Customized Printable Monogram

Posted on: July 11, 2012
Customized Printable Monogram

I’m still working on redoing my office. It’s really a process! I had a very small budget for my office redo, so I’ve been working on doing a bunch of DIY’s. One of the things I wanted for my office was a cute framed monogram. This may not be something you know about me, but I’m a little monogram obsessed. I once read a quote from Reese Witherspoon about her love for monograms – “My sheets are monogrammed, so is my silverware and pretty much everything else I own. My rule is, if it’s not moving, monogram it.” I feel the same way. I love personalized monogrammed items. I made a monogram and framed it for my office. I made it so that you can create your own monogram and print it at home. Click on the color you want to download below and follow the instructions in the PDF to create your own monogram. You need adobe reader in order to view the PDF. You can download it for free here. The monogram prints on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

customized printable monogram Customized Printable Monogram

XO, Jenny

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  1. I tried printing out this monogram and I followed your instructions but when I printed it, it was not in the script lettering it was just in plain lettering. Also the top of my middle letter was cut off. Any way to fix this?

    • I’m having the same problem as the above poster, and I’m wondering if it is my Mac. Would you mind sharing what font you used?

      • The font used is Vine Monograms. You don’t need to have the font installed on your computer for it to work. What version of adobe do you have? Everyone that I have spoken with that had problems weren’t using the most current version of adobe reader. Once they updated to the new version, it worked.

        • I click on the link and it keeps taking me to download Adobe… but I already have…

          • To download, click on the color you want to download in the image on the page next to where it says ‘Pick a color’ this will take you to the page to download the monogram

        • If you have a Mac, you MUST open it in Adobe…NOT Preview. (:
          Took me a hot second to figure that out.
          Hope it helps.
          xo, Nicole

          • Thanks for that! I have a MAC, but I have my default set to open PDFs in Adobe. I didn’t even think that some people may be opening it in preview.

          • Call me an idiot, but how do I find Adobe to open it with that instead of preview? I’ve searched in Finder and all i’ve found is the Adobe Install Manager. I know I have it… I’ve done 50 updates for it!

          • I have a MAC and to find Adobe I go to Finder and then look for the applications folder. It should be in your applications folder. However, you should also be able to do a search in finder for Adobe and it should come up in the search. If you only find the install manager then you need to open that and go through the steps to install it on your computer. It seems like you haven’t installed it yet, so try that.

          • How do i open it with adobe?

          • Hi Yecelin, make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Then, after you select the color you want in our post, Scribd’s website will pop up. Click the orange “download or print” button on the right-hand side of the page and the document will automatically open up in Adobe Reader. Hope that helps!

        • /How can you save the monogram to the computer from the adobe reader?

          • Hi Charli, You can’t save the file after you type in your monogram. Adobe Reader doesn’t allow you to save it unfortunately. You must enter in your monogram and then print the document.

          • I have a button on my computer its prtsc (screenshot) then you simply go to paint and click paste and crop the monogram area down. Hope it hepled :)

        • Where can you get the Vine Monograms font? I have been looking everywhere and the only place I found it wants $20 and for you to purchase the ENTIRE font family when I just want the solid font. Suggestions please? I’m willing to pay just not $20.

          • Hi Jessica, I paid $20 for my fonts. Not sure where you can get it cheaper.

          • This is similar and free:

        • I want the monogram in pink and the background white. when I picked a color it made the background pink and the letters white. can you help?

      • im am not able to load my color, it freezes… which is making me very annoyed. any ways please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Hi Nicole, I’m not sure why it is freezing for you. I just tested it on my computers and it works fine. If it is freezing it could be your internet connection or your computer. The file is very large so if you have a slower internet connection or an older computer it could take longer to download.

    • I had to rotate the image 1/4 – it printed great after that!

    • I can’t get the letters to delete so that I can replace them with my own?

      • Hi Barbara, try triple clicking the letters and then hitting delete or backspace on your keyboard. I make sure all of the letters are selected before hitting delete. Also, make sure you have downloaded the actual document by clicking the orange “download or print” button the Scribd page. That is the editable document. Hope that helps!

    • just push the ‘print screen’ button on your keyboard. then open paint or microsoft word and hold ‘ctrl’ then press ‘V’. this will let you copy the screen then paste it into paint or microsoft

    • If you’re on a mac, Try taking a screenshot (press command, shift, s. at the same time) then print the screenshot!

    • to get your last initial big, you do your first initial no caps, last initial caps on, middle initial no caps. Hope it helps

  2. This is so cute but I have one quesiton. When I printed the monogram there is a small black x in the bottom right. How can I make it go away?

