Giveaway: Cheerfully Charmed Necklace {Closed}

Posted on: September 03, 2012
Giveaway: Cheerfully Charmed Necklace {Closed}

We would like to welcome one of our new sponsors, Cheerfully Charmed! Cheerfully Charmed is an online accessory store that sells very chic, fun and colorful jewelry. We love their jewelry and are certain that you will love it too! Cheerfully Charmed is giving away to one lucky reader the necklace of their choice.

cheerfully charmed giveaway8 Giveaway: Cheerfully Charmed Necklace {Closed}

To enter:

  • Pin one of your favorite Cheefully Charmed products to Pinterest and/or follow Cheerfully Charmed on Instagram (username: CheerfullyCharmed)
  • Follow For Chic Sake on Facebook and/or Instagram (username: ForChicSake)
  • Let us know in the comments below which one of Cheerfully Charmed‘s necklaces is your favorite.

The winner will be announced next Monday. Good luck!

XO, Jenny & Louisa

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(101) Comments

  1. I love love the coral one pictured!

  2. Love the necklaces, great giveaway! My favorite is the cobalt bubble necklace.

  3. I simply adore the coral bubble statement necklace!! I’m so glad you have partnered with Cheerfully Charmed. I am following both on Instagram!

  4. I love the coral adorned bib necklace!

  5. Love Love Love theTurquoise Bubble Bib Statement Necklace I love it so much I pined it to my just love it board on Pintrest!!!

  6. Love bubble necklace :)

  7. I love the turquoise bubble necklace! It will make a perfect addition to any outfit!

  8. The white adorned bib necklace!

  9. I love the yellow bubble necklace!

  10. I LOVE the Turquoise Bubble Bib Statement Necklace! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  11. I love the coral, yellow, and black bubble necklaces and the kelly green bib necklace! So cute!

  12. I’m in love with the coral bubble necklace. It really brings out any outfit and is a great statement piece. That necklace sure would make a good birthday present for my birthday coming up september 15th. a girl can dream, right?

  13. I love the turquoise bubble necklace! Bubble necklaces are my favorite trend!

  14. I love the turquoise bubble cute!

  15. The Orange Droplet Statement Necklace is definitely my favorite piece! Such a great spring/summer piece while definitely also being transition-able to the fall time!

  16. i love the royal blue adorned bib necklace! it would be perfect for uk football games this fall!

  17. I love the coral bubble necklace! I’ve been looking for one just like it! I follow For Chic Sake on FB and Instagram and Cheerfully Charmed on Instagram too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I love the Rose Pink Bubble Bib Statement Necklace, the colors are gorgeous.

  19. I love the black bubble bib necklace!

  20. Oh my gosh I absolutely adore the bubble necklaces! My favorites are the white one and turquoise one :)

  21. The rose pink bubble necklace is super versatile

  22. the coral bubble bib necklace!

  23. Love the light pink bubble necklace !

  24. I love love love the light pink bubble necklace !

  25. Love their necklaces! The black bubble statement one is my favorite! It’s so chic and goes with absolutely everything!

  26. Great giveaway! I absolutely adore the fuchsia bubble necklace! Thank you :)

  27. love the sunray droplet necklace!

  28. I am swooning over the black bauble statement necklace! Must have for fall!

  29. I love the coral necklace!! The cobalt one is great, too

  30. Since I am a Tennessee girl, it would have to be the Coral, since it is very close to our Vols orange! Turquoise is beautiful too ;)

  31. Love the rose pink bubble necklace! So pretty

  32. I love the coral one in the giveaway picture!

  33. Lovin the Coral bubble bib necklace :)

  34. Love the turquoise bubble necklace! Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. I love all the necklaces… especially the turquoise one!! :)

  36. LOVE the Cobalt Blue Bubble Necklace!

  37. Pinned, followed, and fell in love with the Turquoise Bubble Bib Necklace! I’ve been in dire need of a good teal/turquiose/blue necklace!
    Thanks girls!

  38. Love the turquoise bubble bib! neckalce!

  39. I love the gold tone toggle bracelet!

  40. I love the coral bib necklace, I pinned –

  41. LOVE the yellow bib bubble necklace and of course, the bracelets!

  42. I loveeeee the coral necklace that is pictured! Too cute! All necklaces are beautiful though!

  43. I love the yellow bubble bib necklace!

  44. I would love any of the bubble bib necklaces! I pinned a lot of Cheerfully Charmed necklaces and follow Cheerfully Charmed and For Chic Same on Instagram! Thanks for the giveaway! Love your blog!

