After you press print, go to advanced options and check print as images. This will fix the issue you are having!

  54. I’ve tried to add monograms to the ipod/iphone stickers, and while it works, I cannot do a different monogram in each label. Every time I do a different monogram, they all change to that one. I can’t imagine one person would need a whole page of these labels. Any help would be great – thanks !

    • Hi Kay, The block monograms are connected and the script are connected. Therefore, you can do different monograms for the block font than for the script font. Hope this helps!

  55. Thanks so much for sharing this! Know I’m going to have fun with these.

  56. Love this project, thanks for the printables! I blogged about this project…come on by and visit!

    • Thanks Lydia!

    • Hi Heidi, We cannot email the file because the file size is to large. It gets kicked back as undeliverable. I have a couple things that you can try. The first one is make sure when you go to download it that you are picking PDF instead of text file. If you pick to download it as text when you go to open it you will get the error you are describing. The second thing is to make sure that you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader installed. If you try to open in it in an older version your will get the error you described. Try those two things and one of them should work and let you download the file.

  57. First, thank you for sharing your adorable ideas and for doing the work for us. Your instructions are very simple to follow. My question is whether or not you can edit each monogram with different initials. I understand you cannot pick a color for the phone charger wrap and that you have to print entire page, but is it NOT possible to edit each different wrap with it’s own monogram. I will never use this many wraps with my initials. Would love to be able to type in a different monogram for each different wrap on the page. Just hate to waste an entire sheet of label paper to do each monogram.

    • Hi Stacey, thanks for reading! At this time, you can do one monogram for the wraps with the script font and a different monogram for the wraps with the block font. We do not have an option for you to enter a different monogram for each wrap. We will keep that suggestion in mind for the future.

  58. Jenny, do you have – or know of where to find – templates to make wraps for the earlier/larger iPhone chargers (the bigger square as opposed to the 1″ cube)? Everyone in my house has one, and mine keeps disappearing! I’d like to make wraps for me and my daughter…

  59. My brother wants some? Is there any way you can make these for boys??
    Thanks xoxo,

    • We’ll keep that in mind in the future Brittany. Thanks for reading!

  60. I have printed the chevron monogrammed binder cover and all is good. I have tried to print the iphone covers and stickers on two different computers with two different printers and I keep getting the message that “this document cannot be printed”. I have tried for 3 days and nothing. I do have the latest version of adobe reader.

    • Once you press print go to the advanced print options and check print as image. This will fix your issue. Thanks!

  61. Hi,
    I absolutely love all of your ideas! I’ve tried to print the iPhone charger wraps, but every time I do it prints out a full sheet of just one huge monogram. Any suggestions on how to print the wraps?? I hate having to waste all that ink so I hope you can help.

    • I’m not sure what you mean that it prints out one huge monogram. It should print out a full sheet of charger wraps and button stickers.

      • No it doesn’t print out a full sheet of the charger wraps and butten stickers it just prints out one large monogram. How can I get it to print out the wraps and home butten stickers? I can get to the monogram on Adobe Reader and change the page scaling to “none” but then once I print it, it just prints out the one full monogram.

        • It sounds like you downloaded the wrong PDF file. The charger wraps have a different file. You need to download the one in this post. We have other monograms that are just one page which is what is sounds like you are printing.

  62. Hey thanks! It worked. Sorry about that I didn’t realize you had to pick the one in this post-how stupid of me! Thanks for the help. I look forward to printing and purchasing from your website again soon.

    • Not a problem! Glad you were able to get it!

  63. This project looks awesome :) but will this ruin my Iphone ? Do the labels on the home button come off or are they stuck? I really want to try this but I am worried about the sticker messing up my screen and device.Tell me your results, like whether or not they stickers come off without residue. Thanks again!

    • Hi Jessica, My stickers came off without any residue. I haven’t heard of anyone doing this to their phone or charger and it ruining them.

  64. I’ve downloaded these iPhone charger wraps before, but as I try to download them now, they do not seem to work. I am aware of and have downloaded the greek key wraps already without a problem. I can download the iPad charger wraps as well, so I’m not quite sure what I am doing wrong with the regular iPhone charger wraps. Help please!

    • Hi Elizabeth, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be working for you. I just tested it and it downloaded for me. This printable is on Scribd and I can’t control their site. Sorry about that! I’m working on more charger wraps that will go up on I will be making the chevron ones as well as quatrefoil.

  65. Hi,
    When I am entering the initials all of my letters show up individually on the right hand side of the monogram space(circle)
    I’ve tried hitting “enter” and “space” and nothing :(

    • Annabella, You need to enter in all the letters in order for them to pop into the middle. Also, don’t use spaces in between each letter. This sounds like what is causing your issue.

  66. I cannot print the image from adobe reader. I did what I read in others comments and clicked “Print as Image” but that just made the lettering disappear! any help would be greatly apprecaiated!

  67. Hi,
    I was wondering if it was possible to get the script letters to show up as block because it’s not working when I type it in. It just shows up as gC3 in script.

  68. Hi, could you please tell me how to print these? I’m having trouble and can’t figure it out!

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