    • Hi Ladies – Try downloading again and reprinting. Technology and myself are not best friends today! However, we called a truce and it should be fixed now. Let me know if there are any more issues.

      Thanks :)

      • How did you get the “depth” before attaching to canvas? Or did you just print on plain paper?

        • I just printed mine on plain paper and put it in a frame that has a matte.

      • Again with the small x … what do i do?

        • Please give us more information so we can better help you. I’ve never seen an “x” anywhere on the page.

  3. LOVE this! Can’t stop printing! haha -Thanks!!

    • Thanks! Glad you love it!

  4. Is there anyway to have this in a landscape setting rather than just portrait?

    • As of right now there isn’t a way to print them landscape.

  5. How do I download it? I’m on my IPad. When I click on the color it takes me to another site.

    • It should take you to another site called Scribd. You can download it from there. It will ask you to create an account or login through Facebook to download. After you login, just click on download.

  6. Hi,
    I’m having trouble -
    I’m following the step by step (downloaded the file, etc), step 3 says to delete the monogram. When I’m in Adobe, there is no monogram. What am I doing wrong? I suppose I need the “instructions for dummies” :-)

    Thanks for your time.

    • There should be a monogram on the page that looks like the monogram in the example picture. If you are using an old version of Adobe, then it isn’t going to work correctly. Check your version and upgrade if necessary then try again. Hope this helps :)

  7. Absolutely love this!! Is there any way to make the background white or a pattern with white lettering?

    • We are going to be launching a whole new set with really cute backgrounds and colors. Subscribe in the sidebar or follow us on twitter or facebook. We will be announcing when the new printables are available for download.

      • I am also trying to print a black monogram on white paper… I noticed that this follower asked in July 2012, its not September 2013 — do we have that option yet? THANK YOU LOVE THIS SITE!!!!

        • Hi Tamara, Sorry no there isn’t an option to print a black monogram on white paper.

  8. OH MY GOSH!! I just printed a pink monogram on white sparkle cardstock…..IT”S AMAZING!!

    • I bet that looks AWESOME on the white sparkle cardstock!!!

    • I’m going to have to print one on that type of cardstock! Thanks for the suggestion!!

  9. Hi!
    I have a Mac and Windows 7 and I cannot get it to print in the right font. It is printing in lowercase letters. Can you please help?

    • Can you check your version of Adobe? Try upgrading to the newest version. It won’t work correctly in older versions.

  10. LOVE this!!! Hope my husband doesn’t think it’s too girly in my son’s room! :)

  11. Love it! Would it be possible to get a yellow?? Beautiful!! :)

  12. Could not get it to work at all

    • Hi Tracy! You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to use this printable. If you have that installed, try following these instructions:

      1. Under the picture of the printable in our post, click the color you would like.
      2. A website called Scribd will open up. Create an account or sign in with Facebook.
      3. Click the blue “download or print” button on the right hand side of the page.
      4. A window will pop up. Click “download PDF”.
      5. Another window will pop up. Select “Open with: Adobe Acrobat” and then hit “okay”.
      6. Now, the actual printable document will open up. Scroll down to page 2.
      7. Double click on the existing monogram and hit your backspace key to delete it.
      8. Using NO spaces, type in the left letter (in lowercase) the middle letter (in uppercase) and the right letter (in lowercase).
      9. Print your document by clicking on the printer icon.

      Hope that helps and thanks for visiting our site!!

      • Never got this to work. Got to the page to delete letters and enter my own. Could not delete! What am I doing wrong?

  13. Thank you for this great printable! Do you know if there is any way to save the modified document to your computer in order to have it printed at a place like Staples or Office Depot? We currently do not have a working printer. Thank you!

    • The problem with Adobe Reader is that it won’t let you save the modified file. What I would suggest doing is emailing the file to yourself and going to a place like Fed Ex office where they have computers that you can use and print from there. They are super helpful there! I’ve gotten many files printed there. Staples and Office Depot might be able to access the file and print it for you. I just know that Fed Ex office can definitely do it.

  14. Just wanted to thank you so much for sharing these! I’ve been wanting to frame my monogram, but didn’t have the patience to fiddle with the font sizes, etc.. Thanks for doing the hard work for me!

  15. Love it!! As a true GRIT I just love all things monogrammed and this was so nice of you to make it so easy for me :) It was super easy, and printed out lovely. Thanks again and Bless your lil heart

  16. Thanks so much for this! Mine printed out perfectly. I can’t wait to see what other ones you come up with. I saw some cute binders on Pinterest with monogram cover inserts so I’ve been wanting to do this ever since!