  45. Love the Yellow Adorned Bib Necklace!
    Georgous necklaces each one!

  46. I love the coral bubble necklace and the turqiouse bubble necklace! The cheerfully charmed products are so fun yet sophisticated! :)

    P.S. i pinned one of their necklaces and i am following forchicsake on instagram!

  47. i just LOVE the turquoise bubble necklace! So cute AND i have the perfect outfit to go with it! :)

  48. I’m dying for either the turquoise bubble necklace or the coral one! They’re such pretty statement pieces!

  49. I love the GOLD TONE TOGGLE BRACELET! It’s beautiful and simple!

  50. I’m obsessed with the Coral Bubble Bib Statement Necklace. Coral is my favorite color!!!

  51. Hi! I’m Aliza and I’m in love with the Coral Adorned Bib necklace:) I’ve never really worn statement
    jewelry, and looking at all the necklaces makes me want to start!

  52. black bubble!!!

  53. The Turquoise Bubble is adorable! Just started following on Instagram and love all the ideas. <3

  54. I follow you on instagram and just pinned my fave necklace! The torquoise one is amazing! Great way to brighten up an outfit!

  55. I love the coral one pictured above!

  56. The turquoise bubble bib is calling to me!

  57. My favorite is the Turquoise Bubble Bib necklace. SO beautiful!!

  58. I pinned the gorgeous bracelets to my pinterest.

  59. I already follow For Chic Sale on facebook.

  60. I love love the Cobalt Blue Bubblr Necklace!

  61. Love the turquoise Bubble Necklace! Divine!

  62. Following Cheerfully Charmed and FCS on instagram and loving the orange drop necklace.

  63. LOVE the turquoise one! So adorbs!

  64. LOVE the black bubble statement necklace, and so excited to add you both to my Instagram and Facebook feeds! Cheers!

  65. I LOVE the kelly green bib necklace! I’ve been looking for this green specifically!!

  66. I love the turquoise bubble bib necklace!
    Just pinned it here:
    And I already follow you on Instagram!

  67. My Pin

    Facebook: Kate Hudson

    Instagram: miss_khd

    I adore the bubble necklace in truquoise. So chic!

  68. Love the red one!

  69. I’m loving the turquoise bubble necklace!

  70. I love the black bubble necklace.

  71. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Turquoise Bubble Bib Statement Necklace! It’s perfect! Following you on Instagram & Pinterest!

    x0 EJ

  72. I love the coral adorned bib necklace! :)

  73. love the coral adorned bib necklace!

  74. I follow FCS on Instagram. I also follow CC on Instagram! ( my IG name is Coffeetalk79) My favorite necklace is the pretty Green Bubble necklace and/or the Royal Blue Bubble necklace. Love this giveaway!

  75. Super cute!! You picked the best to highlight- the coral one is my fav!

  76. The turquoise bubble necklace, because isn’t turquoise a neutral?? It goes with practically everything. thanks for sharing Cheerfully Charmed! I’m sure to frequent that site :)

  77. I LOVE the Adorned Bib in yellow and kelly green!

  78. Yellow bib necklace for sure!

  79. I love the turquoise bubble or the kelly green adorned necklace!

  80. I love the Coral Adorned Bib Necklace!

  81. I follow For Chic Sake on Instagram!

  82. I pinned the Coral Adorned Bib Necklace!

  83. Pinned my favorite, the cobalt blue bubble necklace here:, and following you on FB. Great giveaway!

  84. I love all of them! Turquoise Bubble Bib Statement Necklace is my favorite!

  85. LOVe the coral and the cobalt! Like FCS on facebook, and pinned that lovely cobalt necklace:)

  86. Love the coral adorned bib necklace! shared on FB

  87. I love the yellow and kelly green adorned necklackes!

  88. My favorite cheerfully charmed necklace is the light pink bubble bib!! :)

  89. I love the coral adorned bib necklace! I followed cheerfully charmed and for chic sakes on instagram! (:

  90. I love the coral adorned bib necklace!!!

  91. My favorite is the cobalt blue bubble necklace. So pretty and bold!

  92. Love the Orange Droplet!

  93. Love the turquoise bib one!!!!

  94. I love the bubble necklace of course!!

  95. I love them all, but especially the yellow/mustard bubble necklace!

  96. My favorite is the cobalt bubble necklace.

  97. Love the Turquoise Bubble Bin Statement necklace!

    Here’s my pin:

    and i was following you before this! saved me a step!

  98. I have to pick two!!! I love the Coral and the cobalt blue hehehe. Followed both of you guys on instagram :)

  99. orange droplet statement necklace!