Dress Your Tech: Chevron Monogrammed Phone Wallpaper

Posted on: December 31, 2012
Dress Your Tech: Chevron Monogrammed Phone Wallpaper

monogram phone wallpaper Dress Your Tech: Chevron Monogrammed Phone Wallpaper

download pdf Dress Your Tech: Chevron Monogrammed Phone Wallpaper

Click the banner above to download the chevron monogrammed phone wallpaper file. Simply follow the directions in the file to create your own monogrammed wallpaper!

XO, Jenny

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  1. Jenny, Thank you so much for designing these things! I just love them!

    I am on a mac and had a bit of trouble getting my pasted picture to send to myself so instead I set the percentage to 150% and then took a screenshot by hitting command + shift + 4. I then emailed that picture to myself to set as my background. Maybe that tip can help some other mac users who have trouble?

    Thanks again!

    • This worked for me! I couldn’t get it to work on my Mac before. Tried this and had no more issues :)

  2. Thank you SO much for this set of wallpapers! I absolutely love them.
    I would love to see something like this for desktop and/or iPad wallpaper, too.

    Thanks again! :)

    • You should be able to do the same thing for your iPad :) just follow the same instructions, but where it says to increase it to 200%, increase it to like 400%

      • Is the download free?

  3. This takes me to the scribd website which shows nothing to do with monogrammed wallpaper. Can you help?

    • Once it takes you to Scribd, you need to click the download button at the top of the window. The download button is also in the right sidebar of Scribd.

      • How come whenever I try to type my innicials in the circle on the letters overlap? The first two letters will be fine but whenever I those my second letter, it overlaps the first letter? How can I fix this? Please help!

        • Hi Peyton,

          After typing in the first two letters, you have to type in a symbol. You can find the symbol that corresponds to the letter you want in the instructions. For example, if I want my monogram to read “LDN” I would type in “LD$”. Hope that helps!

  4. I can not for the life of me get this to paste to my email to send to me. I have tried it over and over again.

    • Hi Kirstin, You can also paste it into a word processing program like Microsoft Word, right click on the image and go to save picture as, save it as a jpg then email it to yourself as an attachment.

      • I have tried and tried to copy this to my email but it will not. I also tried to save it to word and save as a picture but this isn’t an option. I have a PC. Any suggestions?

        • Hi Whitney, After you paste it into word, you need to right click on the image, a menu will pop up and got to save picture as then save the picture. Do you have another photo editing program on your computer like paint? Paint usually comes with your PC. You can paste it into paint and save it that way then email it to yourself as an attachment.

      • I saved to microsoft works word and tried to right click and ‘save as’ jpg .. but there is no jpg option?? :( (

        • Hmmmm…are you on a Mac or a PC? On a PC you can also paste it into the Paint program and then save it. On a Mac you can open Preview and go to file then down to new from clipboard which will paste it into Preview and then you can save it and email it to yourself as an attachment.

  5. Are you able to do this on your iPhone, or does it need to be a desktop?

    • You need to be on a desktop.

  6. Hi! I love these! However my monogram is “hMm”, and you guys don’t make enough space here or on the calendar one’s for people who have “fat” initials. I’m very sad because these are so cute and easy! Anyway you could look at making more space so EVERYone’s monogram will fit?

    • Hi Hollyn, I just tested the file with your initials and they fit fine into both the calendar and the wallpaper. Both files are made to fit everyone’s initials. Did you download the file and open in Preview and then in Adobe Reader? If you do that it won’t work and the initials won’t fit. Many people who have Macs have their default PDF reader set to Preview, they automatically open the file in Preview and then open it in Adobe Reader which causes the file not to work properly. You can see below that your initials worked fine.

      • hey!well my computer wnt let me open the file in adobe rader and it says the file is locked :( want the blue chevron with the pink frame at the bottom and ive tried copying it with my initials and evrything :( ((( they are so cute and i want one so bad! i jusst cant figure it out. help? my intials are csg by the way!

        • Hi Caylee, I don’t know what you mean by it won’t let you open the file in Adobe Reader. Do you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer? If so, just download the file and open it in Adobe Reader. I also don’t know what you mean by it says it is locked. It may tell you that you can’t save the changes you make to the file, but that is fine because you are only going to take a screen shot.

  7. Also the script font dose not work at all and the block font dose not fit into the circle at all (even when I use the monogram in the demo/sample). I have a MAC and have it opened in the latest version of Adobe reder

    • Please see my earlier response. Thanks!

