Giveaway: Ashley Brooke Designs {Closed}

Posted on: February 26, 2013
Giveaway: Ashley Brooke Designs {Closed}

Our giveaway today is with custom illustrator Ashley Brooke. Ashley Brooke Designs is a custom paper company designed by Ashley Brooke. She is an Orlando, Florida based artist who designs super cute, feminine and fun paper products as well as adorable mugs!  Ashley also has a really great blog and does fun DIY videos! This giveaway includes a 25 card set of her tailored collection calling cards and her fancy coffee mug. One winner will be chosen to receive both items.

Ashley Brooke Designs Giveaway Giveaway: Ashley Brooke Designs {Closed}

To Enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

XO, Jenny & Louisa

The winner of the Rifle Paper Co. giveaway is Angie B. An email has been sent out to the winner.

Should the giveaway winner purchase either item before the giveaway is over,  the amount of the item that was purchased will be refunded. No purchase necessary; void where prohibited. By entering into this sweepstakes, the entrant acknowledges that they are eligible for this sweepstakes according to all laws set forth by their state of residency. Sorry, U.S. residents only.

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  1. THE MUG :)

  2. the coffee cup

  3. I need that coffee mug to live!!!

  4. Ahhhh so darling!

  5. loving that mug!!

  6. The cards – I miss the lost art of handwritten notes

  7. So cute and classy but I love the mug, it would be much more practical.

  8. I love, love, love this!!! :)

  9. I am obsessed with Ashley’s new mugs – they are the cutest! Would love to win one!

  10. would love to drink my morning coffee with that mug! x

  11. LOVE the mug!!!

  12. The cards. Cute!

  13. Super cute!

  14. I would love to drink my morning coffee out of that “fancy” coffee mug! Too cute!

  15. The mug! I would love to have this for the office :) Though I love stationary and hand-written notes, too

  16. Since I drink coffee EVERY morning, the mug. I need a bit of ‘fancy’ in my life.

  17. Those cards are adorable….especially the little bulldog!!!

  18. Precious!

  19. I absolutely ADORE Ashley Brooke Designs! My favorite item in the giveaway is the sweet mug..I can already picture snuggling up with the perfect cup of coffee in that mug!

  20. I love anything with little animals drawn. IE- the dog. THE DOG!

  21. I LOVE this giveaway! My favorite item is the mug…too cute!

  22. I love the mug and want it to add to my collection!:)

  23. I LOVE both the mug and idea of custom greeting cards. I need some in my new married name, stat! Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Love that mug — there’s always room for a little more fancy!

  25. OMG I am in LOVE with those cards!! SUPER CUTE!!

  26. I love the CARDS! Oh how cute, loving the cards! I write ( and yes I mean by hand!!! ) letters to my long distance family usually with my daughter since she still has 2 sets of Great-Grandparents and 2 sets of Grandparents that live far away. I also love to leave little notes for Thank yous often for friends and co-workers. :) I enjoy seeing all of the cute items you have and giveaways are always awesome :)

  27. As a new-found coffee drinker, thank you college, this cup would help me begin my collection! So cute :)

  28. I am loving the new ABD mugs! So cute!

  29. The mug! So cute.

  30. LOVE the stationary!

  31. The coffee mug!!

  32. The calling cards! I am a new blogger and I think these cards will help me promote my blog.

  33. I need this for my new Keurig!!

  34. I just adore those cards

  35. would love the mug for my morning tea. :)

  36. The coffee mug is too cute, but I’m such a stationery addict :)

  37. I am in love with the calling cards! That dog is absolutely precious!

  38. aww!

  39. I ADORE the mug! Absolutely precious!

  40. It’s so hard to choose, but I LOVE the calling cards!

  41. That mug is perfect!

  42. i absolutely adore the prints and the handwriting on the mug is just gorgeous!! love it all!

  43. The mug for sure.

  44. Absolutely obssessed! Love everything about both!

  45. These are adorable! Love them!

  46. The tailored collection calling cards for sure! I want them with my dog on them!!! I’ve been oogling over the custom everything for awhile now!

  47. The mug is just the cutest!

  48. Love that mug! You can never have too many fancy mugs :)

  49. Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. Everything on this blog is so pretty!!!

  51. Adorable! I love it all.

  52. Love the mug!

  53. LOVE the mug!!!

  54. Love it!

  55. i love the mug! would make my mornings!

  56. I love the mug! definitely need this to brighten up my office!!

  57. Ashley Brooke’s designs are adorable!

  58. Love the mug! Who doesn’t love a chic coffee cup to look at while drinking morning cappuccinos?

  59. the coffee mug would make my morning so much better!

  60. I love the mug!

  61. Love the mug and Ashley’s page!!

  62. LOVE ABD! I ordered my Christmas cards from her and they were such a hit. This mug would make mornings at the office much more enjoyable & fancy :)

  63. The mug is so chic! Love Love it! It would be sure to make me smile everytime I used it!

  64. I love the calling cards! I would really like them to promote my blog since I’m definitely in the beginning stages. I love the illustration on them!


