Target & Neiman Marcus Product Review

Posted on: December 01, 2012
Target & Neiman Marcus Product Review

I thought I’d give you girls a quick review of the Neiman Marcus/Target collection since I wrote about this morning. Target opened at 8 am and I arrived at about 8:30. When I got there, I found out that all of the items were displayed in one “boutique” section in the back of the store. I walked back there and saw about 40 women looking at all of the products. I live in a small town in Alabama so I was honestly shocked that there were that many people there. I figured that the larger stores in bigger cities would attract more people, which they probably did. I took my time and carefully inspected all of the products.

Here are the reviews of those I purchased:

Tracy Reese Dessert Plates (Set of 4)

Tracy Reese Plates Target & Neiman Marcus Product Review

These dessert plates are one of the items I went in for. In person they are bright and colorful and I really like the gold trim. They are of good quality and come in a nice gift box. Worth the $39.99 but I wouldn’t have paid a dime more.

Altuzarra Tray & Oscar de la Renta Pet Bowl

Tray and bowl Target & Neiman Marcus Product Review

This tray is amazing. If I was only able to buy one item today, this would be it. When I saw it online, I liked it but wasn’t sure that I’d want to spend $79.99 on a tray. But when I got to the store and saw it, right in my cart it went! Carefully! It is quite the piece, LARGE and HEAVY. This thing is solid and rich looking, SO worth the money and I love it on my coffee table! I love it so much that I am almost paranoid over it. I don’t want it to get scratched! My store only got 2 of these in stock for some reason so this was a no brainer. I’m not even familiar with Altuzarra but man I love this piece. Definitely recommend!

My little doggy, Mini Pickles, lucked out as well. The Oscar de la Renta pet bowls are porcelain and feminine. I purchased 2 of them and am not going to let her use them until we’re in the new house. They are going to look so great in my new kitchen and I’m really excited about them. They are heavy and of great quality. Love the design! I spent the $29.99 each on these only because of the new house factor. I love Mini but she would not be getting $60.00 worth of dog bowls to put out in my current kitchen. I guess these were really a gift for both of us!

Jason Wu Ornaments (Set of 3)

Jason Wu Ornaments Hanging Target & Neiman Marcus Product Review

These are beautiful and were another item that went right into my cart without much thought. Then, as I was driving home, I thought to myself “I’m returning those ornaments, $50 for 3 ornaments is crazy.” When I got home, I took them out of the (very nice) box to inspect them, you know, just to see! And yeah…these babies aren’t going back. They are unique, heavy, have awesome detailing, and look too good on my mantle to return. I’ll keep them as special ornaments which I’ll use to decorate the house, I won’t put them on the tree. Even the bottoms have gold detailing, check it out!

bottom of ornament Target & Neiman Marcus Product Review

Tory Burch Lunch Box & Beverage Container

Tory Burch Beverage Container Target & Neiman Marcus Product Review

I’m going to be honest here, I wish Tory Burch would’ve designed something else for this collection. I am a HUGE HUGE fan of hers and I was just expecting more. This lunch box was one of the items in which I felt the quality was sub par. The ornaments, tray, and dog bowl are such high quality and these items are just not. I was kind of disappointed. The one and only reason why they came home with me is because I was in need of a new lunch box and one that opened up wide so I can fit my plastic lunch containers in it easily. This one did just that. And at $19.99, it seemed just slightly overpriced. The beverage container looks cute with the lunch box but I think I’m going to return it because I don’t need it for $25. I don’t know, we’ll see!

So those are the items I bought today. Overall, I am very happy, mainly because of my gorgeous new tray. That made the trip worth it. I tried on several of the clothing items, which seemed to be of good quality but I just couldn’t get past the prices. Way too high in my opinion. The Alice + Olivia luggage was super cute and had the spinner wheels which I really like but again, $179.99 seemed high considering the material was all plastic. If money was no object though the luggage and that sweet $500 Alice + Olivia bike would’ve been mine. I’d be cruising around the neighborhood in style. Hehe.