  17. I love this site! How can I get the monogram smaller. Once in Adobe, it will not let me re-size…thanks

    • Thanks for reading! The font can’t be resized in the files. It only allows us to make it in a set size.

  18. Thanks so much! Monogram is wonderful! :)

  19. Hi! I love, love, LOVE this… is there any way you could create it in yellow or gray? I’m planning my wedding and would love to incorporate this into the shower and reception! Thanks so much!!

    • Thanks! We are doing custom colors for $5. If you are interested, let us know.

  20. I LOVE this printable! Thanks! I’ve printed the aqua monogram twice and I keep getting grey lines throughout the background. Any way to correct this? Thanks!

    • This sounds like an issue with your printer. Maybe it’s your printer ink or could be another issue.

  21. Would love to do this with white background and colored lettering…. Is that possible?

    • We are looking into this. Right now I can only do this in a custom order and not in a printable that I can post for people to download. If you would like a custom file, we are charging $5.

  22. LOVE THIS!!!! It is perfect to print and place inside the cover of 3ring binders for school! Thank you!!!

  23. I love monograms. Thanks so much for making this so easy

  24. Can’t get the monogram to delete? Any trick to that?

    • You just need to click right over the letters in the PDF file, select and delete. Does that help?

  25. Thank you! Your comments to others were helpful and now I have cool personalized art!

  26. This is terrible. I have spent all morning trying to get this, finally got it and it won’t print or save or anything. How do you print or save from the Reader Program?

    • You can only print from Reader. You can’t save. So you will need to type in your monogram and print.

      • Will this charge me money

        • No, signing up for a Scribd account and downloading the monogram are both free :)

          • Hi Jenny~Thanks for your patience in replying. I’ve looked for my problem among the replies & don’t see it. I downloaded the Adobe reader succesfully. When i click on “pick color,” a window appears with a bar that says it’s downloading. When it’s done, i have a blank & dark screen. The Scribd website does not appear. Can you help me? I’d really love to do this!!!

          • Scribd won’t open for this one. We are working on moving all of our stuff off Scribd and this one has already been moved over. It sounds to me like it’s an issue with your browser. I know some people have had issues opening it in Internet Explorer and Firefox. I was told by these people that they tried Google Chrome and it worked great. You can also right click on the download link, pick save and save it down to your computer. Then open Adobe Reader and go to file open and open the file.

  27. Found the print button, but now I’m having problems with the font. How do you change it to the Vine Monogram style?

    • I’m not sure I understand your question. Can you describe to me what it happening? It should be in the vine monogram font when you open the file.

  28. Hi, I am trying to put my initials in the purple chevron monnogram, and i see the memo where it says my letters will appear to the right until all three are entered, however it is still to the right even after all three are entered. what am i doing wrong?

    • Hi Taylor!

      Okay, here goes!

      First, delete any text that’s in the circle.
      Next, type in your first letter (that you want on the left) in lowercase. For example, if I want a J, I’d type j.
      Then, type in your second letter (that you want in the center) in uppercase. For example, if I want a B, I’d type B.
      Last, type in your last letter using the character/symbol that matches the letter you want. For example, if I want a D, I’d type 4. After you enter the 4 (or whatever symbol corresponds to the letter you want on the right, all three letters will pop over to the center circle of the page.

      Hope this helps!

  29. Hi,
    Just discovered you on a Pinterest board, and Wow!!! I love the printable monograms can’t wait to share this with everyone.

    • Thanks Laura! We will be posting more soon so check back!

  30. Is there any way to change the color so that the actual monogram is a color and the background is white?

    • Hi Anna, As of right now, we can only do certain basic font colors which is why we’ve only done white font. We are looking into a way to change this so that we can do colored font with a white background.

  31. Just printed three different ones for my girls. I’m going to hang them on their bedroom doors in white frames. Love it!!

    • Awww I bet they look so cute!!! Glad you’re enjoying our printables!

  32. Anyway to save it and have it printed professionally ?

    • Hi Christine, The unfortunate thing about Adobe Reader is that it doesn’t let you make changes and save the document. What I would suggest is going to a place like Fed Ex office. They have computers you can use there to edit the file and have them print it for you. They have lots of great paper options. I get stuff printed there all the time and it always comes out great!

  33. I thought when monograming, your last name innitial is in the middle. When I googled that question, I got the same answer. I think yours says in the instructions to have your middle name as the middle innitial.

