Our Monograms in Your Homes

Posted on: August 22, 2012
Our Monograms in Your Homes

We really love seeing our monograms in your homes! Here are some of the bloggers that have blogged about our monograms and featured pictures of them in their homes.

for chic sake monogram 1 Our Monograms in Your Homes

via – All Things Charming

for chic sake monogram 2 Our Monograms in Your Homes

via – The Old Post Road

for chic sake monogram 3 Our Monograms in Your Homes

via – A. Liz Adventures

Thank you so much to everyone that blogs about our stuff!  Have you printed our monograms for your home? We would love to see them! Email us a picture and it could be featured on our site.

XO, Jenny & Louisa

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(8) Comments

  1. help!. im having trouble doing these monograms cause the adobe pop up wont pop uppp!

    • Hi Stormie, sorry I can’t be of more help but I’m not sure why your adobe isn’t popping up after you click “download or print” through Scribd. Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, it is the only program that will open up our documents.

  2. I’m having trouble saving my monogram with your template :( Wah!

    • Hi Chelsey! Our monogrammed printables cannot be saved. Sorry!

  3. I would love to have this printed at my local drug store, do you know if there is anyway to save my file as a JPG or similar so it can be printed on a nice printer?

    • Hi Amanda, There is no way to edit and save the file. We suggest you go to office max or fed ex office where you can pull the PDF up on a computer, edit it and print it.

  4. Couldn’t use just print the file to a PDF and then save it and print it from there?? I have yet to try it but I figure it you can print it you can print it to a file and save it as a PDF then you can move it to a thumb drive and print it anywhere?? =)

    • Hi Justina, Yes you could do that. Once you edit it you could print to PDF, put it on a thumb drive and print it wherever you want. Not everyone has the ability to print to a PDF, so if you do you can definitely do it that way!

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