There were a lot of other cool items but nothing I was particularly looking for at this time. Again, prices were high for me but {most} of the items I purchased were worth the splurge. If you’re shopping online and have a question about a particular item, just ask and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. I’d love to hear all of your thoughts on this collection as well!

XO, Louisa

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  1. I am so glad that you did a post on this! I arrived around 8:30 as well to a Target in my quiet corner of New England and I was so excited to see the beautiful pieces from this collaboration. I completely agree that there could have been much more Tory Burch though! :)

    • Hey Kyla! Thanks for reading! What were your favorite pieces?

  2. I didn’t end up going to the store and just ordered off line. I’m bummed to hear the Tory Burch lunch box isn’t that great :/. I definitely agree and wish she would have designed something else besides the food accessories. I think I got sucked in because I loved the prints so much. Now I wish I would have ordered the dessert plates! Thanks for the review!!

    //Birdie Shoots//

    • You’re welcome Kelly! Wouldn’t it have been great if Tory designed some chic earrings or a great key fob or something? Read my comment to Jessica below, it explains my issue with the lunch box in greater detail. It’s worth keeping if that makes you feel any better!

  3. I woke up totally excited about the Tory Burch items. I couldn’t get to a Target today so I ordered the lunch box. Does it look cheap and plastic-y?? I’ve bought a few items from Tory Burch that I have been seriously disappointed in and a few that I’ve had no problems with. I just feel like for the price of her items, they should be better made no matter what it is. And I totally agree with you on the thermos, I couldn’t see spending $25 on it.

    • Hi Jessica! From the outside, it doesn’t look cheap. When you open it up, it does. But no one really sees the inside anyway, right? I guess I just expected it to have a more substantial/quality zipper on it and for the inside to have quality lining. For $19.99 it’s not bad though. I’m keeping it because the pattern is cute and it opens up nice and wide and will fit a lot! I bought the thermos because I love the way it matches so nice but for $25 I’m rethinking it. I don’t know, we’ll see if I end up keeping it :) The Thermos actually does look like it is of good quality but I didn’t take it out of the package yet. Hope you like your lunch box and thanks for reading!

      • The TB lunch box is a PERFECT makeup bag! That was my intent when I bought it, rather than use it as a lunch box, and I’m very pleased!

        • Great idea Laura!

    • I just bought the thermos this weekend on clearance for $7! I didn’t think it was worth the $25 either, and we didn’t get it where I’m from. But I happened to see it at another Target while I was out of town and decided getting up early for school would be easier with a cute thermos to put my coffee in! Maybe see if your Target has them on clearance as well?

      • Hi Ella! Yep, everything is 70% off at my Target and I got all of my items at great prices, including the thermos!!!! Thanks for reading!

  4. I bought the Marchesa beaded cream dress and I love it. It really is beautiful and worth $99.00 to me. The detailling is great. My daughter is the flower girl in a June wedding and this will be classy and fun. It fits beautifully and spins with perfect flair. My four year is very happy and so is my future sister-in-law.

    We also bought the brown with white polka dot dress. It could not before beautiful. Again, really wonderful quality.

    Marchesa gets my award for best design.

    • Hi Barbara! I LOVE Marchesa! I don’t have any little girls in my life but, you’re right, those dresses were gorgeous!! I saw a picture of a little girl in that cream colored dress online and she looked adorable. Your daughter is going to look great in the wedding :) Wish Marchesa would’ve made some items for women! Jealous!

