Louisa’s Favorite Beauty Products

Posted on: April 15, 2012
Louisa’s Favorite Beauty Products

My Daily Beauty Routine Louisas Favorite Beauty Products

I’ve tried so many different beauty products over the years and have found some that I buy again and again. I haven’t yet dabbled in designer/department store makeup (maybe one day) because I’ve been happy with the trustworthy items listed above. If you haven’t tried Victoria’s Secret makeup yet, I would definitely recommend it! I especially love their eye shadow and blush! I’d love to hear what your favorite daily use beauty products are. Please share!

XO, Louisa

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  1. Well I have to say that I do LOVE Mac products! From pale to chocolate complexions these products compliment all skin types. The colors show up exactly as they appear without the misleading way-lighter/darker-than-it-looks-in-packaging. They have from runway to ready to wear and also carry a great and distinct line of scents! I have been wearing Turquatic for several years now :-) Check it out Weez!!

    Also, I love Mary Kay. Back in the day I used to sell, but once I was immersed into school, I faded out and have tons of product left over. Lucky me! I love the quality and prices that these products have. They have EVERYTHING!!! TAke a look :-) If you need anything, I’m willing to dust off my sales assoc card for ya! lol

  2. I too am a dedicated falsies user – though bad gal lash (from Sephora) is AMAZING only falsies take the cake since bad gal is $25 a bottle.

    I am OBSESSED with the covergirl & olay simply ageless foundation. It covers anything, even diminishes wrinkles, scarring, or acne! Plus, with 22 spf it doesn’t get much better. Most definitely give it this one a try if you are looking for a new foundation!

    • Thanks for the suggestions Casey!! And thanks for reading! :)

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