Dress Your Tech: Monogrammed Facebook Covers

Posted on: February 18, 2013
Dress Your Tech: Monogrammed Facebook Covers

Now you can make your Facebook page pretty too! Click the download button below and follow the instructions in the PDF file to create your own monogrammed Facebook cover photos.

monogram facebook cover photo Dress Your Tech: Monogrammed Facebook Covers

freebie Dress Your Tech: Monogrammed Facebook Covers

XO, Jenny

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  1. Hi, I tried to download the pdf file to create my own monogram facebook cover but it says the download is empty. I tried a few more times but they all say the same.

    • Do you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer? Please check and upgrade your Adobe Reader then try to download again. Sometimes when you don’t have the most recent version installed it will tell you the file is empty or that the file is corrupt.

      • Hey-I just downloaded the latest version and nothing is happening. I do use a macbook pro. help? :) thank you!

        • Try right clicking on the download link in our post and choose download link in a new tab or new window. Sometimes on a Mac the download will pop up in your downloads without it alerting you that it is downloading. This happens to me all the time on my Mac. I will keep clicking download and then realize the download window popped up behind the browser and I never saw it.

          • :) thank you! I almost have it. For some reason, trying to save it as a jpeg isnt working. it keeps saving the entire page! hahaah!!! this is such a great freebie, btw!! thank you so much!

          • You’re welcome Hollie! Did you try saving as a PNG instead? The only reason I can think that it would save the whole page is if you highlighted and copied the whole page. Not sure why it would be doing that for you.

      • How do you change the monogram to your own initials?

        • Hi Shelby, There are instructions on the first page of the PDF download.

  2. LOVE the FB covers! So cute & adds just the touch of color/class I’ve been wanting. Thanks so much for providing pretty printables! Love your site : )

    • You’re welcome Bethany!

  3. Thanks Jenny….I love my new Facebook Cover. It took me a few tries but I got it. I was having problems with the whole page highlighting. I have already had some likes on it.

    • Yay! Glad you were able to get it to work!

  4. Am I able to do this on my iPhone or iPad? I opened in Adobe and was able to change the initials but I’m not sure how to take the snapshot.

    • Hi Jen, I just tried it on my iPhone and I couldn’t do it. I don’t know about the iPad because I don’t have one. If you can open the file in Adobe Reader on your iPad then you should be able to take the snapshot.

  5. Thank you for this, but I’m having problems; can you help? I am on a PC laptop, I have the latest version of Adobe (checked a minute ago), and have gone through every part of it I know of to try and fix this problem. When I click on your monogram, the whole page highlights. I’ve saved the download just fine, but can’t seem to do anything with it. Help?

    • Hi Catherine, Are you able to enter your monogram in and then when you go to use the snapshot tool the whole page selects? You just need to hold down the button on your mouse the whole time you are selecting the graphic. Start in the top left hand corner and click then drag your mouse to the bottom right hand corner. This will select only the portion that you want.

  6. Adorable! Thanks!

  7. They are beautiful & I love them all! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent!

  8. Do you know why the font on mine wouldn’t be changing?

    • Hi Lindsay, I’m not sure. Are you able to click in the monogram and delete the current monogram?

  9. for some reason when I go to take a snapshot, it will not let meuse it over the monograms… only over the instructional area. what is wrong and I have updated the Adobe and shut down and tried again :0(

    • Hi Serena, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t let you use the snapshot tool over the monogram. You can also take a screen shot on your computer, import the screen shot into paint or preview and crop it since your snapshot tool isn’t working.

  10. Hello!! I am having issues with the cover not filling up the whole space on FB. Is there a way to fix this or did I do something wrong?!? haha Thanks for your help!!

    • Hi Briana, Did you make sure that you increased the percentage to 150%? If you don’t increase the percentage, then it won’t be the right size.

  11. If you download the Adobe app for iPad, you can double click, enter your initials and then use screenshots and then edit the pic by cropping! :0)

    • Thanks for the tip Marlene! I will remember to tell people this that are using iPads :)

  12. Hey! When I clink download it just opens up in a new window on firefox. I have a windows 7 and latest update of adobe but mine don’t have the snapshot tool.

    • Hi Kenzie, Right click on the download button, click on save link as, save the file down to your computer, open Adobe Reader then go to file open and open the file.

  13. hey dear, whenever i want to download anything from your site, this appears All “download limits exceeded from your IP” . what should i do?

    • Does this appear in Adobe after you have downloaded? Or is this an error you get from our site or from Scribd when you try to download?

  14. Hi! For some reason when I type in my monogram it is all run together and you can’t tell what the letters are. ( It doesn’t look like what it is supposed to). I increased the size to 150% and it does that with each percentage. What should I do?

    • Hi Laurie, Are you typing in the first letter lowercase the middle uppercase and the last lowercase as stated in the instructions? If you don’t type it in this way, it will come out all run together. Try that and let me know if that fixes your issue. The percentage has nothing to with it. You need to increase it to 150% so that it fits the picture size in Facebook.

  15. I am trying to open the file in adobe but it is not giving me a file to open. I have a mac and I have the latest Adobe Reader. Help please

    • Amanda, did you get it to open in Reader? I saw your other comment so I’m assuming you got it to open in Reader. Let me know!

  16. It will not let me backspace the existing letters to put my own in.

    • Triple click the letters and then hit the “delete” button on your keyboard. Also, make sure you are in the actual downloaded document. It should be opened in Adobe Reader. If you are still on the scribd website when you’re trying to do that, it won’t work because that is not the actual document. Hope this helps!

  17. I am SO doing this–thanks again ladies!

    • You’re welcome!

  18. I love these but I wanted to know if you guys could do this in a block/circle script? Thanks!!

    • We plan on offering the circle script in future downloads. For now, all that is available is the script font.

  19. The Facebook monogram creator keeps opening in a new tab instead of the Adobe Reader.

    • Hi Linda, Do you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer? If you don’t have it installed then it will try to open the file but it won’t be able to because you don’t have it installed. You can download it for free from

  20. Hi Jenny, thank you so much for offering these monograms! I am having trouble saving my facebook cover once I get to Paint. In Adobe I used the snapshot tool and highlighted just the cover I wanted. Then I copied it and pasted it to Paint. Then I saved it and tried to open it as my cover pic. It comes out with the monogram only at the top and the rest of the page is white. What am I doing wrong?? I feel dumb but I can’t figure out what I’m missing! Help! :)

    • Hi Valerie, When you go into paint are you pasting it into a new document? Sometimes when you open paint they give you a blank white background and when you paste it onto the background it will stay once you paste and save the image. I would suggest opening paint and then go to file and to new to create a whole new document.

  21. Do you think you could make one for me? I am on a PC laptop with Adobe reader and for some reason i can’t enter my own letters. I have tried a zillion times too… :( My initials are A.M.P. and I would like the green chevron with the pink circle.

    • Nevermind!!! Finally got it to work and it looks amazing, thanks so much!

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