How To: Hard-Boiled Easter Eggs

Posted on: April 07, 2012
How To:  Hard-Boiled Easter Eggs

Glitter Eggs How To:  Hard Boiled Easter Eggs

I’m getting ready to color some eggs for Easter and, for the first time ever, boiled them PERFECTLY! No cracks, no bumps, just as they should be. I can’t wait to share my finished product with you, but for now, I’ll leave you with some instructions on how to hard-boil your eggs.

Step One:  Take a dozen eggs out of the fridge and let them sit out on the counter until they reach “room temperature”. I left mine out for about an hour and they still felt cool to the touch but were not as cold as they were when they first came out of the refrigerator.

Step Two:  Place eggs in a large saucepan and fill the pan with cold water. Make sure the water completely covers your eggs.

Step Three:  Place the pan over medium heat and bring to a rolling boil.

Step Four:  Take pan off the heat, cover, and let sit for about 12 minutes.

Step Five:  Place the eggs in a strainer and run cold water over them until they are cool.

Have fun coloring & decorating your eggs!

XO, Louisa

{Source:  Glitter Eggs}

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