  8. It didn’t work with the block monogram, but by adding a few spaces to the beginning of the script monogram (you’ll have to play to get it right), I was able to just get just one initial centered. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself! I’d LOVE to see other backgrounds available so I could change them out like I do my cases (hint, hint…). :)

    • Hi Laurie, The block monogram needs to be entered in a specific way in order for it to work. There is a video on our frequently asked questions page that walks you through how to enter them in. Here is the link to the page –

      Also, we do plan on offering other backgrounds in the future. Thanks!

      • Jenny, I think you misunderstood me! I played around with it and got a nice looking monogram with just one letter instead of the three, but it only worked with the script, not the block. And I can’t wait to see the new backgrounds!

        • Oh ok! Yes, I did. Thanks! :)

  9. i have downloaded the monogram phone wallpaper (PDF split and merge) but can’t figure what to do next or how to set up the wallpaper. Can you help?

    • Hi Susie, Did you see the screen shots in the first pages of the file? They walk you through step-by-step for entering in the monogram and setting it as your wallpaper. All you have to do is edit the existing monogram to your own per the instructions in the file, then take a snapshot in Adobe and then email it to yourself, save it to your phone and set as wallpaper.

      • I origanilly saw that page, but after downloading never saw it again

        • Hi Susie, When you open the PDF the screen shots are in the first 3 pages of the PDF.

  10. After downloading monogram phone wallpaper (PDF split and merge) I have noticed several of my default settings have been changed and new programs were added to my computer.

    • Hi Susie, I’m not sure why this would happen. Scribd is a very well known and secure document site. When you download the file new programs should not have been added to your computer.

  11. Hi! On my Mac, I cannot get the PDF to open in Adobe Reader, but I made sure I downloaded it before. Do you know how I could make sure it opens in Adobe Reader?

    • Hi Jackie, You can open reader first then go to file and open and find where you saved the file and click open.

  12. These are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome!

  13. Hello Jenny,

    Thanks for the monogram. For some reason I can not add my monogram to any of the ones on page 7 with the script font. I followed the same directions as I did on the other pages. I just can’t get any of the ones on page 7 to work. The last letter shows as the symbol for me. Thanks for your assistance.

    • Hi Kayce, The last page needs to be entered in differently. The instructions at the top of page 2. This monogram is the script and not the block. You need to enter it in with a lowercase first letter, middle uppercase letter and the last letter is lowercase. So, it’s the almost the same as the block but instead of using a character for the last letter you will use a regular letter.

  14. Just did it, your instructions were spot on! I have a Mac and saved the image in PREVIEW and was able to email it myself as an attachment. Once I opened it on my iPhone, I was able to add it to my camera roll and attached it as by background and lock screen. THANKS! Super cute! Going to try other colors and see what I like. Thanks for this!

    • Yay!! So happy you like them!

  15. How do you get different colours?

    • Hi Marie! Download the document and then scroll down. You will see tons of color choices to choose from. Hope this helps!

  16. all it keeps telling me is to download the PFD runner and then nothing. ive downloaded it 3 times now and it takes me no where. im stuck and getting frustrated! please help!

    • Lacie, do you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer and are you opening the document in that program? Our documents do not work without Adobe Reader. Let us know!

  17. I cannot download the Expert PDF 7 Reader…. Says it isn’t compatible with my system?

    • Hi Phaelon,

      Will it let you download another version of Adobe Reader? Maybe your computer does not meet the system requirements for the new Reader. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Thanks for reading!

  18. Hey! Thanks so much for these…..they’re awesome! I’m okay to do my monogram on the block letters, but when I do the script the + sign does not work for the V… just shows up as a + sign. My monogram is NJV.

    • Hi Nicole, For the script you don’t use the symbol. You just do the first letter lowercase, the middle letter uppercase and the last letter lowercase.

  19. I’ve just discovered your website from a link on 7 year wedding blog. Thank you so much for the fun printables and wallpaper!

  20. Hi, I have a mac and have been trying to get this to work for a while because they are so cute. I have downloaded adobe reader and can open the PFD in adobe, however when I enter in my initials in any of the backgrounds, it never changed font or anything, it stays exactly how I enter it. ? Please help.


    • Haylee, did the file open in Preview first and then open in Reader? If it opens in Preview first, all formatting will be lost. Try downloading again, but this time make sure the file opens in Reader the first time. This will fix your issue.

  21. I am on an iPad and have opened the monogram PDF in adobe reader. The monogram remains highlighted even when I take the picture. How do I un-highlight the monogram? Thanks!

