Giveaway: Custom iPhone Cases {Closed}

Posted on: August 02, 2012
Giveaway: Custom iPhone Cases {Closed}

giveaway custom iphone case Giveaway: Custom iPhone Cases {Closed}

We’re pretty excited about this giveaway! You get to customize your own iPhone case (for either 3G/3GS/4)! We are giving away two of these. We will be selling these cases soon, but for now we wanted to give them away to two readers.

giveaway custom iphone case 2 Giveaway: Custom iPhone Cases {Closed}

Here’s how it works:

To enter, leave a comment below telling us what your perfect case design would be. Please only leave one comment, as duplicates will not be counted. However, for one extra entry: follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and leave us a comment below letting us know that you followed us on all three networks. If you already follow us on all three, then leave a comment letting us know you already follow us. The contest will run for a week. The two winners will be chosen at random and contacted via email. At that time, you will get to pick your colors, design and personalize the case with your monogram or initial.

Good luck!

XO, Louisa and Jenny

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  1. Love the bright colors of the multi-colored chevron design. I have been looking for something just like this that expresses who I am (even at 65 we gals like to do that) without all the blingy rhinestones that keep falling off. These a great. Good luck with your endeavor…

  2. I am in love with everything chevron right now so that would be my choice. I follow you on Facebook and Pinterest and love to see what’s new with you! Fingers crossed!

  3. My perfect case design would be timeless and chic, of course! It would have a little joie de vivre in simple everyday elegance. I’m obsessed with anything nautical. Throw some mint green on it, and I’m there as well. I also share your passion for splattering my monogram on anything and everything. But most of all, I would love a case that my dearest idol, Audrey Hepburn, would have on her iPhone.

    Please note that I follow you on every social media site you are registered on. I’ll even follow your updates on Friendster. Is that stil around? haha.

  4. Love the multi chevron! Followed you on all three ;)

  5. My perfect phone case would be fun and trendy to give this stay at home mom some class!

  6. Love the Quatrefoil! I follow you on everything:)

  7. Lemon chevron and Capri block monogram. Beautiful colors!

  8. I would choose the quatrefoil in navy with an orange monogram. Love that combo!

  9. My perfect case would be a mint green ombre chevron case or a patent black case with my name in gold on the side. I’ve also followed you on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest :)

  10. First of all, Louisa will be my next daughters name :) Secondly, I’m totally girly, so I would pick the Quatrefoil in flamingo, and the script initials in capri for a beachy, summer look all year round! Plus, bonus! my daughter Evelyn has my same initials, so I could pass it on to her (although she’s only 2, so she’s not getting an iPhone anytime soon!) :) Thanks!

  11. Love it!! Pink quatrefoil like the one pictired with
    Script lettering mml in baby blue would be fabulous!

  12. My perfect case design would be the Quatrefoil with the Script. I love the design! I already followed For Chic Sake on Facebook!

  13. Just started following For Chic Sake on Pinterest!! Now I will be able to keep up with all the neat ideas and designs! ! Thank you For Chic Sake! ;)

  14. So cute!! My perfect design would be the multi chevron (in shades of aquas. or pinks. or both?), with a monogram in script :) Good designs, y’all!!

  15. My perfect case would be the quatrefoil design in bright blue with a script monogram in grey!

    Also, I follow y’all on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest! Love your stuff! Thanks for posting!

  16. I would like the chevron pattern with blue and white with script font! Any shade of blue is my favorite color.

  17. Black and Cherry in the Chevron design with Block lettering KRL…Go Texas Tech!

  18. I absoluetly love this case. I would have the quatrefoil in Lemon with the beautiful script in Pink. So cute

  19. I just LOVE these cases. The perfect Case for my iphone 4 would be the multi colored chevron with a pink heart (just like the one above) with an “A” for Amber. ;-)

  20. A Quatrefoil custum made only for me :)

  21. These are sooo gorgeous. Please let me know when they are available to order. I am dreaming about the Chevron design in Lake, with a Block monogram in Kiwi. So pretty!

  22. The perfect case would be… gold and white chevron with turquoise cursive monogram :)

  23. Hi, I would like to enter the contest but I can’t read the names of the colors. They are blurry and are still blurry even if I try to enlarge the image. Is there a way to get a readable list? I can see everything else just fine.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Brittany, There is link to a larger image of the colors in the post. Don’t worry about it though. We will count this as your entry. If you win, I will email you and you can tell me which case you want. If you follow us on facebook, twitter and pinterest, let me know so I can add another entry for you. Thanks!

      • Thanks Jenny! I follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Really love your blog!

  24. Hi!

    I love the chevron one with different colors! It made me smile when I got the RSS feed!


  25. I have got to have the pink and white chevron case for my IPhone 4s, I just took my old one off two days ago because it was so cruddy and I was going to pick up a new one but if you pick me for your giveaway I will be one happy girl because I am broke!!! They are fabulous by the way!

  26. I am now following you on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, thanks for the extra chance to win!!

  27. I have been wanting a customized case since I got an iPhone, would love to have yours! I would choose the mint and flamingo in the chevron pattern with a block monogram. Following you on pinterest and liked on facebook. Thanks!