  5. Absolutely loved this post! I live in Omaha and wasn’t sure of how the turn out was going to be compared to the Missioni and Jason Wu collaborations. With a smaller city & the various designers I wasn’t too sure about, I didn’t know how it was gonna turn out. So I woke up at 6 and was the 2nd in line at 8am. I have done my research on the items I wanted to get. Since I’m moving west coast next month I couldn’t grab the tray you got or the 4 glass cup sets. Anything with gold accents are my best friend! I bought the black faux fur vest and it was amazing and such great quality for the price it was. I normally won’t spend that much especially if it was faux fur, but I’m glad I got it. I love the MBMJ & Carolina Herrera pouches! I was happy with the size of the items. I imagined smaller but I was quite impressed. As for the Tory I felt the same with you. Huge fan of hers but I wish that it was made with better quality or they did something like her lower priced items (ex. Nylon totes with either her emblem in leather) I would have paid the price of the MBMJ if it was better quality. I was very disappointed in the Oscar de la renta purse. In pictures it looked leather or more 3D but I’m surprised it was just canvas. It felt more of a spring than a holiday color. I just wished certain Marchesa made dresses for women too. I would have just died. Not gonna lie kind of jealous of the little girls that get sport those cute items.

    • Hi Ashley! I totally agree! I would’ve LOVED to own a Marchesa dress. The little girls dresses appeared to be very good quality and they were super cute! I saw that vest, love the pouf sleeves! I didn’t try it on because I had so much in my cart and there was no way I could afford to buy any clothing items too. The Marc Jacobs pouches were really cute, bigger than I thought they would be. The zipper seemed like it ran smooth and I love metallics! I probably would have used it to put my makeup or other small items in so I decided that I didn’t need one bad enough for the $70. After all, I had to get that tray! LOL! That was my main priority. I wish Tory Burch would’ve designed a some jewelry items for the collection. I have some of her jewelry and I just love it! But I guess I will settle for the lunch box. I agree on the Oscar de la Renta purse. It just wasn’t my style and didn’t seem like something he’d design. Thanks for the great comment and for reading our blog!

      • Yes jewelry would be so great and so holidayish! I figured the lunch box I would use as a travel case for my toiletries or my make up because of the lining & just make the lunch box more justifiable. But I love your blog and website! Totes adorbs! Obsessed with your Instagram and DIY posts :) thanks for making such cute stuff to share!

  6. I love the tray as well and especially with the gold trimmed highball glasses. The Tracy Reese desert plates are fantastic and made so well. I wish they were dinner plates.
    I also got the Lela Rose dress but took the tulle out and am going to shorten it. It is was a little too fluffy and full for my taste but I love the color and the fit was very good. If only there were more clothing choices…I agree that Marchesa could have had some women’s dress designs. The little girls dresses were fabulous!
    I also have the pet food bowl on order so thanks for your comments on that. I also have the DVF yoga matte coming soon. I am hoping it has her lipstick logo.
    Overall it was a very exciting sale. I am still feeling a little bit nuts about making sure I got everything. but fun!

    • Thanks for reading Dalee! That dress is really pretty, love how you are making it fit your taste! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the pet bowl!

  7. I bought some pieces online, then went to Target later in the day. There was plenty of inventory. People were people milling about but not really buying. I thought the dessert plates were ok, but the Thomas O’Brien ones I got there a while back were cuter and half the price. I was bummed because I bought the Proenza sweatshirt online, and when I saw it in person discovered the front is cut way shorter than the back. Plus, I’d bought the lunch box, but when I touched it I was shocked how cheap it felt. I liked the Jason Wu ornaments, but $50 for 3 was just too much. Overall I felt like the collection was ok, no real stand outs and 2x more expensive than it should have been. The stuff I bought online, I’m going to return. This doesn’t look like a sell out, so I’ll keep an eye out for when it goes on sale. The tray looks nice, but also looks like something Pier 1 would sell for $30.

    • Hey Court, thanks for reading and sharing your review! The tray is super heavy/solid and I’m really happy with the quality! I wonder if/when this stuff will go on sale if inventory isn’t moving…

    • Just an FYI, nothing from the Neiman Marcus line will EVER go on sale! the usual process for merchandise is that it will eventually go on sale, and after a period of time be “salvaged” (donated). Since Neiman Marcus is a high end line, they don’t want to see their merchandise being sold at Goodwill prices, so Target will be putting all unsold merchandise in the compactor to be shredded like common trash. As a target employee I am sickened by this greed and snobbery!