    • In the top right hand corner of Adobe Reader there should be a highlight fields button. Click it and it should un-highlight the monogram.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing these backgrounds! I was able to use one for my iPad as well as my android phone!

    • You’re welcome Misty! Glad you love them!

  23. I have been trying to figure this out all day! I cannot edit the initials to replace them with mine. Whenever I select the initials for the chevron pattern I want, it still selects all of the other patterns as well. I have tried everything I can think of!! :/

    • Hi Chelsy, Did you open the file in the newest version of Adobe Reader? Make sure you have the newest version installed, open the file and then follow the instructions step-by-step to enter in your own initials.

  24. Thanks so much for the phone monogram…I love it and downloaded with no problems.. Thanks for all your creativity…I simply love anything monogrammed…

  25. Whenever I click on ‘Download .PDF” it just takes me to what I assume is what the file is supposed to look like, except that it is a website. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!!

    • Never mind! I figured it out. So cute!

  26. i love these so much! but im having trouble opening it in adobe reader… so confused! it took me to a file in a website form and it had an adobe toolbar but not everything i need. it didnt have the “file” on it or any other things like that. help please!

    • Hi Caylee, Some browsers have an Adobe Reader plugin so that is probably what you are seeing when you open the file. What I suggest doing is right clicking on the download button and go to save target as and save the file down to your computer. Then open Adobe Reader, go to file, down to open and open the file.

  27. Hi! Does this work for a PC? I have tried to do it but it is giving me the directions of how to do it and not the monogram. Either it doesnt work for a PC or I just dont know how to do this!! Help please!!!

    • Hi Emma, Yes, it works on a PC. Make sure you open the file in Adobe Reader. Also make sure that you are scrolling down to the page where the monograms are located. The instructions are in the first few pages of the PDF and the monograms start after that.

  28. I can’t get it to enter the whole monogram. I can get the first two letters, but the last one doesn’t work (block letters). Any ideas? I’m in the latest version of Adobe Reader on PC.

    • Hi Jennifer, are you entering the symbol for the 3rd letter. You type actual letters for the first two letters and then a symbol for the last (right side letter.) To find the symbol that corresponds to the letter you want, please read our instructions. Thanks for reading!

  29. I clicked the little banner and I thought it was suppose to download… But I looked throughout I file and see it no where… I don’t know what to do.. Please help!

    • Did you read the instructions in the first few pages of the file? The instructions walk you through step-by-step. Just follow the steps :)

  30. This is AWESOME!
    Thank you so much! Your directions were wonderful! and it was so simple!
    by chance is there anyway to move the letters to the bottom right corner to set it as a home screen, you know with apps blocking the center and all.

    if not, it’s still wonderful! thanks again!!

    • Hi Amber, You’re welcome! No, there is no way for you to move the letters on the template. We will keep this in mind for future wallpapers.

  31. Will this work on ipad mini?

    • Not that I know of. I think only the desktop version of Adobe Reader has the tools that you need to make it work. Sorry!

  32. Hi! I wanted to try and download this as an iPhone 5 backround and the link won’t work :(

    • Hi Aly, Can you give me a little more information? I just downloaded it to my computer and it works fine. Please let me know what issue you are having.

  33. Is there any chance you could do a few more color options for the vine monograms? My monogram (pTa) looks absurd in the circle monogram, but I absolutely love all of those color options. I know these probably take a fair amount of work, and you offer them for free (Thanks!), so I will understand if you cant. Thanks so much.


    • Hi Trish, At this time we only offer what is available. We plan on making more in the future. I don’t know when we will be posting them though. Thanks!

  34. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been looking around for something like it (I’m a complete novice when it comes to Photoshop) and this was perfect for me. I think it took me like 15 minutes following your directions to make 12 of them…at work no less! Now I have all kinds of options on my Galaxy S3!

  35. I love these wallpapers! Thanks so much for sharing! My only issue is that I can’t get it to paste into my email. The “paste” option isn’t highlighted–I can’t select it. Any idea what I may be doing wrong?

  36. Disregard the last comment. I pasted it into Paint and it worked that way. :) But my next issue is that the block letter style puts my first D backwards. (My monogram would read dHf) Is that supposed to happen?

    • Hi Desirae, Yes the way the font is designed it puts the D backwards if it is the first letter in the monogram. If it didn’t then it wouldn’t make a circle. We didn’t design the font. It is just made that way.

