Love J.Crew? Check Out These Style Tips!

Posted on: November 12, 2012
Love J.Crew? Check Out These Style Tips!

I love J. Crew for their quality and the “look” their clothing creates. You know, that effortlessly chic, dressy yet not, pulled together, casual style. Yeah that. I think I act a little bit different from the average shopper when I go into this store, but maybe not, you might browse the same way as I do. Before I enter J. Crew, I look at the window displays to see how the mannequins are styled. Because I often buy timeless pieces from J. Crew as opposed to trendy (i.e. navy blazer vs. sweater with an animal printed on front*), I almost always have some of the items that the mannequins are wearing. I take notice of the layering, the use of accessories, and the way the whole look is pulled together (cuffs, tucks, buttons, etc.). I then walk inside and do the same thing, paying attention to the styles I gravitate to and assessing which staple items I would like to add to my wardrobe. I don’t look at the tables or racks full of clothes until I decide what it is I’m looking to try on/purchase, otherwise, I’ll be leaving with the whole store believing that I truly need everything!

So, moving along to the point of this post! I sometimes feel that, even with the same exact pieces, I can’t get my “look” to be as effortlessly chic as I want it to be! My sleeve cuffs fall out by mid-morning, my shirt is not tucked in properly, I button too many of the buttons, you know, stuff like that! So today I’m sharing some style tips from a former J. Crew stylist on how to put the finishing touches on your outfit so you achieve the look you want.

I came across these tips by Marina Dobreva on Pinterest {which linked me to this article on babble} and practiced them this weekend, they work!

Style Tip #1: How To Roll A Sleeve

“Most people tuck the cuff of the sleeve in and roll that up, but the cuff is a fun detail on the outfit….so….take the cuff and bring it up to the elbow… THEN roll the remaining part of the sleeve up to the elbow. This way the cuff is always showing.”

J Crew Sleeve1 Love J.Crew? Check Out These Style Tips!

“Also, you can add a cardigan or a blazer and do the same kind of sleeve roll. Just push the cardigan or blazer to your elbow first, then roll the sleeve of the shirt underneath.”

J Crew Cuffed Sleeves Love J.Crew? Check Out These Style Tips!

Style Tip #2: Take A Break From Black And Purchase A Pair Of Nude Heels

“Nude shoes are versatile and can be worn with any outfit! In the winter, they look great with black, charcoal & other dark tights. In addition, they elongate your legs!”

Nude Shoes Love J.Crew? Check Out These Style Tips!

Style Tip #3: Add An Oversized Belt

“Borrow belts from the boys. Find any vintage men’s belts from Goodwill. It will balance an otherwise feminine outfit. The larger the belt, the smaller it will make you look! I never look at belt sizes anymore…I just grab the longest one I can find. It gives me options for tucking it in, looping it around, etc.”

Belted with half tuck Love J.Crew? Check Out These Style Tips!

Style Tip #4: The Half Tuck

“Half tucked shirts help outfits to feel a little less overdone…” {Compare Above}

I personally like the full tuck better but I agree that the half tuck or a slightly messy tuck looks more casual.

Style Tip #5: Layer Long Necklaces & Tie Ribbon To Short Necklaces

“The longer the necklace, the taller you will look. It elongates your outfit. Add multiple necklaces for a layered look. If you have a bunch of short necklaces, tie ribbon to them to make them longer. The ribbon can add color and texture to your outfit.”

Layer Long Necklaces Love J.Crew? Check Out These Style Tips!

Style Tip #6: Roll A Messy Cuff

“Make your denim a little edgier by rolling it up. Then, take the outside edge and roll it once more.”

Cuff Love J.Crew? Check Out These Style Tips!

Style Tip #7: Add A Scarf

“Almost all scarves are rectangular. So…BEFORE wrapping around your neck, hold it up by the corner so the ends are tapered, pull the end section tight and then wrap around your neck. This way the ends that hang will end up being tapered instead of short, squared and bulky. See the tapered ends hanging nicely?”

Scarf Love J.Crew? Check Out These Style Tips!

{Model | Photographer}

Well, what are you waiting for? Go try one {or all} of these style tips today!

XO, Louisa

PS – Marina left J.Crew to start her own styling business in New York. You can check out Marina’s site – here.

*I love sweaters with cute animals and hearts printed all over them, but I often buy those pieces at more affordable stores like J. Crew Factory, Old Navy, and Target!

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  1. amazing post! I love J. Crew and it really is all about the styling. I think my favorite was the the first tip. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are great ideas. I love how JCrew’s clothes are styled and their updates on classic looks.

  3. Great post! I was at J.Crew Factory today!

  4. great post!! love these tips! thanks!

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