      • Good to know Kimberly. I hate the idea of that. Thanks for the info!

      • Well . . . the line went on sale for 50% in store and online. They were starting to mark it down to 60% off at my store in LA earlier today. Noone is buying. It’s fully stocked. I picked up the frame at 60% off. Guess it didnt go into the shredder after all.

        • Glad they didn’t do that. That would’ve been a shame.

  8. I had high expectations and was truly excited about the debut of this collection. I was so happy to be able to go online last night (around 11 pm Pacific) and order the Lela Rose dress since it looked amazing online. I also ordered the Oscar de la Renta bag. When I went to the store today, I thought the items from the collection would’ve been picked over. That wasn’t the case at all and I can see why. To my disappointment, the Lela Rose dress didn’t look anything as pictured on the website. The material looked cheap and the colors looked washed out, unlike how bright they appeared online. My disappointment extended to the Oscar handbag. Online, the floral print looked so elegant and delicate, yet in person, it looked cheap rather than chic. On the website, the color looked like a soft creamy white rather than the creamy beige that it really was. I thought the texture of the canvas wasn’t a good “canvas” for the floral print. Unfortunately, I’ll be making another trip back to Target, not to get more from this collection but to return these items to their shelves.

    On a positive note, I made one unexpected purchase from the collection that I absolutely fell in love with, which was the Rag & Bone boy’s cardigan sweater. I wear a women’s XS, so the boy’s XL was a great fit for me. I thought it would look grandpa-ish, but to the my surprise, it was comfortably hip! It wasn’t fitted nor snug but I wasn’t swimming in it. It looked easy, relaxed yet pulled together. The only drawback about this sweater is that it has to be dry cleaned, which I’m really bad at complying with such caring instructions. I also wonder how much the dry cleaning bill must be if my kids wore this sweater (I know the answer already….a lot!).

    Overall, I felt the collection fell short of my expectations. I agree with your thoughts about the Tory Burch items. It would’ve been wonderful if she designed some festive flats or accessories in time for holiday parties. I know the quality wouldn’t come close to ones in her main collection but they certainly can still carry the spirit of her designs. I was also hoping that they would make more items within financial reach for most, especially around this time of the year. We are in the season of giving, after all. I overheard a customer wanting to get the cream Marchesa dress for her little girl but couldn’t afford the price tag. As a mom, it made me feel a bit sad to see her disappointment in not being able to get a dress that her daughter would’ve absolutely loved.

    I love reading your review. Keep up the good work!

    Btw, what’s your take on the Narciso Rodriguez collection for Kohl’s?

    • Hi Sandy, thanks for the awesome comment. I think everyone was highly disappointed in the Oscar de la Renta bag. When I saw it, I was just confused. I didn’t even think to try on the boy’s cardigan sweater! It would probably fit me too! I’m going to try it on and see how it looks on me, thanks for the great idea! It looked really nice on the rack but I didn’t pay too much attention to it because I don’t have any little boys in my life.

      I was sad reading what you wrote about that mom. I was thinking that too when I was in the store. Those dresses are so adorable and looked very well made but a lot of parents can’t afford to buy a dress for their child at that price point. I understand that these are high-end designers and that the prices are going to be higher than Target’s typical prices, however, I do think they should’ve tried to have a few more items in the $20 range so people could truly give them for gifts.

      I’ve checked out the Narciso Rodriguez collection online but haven’t made it into Kohl’s yet to see the items in person. Have you? Is it worth a trip?

      • I’m not well-versed with Narciso Rodriguez’s collection. I do like some of his color blocking dresses but I don’t own any due to budget constraints. I didn’t see anything that caught my eyes from his capsule collection at Kohl’s. It also looked like they were mostly untouched. I tried on a few dresses but the sizes do run large, imo. I also didn’t get the pajama-style pants concept – maybe I’m not fashion forward enough! I was hoping that I could snag some pieces due to the more affordable price points, but I don’t want to own any pieces, designer or not, if I can’t find an appreciation for them.