  28. A polka dot case – black with gold dots would be perfect. Or even with mini sail boats. Obsessed with both prints right now.

  29. I love the quatrefoil design!

  30. My perfect case design would be the multi-colored Chevron in neon colors or since I’m a teacher maybe in our school colors of purple, black and white. I followed you on FB, Twitter and Pinterest!

  31. Also, I am now folowing you on all three networks

  32. Great giveaway! I just got an iphone after having a droid phone so I would love to cute it up! I would love the quatrefoil in cherry with capri script font. So pretty!

  33. Following on FB & pinterest. I don’t have/do twitter :)

  34. If I were able to design my own case it would be magenta and orange with violet lettering in Script! I would get so many compliments and I would tell them I owe it all to for chic sake! A lot of my friends have already seen for chic sake on my Facebook page and on my Pintrest boards…. Can’t wait to see more love you guys


  35. I think the perfect design would be quatrefoil in tide wtith the script monogram in glamour!

  36. I just followed you on all three!

  37. Hi! My perfect case would be chevron print in orange because I’m a proud Longhorn fan and football season is just around the corner. Then I’d add the block monogram in capri because I’m loving the combo of blue and orange this season. These are too cute!

  38. …and I’m following you on all three! Thanks!

  39. I love the chevron design!

  40. I like you on Facebook and follow you on Pinterest!

  41. I would pick the quatrefoil with the block monogram…maybe in a gold & navy?! So hard to choose because I love them all!

  42. I follow you on Pinterest/ Twitter/ Facebook! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  43. Love the multicolored Chevron case!!

  44. I love the chevron and quatrefoil..So hard to decide which i would want! Love them all!
    Love this blog!

  45. Also I follow your blog on Facebook and Pinterest!

  46. Now following you in all social media!

  47. The quatrefoil with block letters would be perfect! It would make my husband especially happy since I currently don’t keep a cover on my phone :)

  48. also on
    Hi! I’m following you on all three social networks and I’m a big fan.
    I’d love an iPhone case such as one of those because of how simply
    beautiful they are. They match my style and reflect my personal
    colorful taste. If I won I’d carry that case around with pride among
    the halls of my dreary Academy that requires the dullest colors for
    us to wear. It would stand out for sure, and would kindly put to rest my
    grey and white Otterbox case – a rest it surely needs after last
    weekend’s Grocery Cart races. I hope you consider me to win
    this golden goblet of iPhone cases and if not, I will continue
    following you (especially on Pinterest) drooling over everything
    you post.
    Love ya’ll!!

  49. I just realized I answered the wrong question.
    (I am following on all 3 networks so this is okay….. no?)
    My true answer would be any case any of you design savvy
    goddesses laid eyes upon, because most likely that means
    it would be absolutely lovely and I would have no choice but
    to want it.

  50. Stunning! I would totally get the Quatrefoil design with the script font. As for colors, it is so hard to choose, my go to combo is pink and green! But I also adore navy/white/yellow/gray combo!

  51. I am now following you on all 3 social media sites!

  52. The multi colored chevron matches a soft-sided bag I use for work in the summertime. I really like the design of this iPhone case and the fact it can be customized. Great idea!

  53. My design would be I love the Tiffany blue and brown so those colors maybe in a chevron design with a script monogram, oh yea now that’s hot!

  54. Oooh I love the bright chevron! That would be my choice for sure! :)

  55. I NOW follow you on pinterest… and I’m so happy I do!

    • whoops, posted too soon! I also follow on facebook but I’m not on Twitter!

  56. I would design my case with a green chevron with the always chic and classy script front in pick! I follow you all on all three formats too!

  57. I love love love the quatrefoil with script! So pretty! I would want mine in the same colors as the example, too!

  58. I am following y’all on facebook and pinterest, but I don’t have a twitter account. :/

  59. I love the multicolor chevron case – my favorite patterns. Thanks!

  60. I absolutely love all of the designs, but I think I would do the quatrefoil design in a shade of coral with my initials in a shade of turquoise or aqua in script font. Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. I follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and now Instagram too!

  62. I love the Quatrefoil design in Coral with a script monogram in Sea blue. Thanks for this great giveaway! PS – I follow you on Pinterest!

  63. The multi-colored chevron with heart! It makes me instantly smile.

  64. I am obsessed with your website! such great finds. My ideal case is quatrefoil in sea foam with script font in peach! Although I love all the colors!!

  65. Your things are fabulous!! Love the iPhone covers. I sincerily think your company has the cutest I have ever seen. I would die for a Flamingo Quatrefoil with Sea Foam script ( letters being MRN). This is also for an iPhone 4s.

    Thank you for offering such a treat!

    - Marisa

    PS. I also, liked your Facebook, followed you on Twitter and Pinterest.

    Fingers crossed :)

  66. my perfect case would be the quatrefoil case with the script monogram in guava and capri! I followed you on all three :)

  67. My perfectic case would be quatrefoil, block letters, and the color tide, my letters would say GCF. I think this really shows how I am because I am a patern that you is unique, like quatrefoil, I love to be bold and stand out, like block letters, and I am the biggest beach person ever! I live in Chicago but I swear I grew up on the beach I’m always there and when I’m there I feel like im home the water is my second home, the color tide.