    • You are correct. The middle letter would be your last name. Our instructions just say to type the first letter, middle letter and last letter. Some people differ on their opinion of how a monogram should be, so we didn’t want to give any specifics as to the order. I know some people like the middle initial in the middle. I guess it’s all personal preference :)

  34. Thank you for this! This is absolutely incredible and I will be using it all the time! I cannot wait to put it in the front of my binder when I go back to school, absolutely perfect! Wonderful idea and thank you so much for sharing it with all of us!

  35. How can I transfer to my cricut to use this font?

    • Hmmmm…I’m not sure about transferring it to a cricut. I have an eCraft cutter and I just hook my computer up to it and use their editing program. Then I send it to the eCraft to cut. I’m pretty sure that with a cricut you need a cartridge…correct? Does cricuit have an editing program?

  36. I’m getting a Trojan message when I try to download this, anyone else? use Kapersky antivirus. ty/

    • Hi Nancy, I haven’t heard of anyone having this issue. Scribd is a trusted and reputable website.

  37. created and printed one in orange to add to our family gallery wall – LOVE it! thanks! :)

  38. LOVE this! Thank you so much! Any possibility of yellow becoming a color option? I’d like to make one for my friend’s birthday, and yellow is her favorite color. :)

  39. Grey. I love grey. A great neutral. Would it be difficult to add grey to one of the colors?

  40. Anyway to print without color background so I can print on pattern paper?

    • Not at this time. They can only be printed with the color background. Sorry!

  41. I am trying to download the pdf but I have a mac and it won’t let me open it what should I do?

    • The default PDF viewer on a Mac is Preview. You need to download Adobe Reader and open it in Adobe Reader instead of Preview on your Mac. You can download Reader here –

  42. This worked perfect for me I so needed this for my 2 daughters weddings coming in december and January!!

  43. Thanks so much for this! It’s so generous of you to offer it for free. You rock! :-)

  44. I changed the font and now don’t know to change it back. I click on tools and it just comes up grey. What am i not doing

    • Are you using a Mac or a PC?

  45. Hi there,
    I’m trying to print the pink script monogram. Without putting a space in front of the first letter, the whole monogram is off-center (I can see that it’s off center in the print preview – it’s not my printer). I”m following all of the instructions correctly. Adding a space in front of the first letter corrects this problem, however, doing so creates a little “+” sign that shows up when you print it. This symbol is first visible when you just click the “print” button, and then it gets printed on the paper (in black, bottom right about 3/4 of the way down the page). I’m pretty savvy with Adobe and can’t for the life of me figure out how to remove this. So far, the cause of the “+” seems to be the act of adding the space before the first letter to correct the centering issue.

    Any ideas how to fix this? I’m using a PC and have the latest Adobe reader (version 9.0.1).

    Thank you! I’d like this to be a key piece in the gallery wall in my daughter’s nursery and the perfectionist in me is going nuts trying to get this right!

    • Hi Laura, I’m not sure what this problem is. You should simply choose your color from our webpage, scribd will open up, you will click “download or print” which is an orange button on the right-hand side of that page, then the actual customizable Adobe document will open up. Scroll down to the second page (the monogram), delete the entire sample monogram and type in your three letters, lowercase left, uppercase center, lowercase right. For my initials LDN, I type lDn. You should not have to use any spaces. Putting spaces in there will only mess it up. I haven’t ever seen a “+” sign in there and I’m sorry I am not able to help with that. The entire monogram will not center until you enter the last letter, then the whole monogram pops into the center.

  46. It won’t let me downlaod it for free. It is asking me to become a premium member.

    • Can you try again? It will make you either sign up for a Scribd account or sign in through Facebook to download. You don’t have to pay anything to become a Scribd member or to sign in through Facebook.

      • Do I download using the download button on the right that is orange? The orange one says to pay. Or is it the green download button. The green one says it is an advertisement.

        • It’s the orange button that says download. Sorry, but try to download it again. Our account settings somehow updated on their own and were requiring premium memberships. I fixed our settings and it will work now.

      • I also came across the same problem, i signed up for a Scribd account, and it is still asking me to become a premium member to download!

        • Sorry, but try to download it again. Our account settings somehow updated on their own and were requiring premium memberships. I fixed our settings and it will work now.

  47. I am really struggling with this. I downloaded the newest adobe and the letters are not fitting. The font isn’t the same either. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it!

  48. Does this site give you a virus when you download the file??

    • Hi Hazel! No, it does not!

