Giveaway: Lilac Bijoux Initial Necklace {Closed}

Posted on: October 01, 2012
Giveaway: Lilac Bijoux Initial Necklace {Closed}

We would like to welcome one of our new sponsors, Lilac Bijoux! Lilac Bijoux is an online accessory store that sells very chic and fun accessories. We love their accessories and are certain that you will love them too! Lilac Bijoux is giving away to one lucky reader an initial necklace.

lilac bijoux giveaway Giveaway: Lilac Bijoux Initial Necklace {Closed}

To enter:

The winner will be announced next Monday. Good luck!

XO, Jenny & Louisa


No purchase necessary; void where prohibited. By entering into this sweepstakes, the entrant acknowledges that they are eligible for this sweepstakes according to all laws set forth by their state of residency.  Sorry, U.S. residents only.

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  1. Wow, they have SO many amazing pieces. All of the necklaces are fantastic. But I really love the oversized anchor. And I’d love an initial necklace. I’m getting married Nov. 10 and what better way to celebrate than with my new last initial on a necklace?!
    (I follow you both on twitter as SarahUnstitched)

  2. I love all things initials!! What a pretty necklace!

  3. I am following, and I am swooning over the B. Pos flower bib necklace! Gorg!! They have soooo many beautiful items hard to pick just one!

  4. Oh swoon, there’s too much that’s just plain amazing on that site! I love the Pink Crystal Necklace sooo sooo much though! Love! I would love an initial necklace too, and would wear it everyday!

  5. I love all the bangles & earrings! There are way too many fantastic accessories/products to choose just one as my favorite. The initial necklace is beautiful. I’d love to have my son’s initial on one. I would wear it every day. ????

  6. I love the initial necklace!!! So cute<3

  7. I absolutely love the mantra gems whale journey necklace! It’s so cute and kinda quirky, it would add personality and compliment any outfit you add it to!

  8. There are several beautiful items I would love to have, but lately I have been wanting a statement necklace. Can you believe I don’t have one yet? My favorite is the Cheap & So Chic Elena Bib Necklace. I have already liked you on Facebook awhile ago and now follow Lilac Bijoux, too.

  9. What gorgeous pieces! I would be happy to take any of them home & that initial necklace is darling! One in particular from the website that I really like is the aquamarine Betty Carre O Necklace. So pretty! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  10. I love the Lotus Mini Initial Necklace Script! I am addicted to anything and everything monogramed. (I love your printable monograms all of your stuff is adorable.)

  11. I’m loving these necklaces – especially the Marlyn Schiff Marissa Necklace! I follow you both on Facebook under my e-mail address

  12. The initial necklace is honestly one of my favorites! So many adorable things :)

  13. I love the initial necklace! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  14. I am loving the geometric trend for this season, and their Cheap So Chic Geo Neon Necklaces are gorgeous!

  15. hello :)

    i have followed both on both twitter (awesomealisson) and facebook ([email protected])
    i really really like the initial necklace. because although its a simple design. it really is personal.
    having your initial on a necklace would only let people with similar initials to wear it too. though i dont plan on lending it to anyone. it also gives a very clean look which makes it so easy to match with any outfit. probably even all outfit :)

  16. These accessories are AH-Mazing! :-) to pick just one as a favorite I’m unable.. I love the B. Pos Bold Confidence necklace and the Rush Bezeled CZ Wrap in Gunmetal and Nude. I can see that this momma will be going shopping! Time to update my accessories! <3 Following both of you on Facebook and Pinterest!

  17. I love, love, LOVE the Marlyn Schiff Delicate Bangle Silver …such pretty stuff on the website. :)

    I am following both on Facebook! :)

  18. Love the Rush Danuza Cuff -it’s so unique! Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  19. It is hard to pick my favorite line. I have bought a few items and I have never een dissapointed. I would have to say your Chic jewelry line, and All your clothing line. See told yah I coulnt pick just one. Keep doing what your doing. Love your stuff. Now if you can get a store here in the Northwest, I would be a happy girl…. :) oh, I follow you on Facebook.