      • Makes sense. I figured that was the case. Thanks so much for your reply, and again, for sharing these great wallpapers! :)

  37. Hi! When I clicked on the banner, it opened a new window but was blank. Any solutions?

    • Do you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer? You need to have it installed on your computer to open any of our printables. You also need to make sure it is set as your default PDF reader. Check these things and then let me know if you are still have trouble!

  38. Oh my goodness thank you so much! This is absolutely wonderful! Great work!!!!

  39. I downloaded the Adobe but how do I open it? I am making one for my friends birthday tomorrow, help please!!

    • You need to set Adobe as your default PDF reader OR you can open Adobe first and then click on the download button in our post. It should automatically open in Adobe.

  40. I’ve tried countless times to email the copied monogram to myself but it won’t work! I saw your previous comments about pasting it into Word, but my word is out-dated so it won’t paste… I also tried to paste it onto notepad, but it won’t let me do that either! Pleaseeee help!
    - Kaelyn P. Dannenfelser

    • If you are on PC you should have a program called Paint where you can paste it into and then save it as a jpg. If you are on a MAC you can paste it into Preview and then save it as a jpg.

  41. I can’t figure out how to do this for the life of me. When I type the letters, it’s an ugly font.

    • Hi Mallory, You need to make sure you are opening the file in Adobe Reader. You can download it for free at If you open it in any other PDF reader than the font will appear in regular block font.

  42. Hey!! I really want one and I am doing this off an ipad 2 so can I download adobe still? And make this? I need help!!

    • Hi Gracie, Yes you still need to download Adobe Reader and then open the file in Adobe Reader. Then just follow the directions on the first few pages of the file.

  43. Hi! These are amazing by the way, but when I type in the last intial, it comes up but a white block surrounds the monogram. It still looks good, I just want it with the circle. :)

    • Are you using the most recent version of Adobe Reader?

  44. A L R !! Please make me one..these r lovely

    • Thanks Ariel! Hope you were able to make one for your phone!

  45. Could you make one for me please? I know you have to have a desktop but why can’t we use our phones?

    • Hi Caitlin, I just responded to your other comment – You need to download the Adobe Reader app for your phone. When it takes you to Scribd have it open the file in Adobe Reader. It should work when you do it that way then you can just take a screen shot and set it as your wallpaper.

  46. Hello. I was trying to find a way to make my own Monogram wallpaper for my iPhone 5 and I came across your site. I don’t have a computer at the moment so I figured I’d share how I made my wallpaper directly on my iPhone. I took a screenshot of the Monogram wallpaper that I wanted after clicking on the “Download .PDF.” I downloaded the app called Phonto (an app to add text to a picture) and I finished it there. I hope that helps anyone else that has an iPhone! :)

    • Thanks for sharing Danielle!

  47. Hi I have been trying to do this on a MAC for the past hour. For some reason when I type in the letters the correct font does not work. I tried the symbol method and am still having some issues. Is there something I am missing.
    My initials are RFL (mongrammed in that order) and I am trying to make a blue and pink one. Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hi Rachel! Before you start, make sure you are opening the document in Adobe Reader. This will not work in Mac’s Preview program. After you are sure that it is opened in Adobe Reader, type in: rF@
      Lowercase r, Capital F, @
      Hope that helps!

  48. I just wanted to say how amazing this is!! The only problem I really had was with the black one, but other than that it is fantastic! ((:

  49. Hi jenny. I’m having problems, as I’ve followed all the steps and still cant get it to paste(using pc) to my email. help plz?

    • Hi Monique, Try pasting it into the paint program on your PC then saving it as a jpg. This will work!

  50. I thought you would love this app I found on the app store called Wall About You. You can make customizable monogrammed wallpaper in all sorts of designs for your iPhone!

  51. Hi Jenny, I’m having some trouble highlighting the text on my Mac to change the monogram. When I select the monogram and backspace nothing happens? Help?

    • I’m an idiot and figured it out! Thanks in advance :)

  52. Hi Everyone! I am new to this site and I really love it! :) Except the fact that I can not do it on my mobile device. :( I have Adobe Reader and I typed in all of my initials, “K” for the the pink chevron with the circle and “kGm” for the chevron with the square… I do not have a desktop. So, if someone could help me out, that would be great! Thanks! ;)

  53. Hi Jenny! I might be dumb, but I’m trying to do either the block or script. Every time I type my initials in comes up in times new roman font. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  54. Help, I have no idea how adobe reader works, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve never used it before. Some help would be great. Thanks

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