  68. The perfect case would be multicolored chevron with my initials. I have an iPhone 4. And I follow you on all three????

  69. Love the multi-colored chevron pattern! These are so pretty!

    • Glad to have you!!! :) Good luck!

  70. I absolutely love love love in the Quatrefoil in gray with my initials in hot pink!!! Sooo very cool!!!

  71. LOVE THIS! My perfect case would be chevron mint and baby pink with block monogram in gold and a card holder (because I hate carrying around purses and its super convient!)

  72. My favorite design would be quatrefoil with darker colors and the script font. With fall right around the corner, I’m ready to update my phone case and get it out of this otter box and into something cuter :) I follow on twitter, Facebook, and pinterest :) Love love love your blog (found you through your guest post on J’s everyday fashion)!

  73. I LOVE the quatrefoil with script, coral and light blue!

  74. I AM IN LOVE WITH THE HOT PINK AND BLACK CHEVRON WITH BLOCK PRINT!!!! cutest thing ever! I adore and I love the pins you put on pinterest! so many great ideas and I have used quite a few of them in my home!

  75. I LOVE the capri chevron with the block font!!

  76. I absolutely love the quatrefoil in navy with a teal, script initial. Such a pretty design, and SO unique for a phone!

  77. Just found your cute blog via a friend’s pin on Pinterest! I would LOVE to win one of these iPhone cases! Have been looking for one with the quatrefoil design in a bright fun yellow! That bright cheery color with the fun design would brighten my day. :) I just followed you on FB, Twitter and Pinterest! Thanks for sharing your talent! :)

  78. My perfect case would be the Multi-Colored Chevron. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  79. I would love the monogramed chevron case. I just found your site through Pinterest and love your ideas!


  80. Your blog is amazing! I just found it through pinterest and framed one of your printables for my room! My perfect case would be a Chevron case in the amethyst color with my initials in script!

    I also follow you on Facebook, pinterest (@bloggingbeauty), and twitter (@bloggingbeauty).

  81. I absolutely love the quatrefoil design with ‘flamingo’ as the background color and a teal as the monogram color! I would love the ‘script’ font! I am following you on facebook, twitter, and pinterest! I love your website and all the things you post! I would love to win the phone case for my iphone 4s…I hope you have the case for that size! Thanks so much!<3

    p.s. I'm not completely sure if I read the names of the colors correctly because the writing was a little too hard to read on my computer! The colors I was thinking of would be either a light coral for the background and a teal-ish aqua for the monogram, or a bright aqua/teal for the background and either a light pink, a lime green, or a bright yellow for the monogram! thanks again!

  82. This looks amazing! I’m following you on all 3!!

    I would LOVE to have the Quatrefoil in apple with the script mongram in flamingo.

    Such a great site, thanks!!

  83. Just found you on pinterst and cant get enough of your work. Will defenitly be following you on all the sites. Love the free pdf file too!!! Thank you

  84. I am obsessed with chevron and am using it to decorate my new apartment for college. With that being said, I would love a chevron case with the script font of my initials! i have this monogramed on my comforter and i LOVE it(: Good luck to all

    BTW, im following you on twitter, facebook, pinterest and instagram!

  85. I love anything and everything Chevron at the moment so I would definitely pick either multi colored or the original. Blue is my favorite color so I would choose some sort of blue and the mint color. Obsessed with mint right now too!

    I also follow y’all on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

  86. Love the quatrefoil as shown above!! so cute! I just followed you on all 3! Such a great site!

  87. Greetings! I super duper dig the chevron design! I love monogrammed things…Way cute, my friend. Way cute. Oh, and I followed you on all 3 places! Over and out.

  88. Hey! I just love the quatrefoil example!! I would choose mint with flamingo block script on the quatrefoil design!! I don’t have a twitter, but I followed you on Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest!!! I love all your stuff (: thanks!

  89. Omg I am so glad that it is a contest like this. I have been wanting a case full of color since i got my iphone 4. I am the color queen, I love all colors in general. My life is fun and full of joy, so the perfect iphone case for me would have to be something fun and colorful. Even when I am not having the best day, for example I could look at my phone and see all the fun bright colors and my day would be made so much better. The Multi-Colored case would just be amazing!!

  90. I love the Chevron case with the block monogram!! do cute and modern I would probably use a turquoise blue or mint green for the chevron and a cute coordinating color like a yellow or pink for the monogram. really great options :)

  91. I follow you guys on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter – absolutely love this site!!!!

  92. Flamingo, chevron with block monogram of mLj

  93. I love the quatrefoil design! (just printed out the pdfs to decorate my binders for this semester!) My perfect case would be the quatrefoil in lavender with a navy script monogram (hAm …terrible I know). Can’t wait for these to go on the market! can you say birthday presents for everyone?!

  94. Must be classic with a little “preppy added in! Maybe Quatrefoil! I just got my i-phone so I definitely need a way to show off my personality!

  95. I follow you on Pinterest and Facebook!