  20. So many choices but I love the Cheap & So Chic Jewel Bib Necklace in Blue! Liked both of the pages on facebook!

  21. The Towne & Reese Harper Necklace is my absolute favorite statement piece! I love how all of their products are handmade in the USA! I am so glad you posted about them! I can wait to make my first purchase! :)

  22. I really love the colorful acrylic necklaces…not sure which color is better!

  23. I LOVE the Rush Danuza cuff, I feel like it would go with so many outfits!

  24. Too many things to choose from, but I love the “Marlyn Schiff Open Clover Necklace Silver.” Followed (@catie_franklin) on Twitter and LIked on FB.

  25. is definitely my favorite! Super cute and the bib necklaces are my new thing (:

  26. I LOVE the Urban Posh Stardust Shaker Bracelet! It’s amazingggg.

  27. Mantra Gems Anchor Ring is my fav right now!getting married aug 16!!! following on fb!

  28. I love the Geo Neon necklaces! They remind me of the House of Harlow ones. Awesome site!

  29. I love the initial necklace! Beautiful.

  30. I love the initial necklace. Simple and beautiful.

  31. love them!! i love the blue jewel bib necklace and Betty Carre O Necklace Green Onyx! followed on Twitter and Fb.. thanks!

  32. I love this initial necklace the best! So simple and #ohsochic! It would be so gorg with that blue and white striped sparkly sweater on the Lilac Bijoux facebook page! Thinking about getting these for all my bridesmaids!!

  33. Love the “Cheap and So Chic Squares Necklace”!!

  34. I absolutely love the Marlyn Schiff mix metal bracelet and the so chic striped bangle! They have such cute and fashionable jewelry. The initial necklace is cute as well, I absolutely love anything monogram!

  35. Love their Rush Danuza Cuff. I like both of you on FB and follow both of you on Twitter (usnamom2014).

  36. I love the initial necklace! I have two daughters whose names begin with H and I would love to have something to wear by my heart representing them!

  37. I absolutely love this piece, I think its perfect not only for fall but all year around beacuse it is simple. I love it!

  38. I truly believe jewelry to be timeless and ageless. I think this is something singular and beautiful seen only in timeless fashion and jewelry. As I searched through the web pages of the Lilac Bijoux (trying not to drool), I saw how magnificently each piece captured a different yet united movement and flow. The piece that finally held my retina captive, without any promise of surrender was a lovely classic, tender piece called “David Aubrey Ruby Drop Necklace.” For some reason the classic ruby color and gold shapes took me back to a Cleopatran time, where a deep cut dress, fitted with bare arms, a very low cut back, heavy winged eyeliner, perfume thick enough to leave a trail, and fabric, soft enough to leave no impression at all-just a memory, would be mere adornments in contrast with this beautiful necklace. When a piece of jewelry can create a story like this for me, there is no doubt, it is THE piece.

  39. wow. there are a lot of reasonable priced items that i love so i was hard to pick just of my favs it the rush bezeled CZ wrap in nude..thats pretty cute!!!
    thanks and yes of course anything monogrammed. :)

  40. I love all their earrings! My favorite is the Gina Luce Blue Drops Earrings! I am absolutely in love with this initial necklace!! really hope I win! I check your blog everyday…love it!!!
    Following on twitter under @kailey_ann12

  41. i love this ring so much and i love how it’s adjustable so i can wear it on any finger omg how lovely

  42. Love the initial necklace!!!

  43. I love the monogram necklace!

  44. I love the initial necklace. It is very chic ;)

  45. All beautiful pieces. If I have to say, I would say my favorite was the Danielle Stevens Bianca Necklace. It is amazing. However I do wish there was more available in silver not gold color…

  46. Love the Betty carre necklace so pretty!

  47. Lovely jewelry. Following Chic Sake and Lilac Bijoux on FB. Loved the AV Max Cord Nexklace.

  48. Beautiful jewelry! I really like the Marilyn Schiff Disc Necklace in black.

  49. In addition to anything with letters and numbers on it I am in love with this so chic Jewel bib necklace and am loving the trend of bib necklaces right now. Chunky rules!