  49. Thank you, thank you! I just printed my daughter’s initials in lime green and it is so stinkin’ cute.

    • You are welcome :)

  50. would you email me the monogram? my place of employment will not open the link when I choose a color. Thank you

    • Which color do you want?

  51. How do you do it with an ipad? It opens in the chosen color but there’s no DOWNLOAD anywhere to be seen

    • Hi Cristina, I’m not sure you can do it on an iPad. I don’t own a tablet, so I’m not really sure. I know when I go to the page on my iPhone it only lets me read the document. Could be the same on a iPad. Do you have a computer that you can open it on?

      • Yeah, it’s a pain of a computer, but I’ll try

  52. is there a way to convert the file or image to word or publisher? I was hoping to make a smaller version to use onour programs. Thanks

    • There is no way to convert it. However, what you could do is do a print screen, open it up in a photo editor and crop it. Hope this helps!

  53. Love the monogram in the white frame. Where did you find the frame?

    • Hi Jen, The frame is from Ikea. However, they also sell similar frames at Walmart.

  54. i downloaded the pdf and adobe reader…now what do i do? i clicked on the pdf icon. i dont see a place to type the monogram? HELP :(

  55. When I open it in Adobe Printer it says that it can’t open the file and that Adobe Flash Player Install Manager cannot open files in the PDF format. This is after I installed the latest Adobe.

    • Hi Sara, It sounds like you are trying to open the file in Adobe Flash Player. You need to open it in Abobe Reader. Here is the link to download Adobe Reader – Adobe Flash Player won’t open PDF files, but Adobe Reader will.

  56. Why no yellow??

    • Hi Sandi, We couldn’t offer every color. Yellow is available in some of our other printables though.

  57. Thanks – this is SO cool! ;)

    • Welcome! :)

  58. is there a way to change the background–to brown or something???

  59. Love this! Wish it was available in a chocolate brown :-)

  60. Can you do this in brown?
    Thank you

  61. I was wondering can you make this be a the size to fit a 5 x 7 frame? Wasn’t sure how to
    create to fit that sz…..

    • Hi Janie, At this time it is only available in 8.5 x 11. We will probably be offering smaller sizes in the future.

  62. Hi there! I have printed out a few of yours and absolutely love them, but now I’m trying to make my own that color coordinate with the ones I printed off. Would you mind telling me what size font you used please?! :)

    • Hi Jessica, The font size is 200.

  63. Thanks so much for this! It’s so classy. I’d love a lemon yellow and a bright primary blue, if you plan on adding any more colors. :)

  64. Hi, Photoshop Elements will open a PDF. I was able to change the monogram and save the file using Reader X’s sign feature (just sign the first page). Then open it in Elements, extract the monogram with the magic wand to a new file, create a fill layer on the original document in the color/pattern you want, add your monogram back in and save. You can print new sizes or make any cosmetic changes you like. It took about 15 minutes.

      BUT, I also have lines running through the paper:/ Any suggestions?
      thanks, Cindy

      • Sounds like an issue with your printer. Is it an inkjet? Sometimes inkjets cause lines running sideways on the paper when printing solid blocks of color.

  65. I wanted to thank you for this freebie print! I’m completely addicted to digital home decor prints…I sell some of my own designs on Etsy (LaurelTreeLane) and also have found so many other beautiful designs for my own home online. I printed this in aqua for my daughter’s room. The color was perfect and it was easy peasy! Thanks again. :)

    • You’re welcome Selina! We’ll be sure to check out your Etsy Shop!!!

  66. i cant find the pdf!! help!

    • Hi Sydney, You need to click on the color you want under the picture of the monogram that will take you to where you can download the PDF.

  67. Your posts sites posts are really userful. Good luck with your blog in the future.

    • Thanks!

  68. Thanks for sharing! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you find that picture frame at? The frame and mat size looks perfect! I’m assuming it’s an 11×14 frame with an 8×10 mat? Thanks for any help!

    • Hi Britney! That frame is from Ikea and you are correct about the size. If you don’t live close to an Ikea, Michaels also sells really nice white frames with white mats in the same size. You can use a coupon there too!

  69. HELP! I am trying to print the chevron pattern in navy, but the letters are coming out on top of one another. I had no trouble using the script, but I am working on a project for a couple of boys and thought the chevron would be more masculine. When I type the three letters in, the first and last (middle) initial are fine, however, the last initial (the middle name) comes out on top of the first. I followed the same instructions that I used for the script, but it’s just not working. The initials I am trying to do are as follows: kLm and cAd. Is there any way you can help me as these are Christmas presents and I need them as soon as possible. Thanks

    • Hi Joycelyn, The instructions for the chevron are different than the script. You need to enter in the first letter lowercase, the second letter uppercase and the last letter that corresponds to the character on the instruction page. We also have a video on our frequently asked questions page that walks you through it step by step:

  70. I am trying to print my monogram in black. There is no monogram to click on and delete so that I can add mine.

    • I need a little more information to help. Did you already download the file and open it in the newest version of Adobe Reader?