  65. I <3 forshicsake and that mug is a necessity in my life!

  66. What a fun giveaway! The perfect mug and card set!
    xo Christina

  67. ahhhhhh I love everything about this

  68. Love those cards! Such cute ribbons!

  69. Love it ALL!

  70. the mug. forever and ever. guess i’ll roll the dice to see if i should wait to buy (again).

  71. Oh I looooove AB Designs! I’ve had my eye on those cute mugs since she first debut them! Plus those calling cards are just TOO cute!

  72. In love with the darling calling cards! Pinned on Pinterest.

  73. Everything about this is absolutely lovely! Obsessed with that mug :)

  74. Been wanting one of these mugs!!! And the 2 fancy ones are my fave!

  75. The coffee mug!

  76. love that mug!!

  77. the coffee mug is just too cute, everyone needs something like that :)

  78. cute mug! : )

  79. I love the mug! It would be such a fun reminder after my morning run (full of coffee, of course)!

  80. Love it ALL!!!!!

  81. LOVE the cards! Soooo cute!

  82. The mug! Because this is what I can keep, the cards are to be send :) . It will make my day to drink in such a mug.

  83. Those are the cutest calling cards!

  84. The cute calling cards!

  85. love that mug!

  86. Well, I have 3 science exams before spring break, so the mug would be put to great use!

  87. Tea in that mug would be the perfect way to start the day!!

  88. Love the calling cards! I am in need of some new updated business cards!

  89. I love the mug!! My sorority family branch was the fancy family… So this mug is perfect!!!

  90. I love mugs <3

  91. Cute!

  92. The fancy mug is too cute! it is a must have for me!

  93. I need the calling cards!

  94. Obsessed with her designs!! LOVE CALLING CARDS!! I download the calendar for my iphone every month!!

  95. I love the coffee mug!

  96. Just found Ashley Brooke yesterday, love that for chic sake now has a giveaway!

  97. I LOVE the cards!

  98. i love the coffee mug! im a huge coffee addict

  99. looooove ABD!!

  100. That coffee mug is darling!

  101. I LOVE the mugs!!

  102. I love the mug!

  103. I like it all!

  104. I may have little more than a paper obsession! I love it all!!

  105. I am in LOVE with the coffee mug! It would be a perfect addition to my desk!

  106. My favorite item is the mug because everyone should start their day off fancy! :)

  107. I like the coffee cup :)

  108. The mug is adorable!

  109. I am dying to wake up to that terrific coffee mug!!!

  110. I’m in love with the sweet mug because my boyfriend and I are avid tea drinkers :)

  111. Love the coffee cup….need to be fancy even if my fancy is teaching our future leaders

  112. I LOVE THE MUG! It’s my absolute favorite because I have such a hard time waking up in the mornings…this is just what I need to make me smile! :)

  113. the mug, it’s so cute(:

  114. I’m in love with that mug!

  115. Those calling cards are so stinkin’ cute!

  116. Love this mug!

  117. Loving this giveaway!

  118. Dying over the mug! I would use it all the time! So perfect!

  119. I’ve been dying to get some calling cards to give out to new moms I meet. These would be über cool!

  120. Obsessed with that mug! Love it : )

  121. The mug is so adorable! It would look great holding my chai :)

  122. I NEED THAT MUG!! :)

  123. I am in love with the mug! But everything is cute :)

  124. Adorable!!
    The mug is so pretty!! ;)

  125. i LOVE the cards!!!! :) I’m a stationary freak!! :)

  126. Love those bright colors!


  128. “let’s be fancy”-that mug says it all

  129. My favorite has got to be that mug. I think I need to go buy everything on her website now. I love her style!

  130. I love the mug!

  131. Oh I adore everything in the giveaway! Being a coffee lover, I must go with the mug. Too much fun!

  132. Oooh I hope I win! I am swooning over that mug!

  133. Love the calling cards. So cute!!!

  134. The tailored calling cards are a must have! TOO cute!

  135. Love the coffee cup….

  136. Love love love the mug! I have been eyeing them on the Ashley Brooke website.

  137. Great giveaway and great post!

  138. Such a cute mug and paper!

  139. the calling cards- so classic and something that is ALWAYS in style

  140. I love the calling cards! They are so unique and surprisingly practical!

  141. The mug!

  142. Love this!!!

  143. That mug IS so cute! I like it because it’s such a fun design! :)

  144. The mug! I collect them!

  145. Hard to pick a favorite but I love the mug!

  146. I am in love with that beautiful mug!! All of her mugs are so fun! Must get one!!

  147. Such a wonderful giveaway! I love paper products!

  148. Love those calling cards! Ashley’s work is just adorable!

  149. i love her work.. awesome

  150. I, too, love the mug – I’ve had her Hustlin’ mug on my wishlist for a while now! Perfect for my desk!

  151. love the cards!

  152. both are great! the mug is such a fun way to start the day, but the notecards are simply adorable!

  153. I want this soo badly!


  155. The mugs!