  50. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Rush Bezeled CZ Wrap in Nude!

  51. I followed them both on twitter and I love the Danielle Stevens Anita Bib Necklace!

  52. I followed both, and my favorite product is the Delvecchio Three Flower Necklace!!! Thanks!! :)

    • I just think it is so delicate and pretty! Please pick me!

  53. I love all of their necklaces, but I have to say the initial ones are my favorite!

  54. I love the Betty Carre O Earrings Aquamarine! They make a statement but are delicate at the same time.

  55. I love the Betty Carre Hydro Ring Beer Quartz ring. So pretty and delicate.

  56. I love the Marlyn Schiff Open Clover Necklace Gold. This website is amazing!! Can’t wait to shop.

  57. I’m a little obsessed with Lilac Bijoux’s AV Max Chain Cord Bracelet. I love anything with links this season and I’m really digging the nautical cord! Plus, I could easily layer it with so many of my bracelets and watches. I think it’d definitely turn into a staple piece. Thanks for introducing me to Lilac Bijoux!

  58. I liked both on facebook. I like the Betty Carre Hydro Ring Blue Topaz the best!

  59. the drop earrings with the blue and brown (smokey) crystals…..WOW!

  60. I am obsessed with the Marilyn Schiff Disc Necklace in black!

  61. How can you not love the Rush Multi Beaded Necklace?! The Betty Carre O Ring in Green Onyx is gorgeous too. I could spend all day and my entire bank account on this site! Thanks for affordable, fashionable jewelry that any woman would love!!

  62. There are so many cute things! I have gotten into the ‘arm candy” trend so the, “Cheap & So Chic Striped Bangle” is great and goes with everthing! Also, the “Lotus Mini Initial Necklace Script” is fabulous! I am a sucker for anything monogramed!!

  63. I have followed you guys on facebook for some time now. I also keep up with Lilac Bijoux’s facebook like page. I am absolutly in love with the Towne & Reese Harlow Necklace. I have a black dress that would go great with it, plus half of the name and I have the same name, Reese! I also LOVE the initial necklaces!

  64. So excited to be introduced to this fab jewelry line! Some of my favorites are the Anita bin necklace and any of the wrap/ layer bracelets!! And of course you can never go wrong with monogram :)

  65. I love all the initial necklaces, I would wear mine every day!

  66. I followed you both on twitter! I absolutely love the Mantra Gems Whale Journey Necklace, the Cheap and So Chic Piano Necklace, and of course the Lotus Initial Necklace Script that is being given away! I would be so so overjoyed to win (:

  67. I followed both of you on facebook an followed forchicsake on jnstagram a long time ago. OMGOODNESS there is too much I love. My favorite though, is the blue topaz ring!!! My second favorite is the Towne & Reese harlow necklace. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS! If I ordered it, it would match my blue eyes
    so well!!!!

  68. I’m so glad I came across Lilac Bijoux! Everything is so elegant and pretty. I really love Cheap & So Chic Double Drop Earrings, Kris Nations Chevron Marquis Earrings, Pilgrim Rose Gold Ring, Rush Bezeled CZ Wrap Nude, Delvecchio One Flower Necklace, and Cheap & So Chic Elena Bib Necklace. And of course the Initial Necklace. I’m a sucker for all things monogrammed! Thank you for having this giveaway!

  69. I follow you both of facebook! I love the initial necklace and love the bangles! The Towne and Reese Silver bangles are my favorite of all the bangles. All of those pieces have a simple elegance and chic with a bit of edge that I adore!

  70. Well I already love the Lotus Mini Initial Necklace Script, but I also love the Tracy Menz Tanzanite Necklace !!!!

  71. I really love all the necklaces and when I saw the giveaway for the initial necklace… I thought it would be te best anniversary gift for my mommy!! I love the anchor necklace because I love the beach and it reminds me of it!

  72. Love the leather bracelets! Their stuff is so cute!

  73. I follow both on Facebook! I love all of their jewelry, especially the Marlyn Schiff Open Clover Necklace! Thanks for the giveaway!