  71. Just printed this fabulous monogram for both of my daughters to be used in a bathroom re-do!

  72. I cannot get it to print. Love it, can you please help!

    • Hi Molly,

      After you hit print, go to advanced settings and check “print as image”. This will allow you to print it. For some reason this issue happens for some people and not others. It may be your printer settings. If you print them this way they will print.

  73. Ok finally got it to print but NOT in that fancy font??? Please help me!

  74. Sorry got it, I would like it bigger any hints?

    • Hi Molly! This will print as an 8″x10″. That is the only size we offer.

  75. Is your frame from IKEA?

    • Hi Keri, Yes it is!

  76. Do you offer this in yellow?

    • Hi Crystal, Only the colors shown are the ones available.

  77. Thank you for sharing these. They are wonderful!

  78. When I click on the color I want, the Scribd website does not come up. I am using Windows 7 and Adobe Elements Photoshop 10 and Adobe Elements premiere 10. I think this is really cute and would love to do something for a wedding shower I’m hosting soon.

    • Hi Diann, This one won’t open in Scribd. We are working on moving all of our printables over to our site. You need Adobe Reader for this one to work. You can download for free from Adobe’s website. When you click on the color you want, the file should open up in Adobe Reader. If it doesn’t, you can also right click on the color you want, go to save file or save link as, save it down to your computer, open Adobe Reader, go to file then down to open and open the file that way.

  79. I have been looking up and down to find a monogram creator, and this is perfect! thank you so much :) it will make crafting for my little ten times easier! <3 xoxo, lena!

  80. Is this suppolsta give me viruses?

    • You won’t get a virus from our site. We do periodic security scans of our site. However, make sure that you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader installed. Check out this article -

  81. This is so great! Thank you!

  82. Thank you so much for the printable!!! Is there a way to get the monogram to print in black with no black background?? Thanks again!!!

    • Hi Tami, You’re welcome. No, there is no way to print it in black with no background.

  83. I have the newest version of adobe reader installed and running on my computer, but when I press a color for the monogram it takes me to a blank page.

    • The file is really large. It takes a few minutes to download once you click on the color you want. You can also save the file to your computer first, open Adobe Reader and then go to file and open and find where you saved the file and open it that way.

  84. Scribd does not open up at all when I click on any of the colors.

    • Scribd won’t open up for this one. We transferred this one over to our site so when you click on the color you want the file will just download.

  85. Hey I need some help! I downloaded Adobe and now when I click the color I want it just opens another tab and the screen in all gray. I am using a MAC. :(

    • Save the file down to your computer first, then open Adobe then open the file in Adobe.

  86. I’ve downloaded Adobe Reader XI but when I choose the color it doesn’t open Scribd. It opens this: the forchicsake site again. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Thanks!

    • Scribd won’t open for this one. We are working on moving all of our stuff off Scribd and this one has already been moved over.

  87. Awesome! Thanks so much. Once I figured out that there weren’t two colors on the monogram I was happy. Two tries to figure that out. I ended up with pink to match my case.

  88. Where did you get the white frame for your monogram ?? The picture at the very top with the bowl of Essie polish next to it.
    And what size is the paper you printed for it?



    • I got the frame at Ikea. The paper size I printed on was 8.5″ x 11″ You can also print them on 8″ x 10″ paper.

  89. Everytime i pick my color, doesnt work. It opens, then crashes and closes the link, any help?

    • Do you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer? You need to have installed and set as your default PDF Reader. You can download it for free at

  90. Do I have to pay for this?

    Once I click on the colour I want it another tab pops up I clicked on Convert to word.doc but it says I have to sign in. Am I doing this right?

    • Never mind I got it!

      • Yay! Glad you were able to get it!

  91. I’m trying to do this on my iPod and it works until the very last step. I can’t type my own initials- it’s just blank. Help? Please and thank you! ?

    • I don’t have an iPod, but I have an iPhone. It works on my iPhone. Can you download the Adobe Reader app on your iPod? If so, download it and open the file in that.

  92. I have tried to print the monogram, but even after updating the adobe file I am not able to see any letters to delete to personalize it. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. and I don’t have a mac. Thanks in advance!