        I know I may be dreaming this, but I’m hoping that Monique Lhuillier will do a ready-to-wear collaboration with a mass retailer in the near future. That’ll be the day!

        • I know Sandy, wouldn’t that be nice?! I lvoe Monique Lhuillier and all of her chantilly lace! :)

      • I checked out most of the Kohl’s collection…and the dresses are really well made but somehow my dress size is in between xs and small so nothing fit. Except the small black half jacket which is perfect.
        All around I found the construction of the dresses to be excellent. Just not my size.
        Oh and then Kohls doesn’t honor the discount they had online 2 hours after I made my purchase. very disappointing but I returned everything so it did not matter. ( to me)

  9. thank you so much for posting this review. love the ornaments. if I could Id buy them all!

    • Welcome! The ornaments are really pretty! :)

  10. I order the Marc Jacobs pouch in Rose gold and the Tracy Reese top online. Given how crazy previous collections have been, I figured Target would sell out quick. I later heard on the Today Show, Target ordered twice as much as usual, which is awesome. I happened to be in Target later in the afternoon and saw the pieces I ordered. Love the top and the detail is great. The pouch is cute, though Marc Jacobs is simply stamped on it, rather than embossed. Not totally sure it is worth $70. The Robert Rodriguez dress is gorgeous, the Lela Rose dress is very pretty, though the length is closer to tea length, which isn’t flattering on many ladies, myself included.

    • Thanks for the detailed review of the women’s clothing, CT Cupcake! The Tracy Reese top is really pretty!

  11. Great post! I arrived at 8:05 and already 20+ people were swarming the collection. I too got a little caught up in the shopping frenzy and bought more than I should, but as you said there were so many eye-catching pieces. As a guy none of the clothing options really appealed to me, however I did buy the Rag & Bone flask & shot glasses. Got the Altuzarra old-fashioned glasses which are gorgeous and picked up the Lela Rose top for a co-worker for our office X-Mas party. Also picked up the Tory Burch thermos for a gift.

    People are already selling things on eBay at QUITE the ridiculous markup, I guess they don’t realize most of the items are still for sale online?

    • Hi Michael, thanks for reading! I can’t even believe the prices that these things are going for on eBay, are they serious?! Like you said, I guess they don’t realize everything is still available or maybe they’re banking on the fact that some people will just assume that everything is sold out and will buy it from them. I love those Altuzarra glasses, they would look awesome on my tray! Sounds like you got some Christmas shopping done!

  12. I’m on the same boat as you are, Louisa, regarding the lunchbox + thermos. I’m still not sure if I wanna keep it or not. The fabric/material on the lunchbox is kinda rough and the inside it’s just blah white plastic insulation.

    Overall the selection was pretty disappointing in person I would say, the only other thing that I got was the Carolina Herrera travel pouches. looks nicer in person but at $ 39.99 it’s a bit steep.

    • Agreed! Thanks for stopping by Dylan!

  13. I stopped by target today and there was still plenty of the collection in stock. I bought the Proenza Schouler sweatshirt, which is super comfy. I like that the back is longer because its perfect for leggings. I also picked up the Tracy Reese dessert plates and Carolina Herrera stationary set, both of which are super adorable. I loved the Alice and Olivia luggage but I couldn’t justify the $180 price tag. Overall I was really happy with my purchases and I thought it was a great holiday collection. Too bad Marchesa couldn’t include something for us :(

    • Ooh you got some great items Kim! I agree, wish Marchesa designed something for women. The little dresses were adorable!