    • Is it opening in Adobe or is it opening up in a new window in your browser? If it is opening in your browser you may have this issue as I had the same issue. There are two ways to fix it – try a different browser or you can save the file down to your computer, then open Abobe, go to file and open then open the file from where you saved it.

  93. Every time I click the color I want, it does not take me to Scribd. It takes me straight to the Adobe Reader pdf. I am using a Mac. Can you help?

    • This one isn’t going to open in Scribd. We are working on moving our monograms off of Scribd. It should open Adobe Reader when you click on the color you want.

  94. I loved the idea, downloaded it twice (in two different colours) but when I opened Adobe (latest version, as it updates automatically) I can’t find it listed anywhere, so can’t play with it at all ;(

    • Hi Lesley, Can you clarify a little better? I don’t know what you mean by you can’t find it listed anywhere.

  95. Is that the only monogrammed font available?


  96. Hi,

    Thank you so much for this adorable monogram. I am having troubles with it though. I delete all three letters and type in the new three but only one will show up in the circle? Help would be greatly appreciated!


    • Hi Abigail, thanks for reading! First, be sure you are opening this document in Adobe Reader. It will not work if opened in any other program. Then, delete all three letters that are already there as a sample. Be sure you are typing in this order: lowercase, uppercase, lowercase. For example, my initial are LND so I would type in lDn. Hope this helps!

      • I have adobe and picked a color but there’s nothing to delete. There’s 2 pages open. What am I doing wrong?

        • Hi Angela! Once you select a color from our webpage, a two page document will open up. Scroll down to the second page. Triple click the sample monogram and hit the “delete” or “backspace” key on your keyboard. Now, type in your own monogram, following our instructions. Hope this helps!

  97. I click the color and nothing comes up in the page that opens…help!

    • Do you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer? Make sure it’s installed and set as your default PDF Reader. You can download it for free at

  98. LOVE this!! Thanks for making it easy for the rest of us!!! :-)

  99. I tried to print this but the capital letter was cut off and it was just plain lettering and not the monogram text that’s shown in the picture. Is this because of my Mac?

    • Hi Sam! Make sure you are opening this document in Adobe Reader, which you can download for free. Since you’re using a Mac, it’s going to want to automatically open the document in Mac’s Preview program but our printables won’t work in that program. Close the whole thing and reopen the document in Adobe Reader. Then, enter your initials using the format outlined in the instructions and it will work. Thanks for reading!

  100. Hi,
    I am trying to get an etsy site up and going for some wedding invitations I did. I was wondering how you set up the pdf to embed the monogram font but also have it still be editable. Any help you could give would be great!


    • Hi Allison, Congrats on your Etsy store! This is a really difficult question to answer. I don’t think I can answer it properly by typing it out. I suggest you google – embed font into PDF document. You should be able to find some tutorials.

  101. I don’t have a middle name. Can I just do two capital letters? Or, could I do the first part of my last name, McW, with the capital & small letters reversed?

    • Hi Lindsay! Technically you can type in two lower-case letters that will look like 2 capital letters, but, there will be a big gap in between them and it won’t look like a traditional monogram. You will not be able to reverse the letters, it won’t format that way. Thanks for reading!

  102. The other monograms automatically opened to scribd, but this one automatically opens up to a PDF. i have a mac and the latest update on adobe reader. What am I doing wrong?

    • This one won’t open in Scribd. We are working on moving our monograms off of Scribd and this one has already been moved over.

      • Hi! When I click on a color it automatically opens in Adobe. How do I get it to open in Scribd first? Or How can I get it to open where I can edit the monogram?


        • Never mind! I figured it out, I just didn’t scroll down all the way. Thanks!!

  103. Thank you!! Thank you!! This was just what I needed!!! It worked just great :)

  104. Hello,

    I’ve tried printing the hot pink one, but it comes out almost red. On my screen it looks hot pink, but not when it prints. My ink cartridges are new so I don’t think its my printer. Any idea what it could be? Thank you.

    • When I print the hot pink one it comes out hot pink. All printers are going to print differently depending on your settings. Can you check your printer to see if you can change the color settings or you might be able to change it so that it prints with less ink? I know you can change these settings on some printers but not all.

  105. How do I set it as my background on my HP?

    • Hi Rebecca! These monograms aren’t really set up to save as a background but you might be able to take a screenshot (Fn + Prt Sc), paste it into editing software like IrfanView, crop it, save it to your computer, and then set the saved document as your background. Not sure how the quality of the image will be but you can give it a try. Thanks for reading!

  106. Never mind! I figured it out, I just didn’t scroll down all the way once it opened. Thanks!!!

  107. PLEASE please please do a monogram in a “boyish” style mono!!!

    • Hi Sarah, What type of boyish style monogram did you have in mind?

      • Like the circle monogram or one that would look right framed in a boys room.

  108. Hi, do you have a word version of this? I wanted to include a smaller version for my wedding program but when I copy and paste, it just look like regular 12pt., plain font, black letters. Please let me know!

    • Hi, No. We don’t have this in word version.

  109. This is awesome. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. when i go to highlight the monogram it doesnt work and when i backspace it doesnt erase the monogram please help!

    • Hi Lauren, Did you make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader installed and that you are opening the file in it?

  111. Is it possible to do the first one (solid background with single letter monogram) with a white background and choose a color for the letters?

    • Hi Chelsea, No there is no way to do this at this time. The colors are pre-designed so there is no way for you to change the color of the background or the font.

  112. Hey Jenny,
    My niece has a hyphenated last name. I want to be able to make something for her and include all 4 of her initials (first, middle and last-last). Is there a way to format it to allow all 4 letters to fit in the space? Or can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

    • Hi Katie, our monograms are formatted for 3 letters only. The correct way to monogram a hyphenated last name is to use the very first initial of the last name, as technically a hyphenated last name is considered one name, joined by the hyphen. For example, for the name Ashley Marie Smith-Jones, the monogram would be ASM. Hope that helps!

  113. How do you change the background I know how to change the color but how do i add other designs

    • Hi Jenny! Check out our printables page to see our other designs, such as the chevron and quatrefoil monograms. Thanks for reading! Here is the link:

  114. Hi! Does any of this process cost money?

    • No, it’s free!!

  115. It’s really too bad that the background color can”t be changed, I just want the letters which I will color or keep white. But this way I lose a lot of ink which I throw away.

  116. When I print the first page gets printed too! I can’t seem to select on this print out.

    • In the printing options, just change it so that it only prints page 2 of 2.

  117. It works! Very useful and cute! Thank you for making this available and free! ?

  118. Thank you! You´re so kind for sharing!

  119. Love this, thank you so much for posting! I was trying to save image, though, so I can use it as my computer wallpaper but it won’t let me do that :/ Is there any way to do that with this file?

    • You have to take a screen shot on your computer then re-size it and set it as your wallpaper.

  120. This is great! Thank you! Any chance you have a link to one with a white background?

  121. Hi I go on to view the monogram and it won’t let me highlight the letters. any suggestions?

    • Hi Kara, Sometimes the letters don’t highlight. You just need to click on them and hit backspace.

  122. Worked perfectly!! Love it and thank you for sharing :)

  123. Jenny, can this software be purchased? I want to be able to print black letters on white paper for some home crafts. When it prints in color it uses a lot of ink. Help!!! :)

  124. what is the label paper style number for the square monogram labels & the iphone/ipad charger labels? when I click on the buy a sheet to see if its something I already have it says Avery 8165 for both but that looks like a large mailing label.


    • Hi Julie, They are full sheet labels. You need to print them on those and then cut them out.

  125. Can you make a March and April calender?

  126. what kind of paper do you use to print off the large 3 letter monogram ?

  127. Thank you for this simple monogram creation tool!!! It has saved me hours and hours of struggle!!

  128. Hi! Love this idea! Do you have the file for the actual font? Or know where I can find and download it? I want it for a project, not just to print it :/

    • Hi Brianna, Just do an internet search for vine monogram. You will find where you can purchase the font.

  129. Hi there ladies! Thank you so much for the wonderful site I was thrilled to find it and it works wonderfully, however I am having trouble with my font after I edit my monogram. I have the latest windows which has the latest adobe and it doesn’t give me an option to change my font. I went through the comments and downloaded the free monogram font a customer suggested, but still no beautiful cursive monogram :( how do I get the monogram in the desired font??

    • Hi Jaeda, You don’t have to download the font for it to work. Are you certain the file is opening in Adobe Reader? Even through you have it installed, if it isn’t set as your default reader it might not open in that. Also, alot of internet browsers now have PDF view extensions so when you download the file it will just open in the internet browsers PDF viewer instead of Adobe Reader.

  130. When I get the printable monogram in adobe I can delete the sample monogram and I also can put the first two letters of mine in but is will not let me put the third letter in. What should I do??

    • Are you using an app? Adobe Reader has made some changes to their apps and some monogram combos won’t work in the app. You need to try it on a desktop or laptop.

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