  14. Hi there!
    I stumbled across your review while looking to see if other people were as disappointed as me in this line. While I liked some of the pieces, especially those ornaments, most of the pieces looked cheap! I just couldn’t get myself to pay $50 for something that my cats would love to knock off my tree, but then saw how you have them on stands and may have changed my mind! Where did you purchase those stands? I also liked the Rodarte ornament and loved the Marchesa girl’s dresses.

    I went ready to get the Marc Jacobs scarf, Oscar de la Renta bag, and to look at the suitcase but sadly the only thing I ended up buying today was a coffee. While the scarf is nice, I live in TX and might get to wear it once so the price just wasn’t worth it. The Oscar bag was the biggest upset, online it looked like it had a lace overlay, but it was cheap, rough material that had a print on it. The suitcase was cute, but not nearly as big and well made as the black and white Missoni one. Speaking of Missoni… I loved that line and made it my duty to find as much as I could, okay I might have enjoyed the thrill of hunting them down more than the actual product. I have the suitcase, umbrella, picture frame, makeup bag, and throw. I had the flats and the men’s brown cardigan, but they didn’t fit right. I was dying to get my hands on the Jason Wu kitty tote, but couldn’t find it and I refuse to pay that much markup on eBay :(

    Thanks for the review, glad to see that I’m not alone! Could you please let me know where you purchased the stands for the ornaments. Thank you, have a great Monday!

    • Hi Macie!! Thanks for reading! My mom gave me that ornament holder and she can’t remember where she got it (I called her for you)! :) If you go to and search for gold ornament holder or gold ornament stand you should be able to find something similar! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

      • Thank you for checking! I’ll look for them. I took my Mom to Target today to show her the ornaments, fingers crossed that they will be under the tree Christmas morning :) I can’t spend $50 on them without buyers remorse, but maybe she will. Have a great day!

  15. I have to say I’m not a fan of Tory Burch at all but I bought the lunch box and thermos simply because I liked the color and I have to say I LOVE THEM!!! Especially the thermos is great – I made my coffee at 8AM and after 14hrs it was still hot – not warm but HOT! And can you imagine Marchesa dresses for women? It would be a bloodbath…;)

    • That’s good to know Katie, thank you! I wasn’t sure how good the thermos would work! Glad to hear it does, maybe I’ll keep mine :)

  16. I love your detail review. I originally purchased the Oscar de la Renta tote, Tory Burch lunch box and beverage container. I love the pattern of the lunch box it screams Tory Burch, but I did hope for something different from Tory Burch. I will say that I love that the thermos fits in the lunch box. I think I’m going back to get the Tracey Reese plates.

    • Hi Carla, thanks for reading! The entire Target/Neiman Marcus collection is 50% off now in stores and online!

  17. Hi Louisa, I must say I am very impressed with you blogged and have added it to my daily bloglist for reading. I too did a post on the Target and Neiman Marcus collection and found some of it to be a bit underwhelming. Would love it if you read my take on this as well. But I too purchased the Tory Burch thermos because it was cute, but I also wished she’d done something more for this collection.

    • Thanks for stopping by Cramel! I checked out your blog! The entire collection is 50% off now. Prices are now more in line with where they should be, in my opinion.

  18. Was totally underwhelmed by the collection. The very bottom of the barrel is the Eddie Borgo letter opener and stupid box.

  19. The entire Target/Neiman Marcus collection is 50% off in stores and online. MUCH MUCH MUCH more affordable now. I returned my items and repurchased them at the sale price…over $120 back in my pocket :)

  20. Hi the collection is 70%off now. I bought the Alice+Olivia Bike $150, the carry-on luggage $53, Oscar de la renta dog bowl for $8 the leash $11 and finally the Jason Wu ornaments for $14. I hope everyone who was eyeing something from the collection can buy it soon before they sell out :) Thank you for your blog I enjoyed reading it.

    • Awesome Roxy! I too got all of my items for 70% off! Target wouldn’t do an adjustment on my receipt so I repurchased all of the items at the discounted price and then returned all of them with my original receipt. Got lots of money back! :)

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